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  1. She looked tired but happy! Got tired of waiting for someone to arrive from a late flight!
  2. Keep calm and eat strawberry cotton candy sweets @kopikosong Im sure jin sun mi is in sereumdong while son oh gong is busy!
  3. A round of applause for @kopikosong! Always loving your gif's! Youre a legend in this thread! Can i make a request?! Can i have a welcome GIF's
  4. Just got busy lurking around The Gods of heaven punished me without even giving fair judgement hahaha! But im back!!! KEEP CALM AND LOVE COTTON CANDY, STRAWBERRY, HONEY AND MONKEY!!!
  5. Im back!!! Its nice to be here again! fighting!!! Oh what a nice welcome! A page turner!
  6. Sorry chingus, RIP replay button! Me: same reaction as LSG! " i feel good! Tananananannnn..... i feel good! So right! So good! WE GOT YOU LSG! "
  7. when will i get to kiss again?! "He felt that THERE MUST HAVE MANY KISS SCENES! " Its a MUST! Its a MUST! Lol He really did his BEST to made it come true! nobody can stop him now! He really is SOG for reel and real!
  8. Love the way he said "saranghae" on this scene! felt so real and sincere! Really, backhug is the best! @kopikosong
  9. I will not just expect too much so i will get suprised again like yesterday! Cant help but to watch his reaction again and again! Like a teenage school boy inlove!
  10. Just praying theres more to see on his next fan meeting! i am still on cloud 9!