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  1. Can I just say, I really appreciate everyone’s comments. I come here to read your character analysis/critic everytime a new episode is aired. It somehow feels like I’m sitting through a discussion group of Film majors. Lol. =)
  2. Hmn, has anyone got any idea as to when their major awards show are happening? It’d be fun to watch them together again too.
  3. Can I just say that I’m fascinated that almost everyone in this drama appears to be bi/multi-lingual. Lol.
  4. The latest episode is foreshadowing all kinds of tragedy for all the characters and I'm so in for it. Also, having to wait DAYS for the next 2 episodes is incredibly frustrating rn. LOL.
  5. HI everyone. Just wanna say hello. It's my first time here. Been watching Mr Sunshine in Netflix. Wanted to drop this until the series is completed since waiting for episodes weekly is such a pain in anticipation, but I can't seem to let go of it. Will back read this thread for insights in a while. Also, I have a feeling this series will end tragically for most characters but I also don't mind Lady Ae-sin and Eugene Choi's 4,281,128, 121 year age gap. hahaha. Cheers!
  6. Haha hey everyone! * waves * I see that this thread is on a roll again. Been just lurking here for awhile now but never gave up on our OTP, I knew someday hints will come falling like meteors. Lol. Anyway, I also wanna commend our active shippers who kept this thread moving in the past weeks. You guys are the best! Cheers everyone!
  7. Lol, that scene shown in the Fan Meet is bringing back MEMORIES for LSG. I bet he’s blushing there. Lol. Also, i’m 101% those fans in the audience are lowkey SeungYeon shippers too.
  8. Oh well. KB has been gaining IG followers everyday since the dating announcement. If their Agency wants him to be in the radar again, they certainly succeeded. Wondering why OYS and LSG has been silent in their sns tho. Hehe. How about in other sites? Weibo? Any updates? I’m only ff them on IG. Reeeeally curious with them now. I feel like there’s a LAAAV TRIANGLE brewing just around the corner. Hehe. *delulu*
  9. Well, if there’s anything good that came out of this dating news between OYS & KB is that so many lurkers have come out to “delurk” and say their piece. Hope it eased your minds and feelings chingus. We are all here to listen.
  10. Like us, LSG must be beside himself over OYS dating KB so he’s just randomly following some J-Pop girl to soothe his aching heart. *delulu* Serzly tho, if it isnt an accidental follow, then maybe LSG or whoever manages his IG account will actively follow some artist and actors from now on since LSG’s account has started gathering a following. Maybe. Just maybe he’ll pay more attention to that SNS for wider fan reach or something. Chill guys. It’s just been days. More to come. Brace yourselves but nevertheless, stay aboard and have fun!
  11. Hmn maybe LSG is shooketh by the dating news as well? Haha That’s why he’s been MIA. Nursing his chipped monkey heart. (Just chipped, not totally broken coz he can still totally win OYS back) *delulu!* /me listening to THE MIDDLE - Zedd
  12. Wow. Everyone is wound up in this ship because of OYS/KB thing Lol. I’m personally numb about it. I don’t care about KB at all. Checked his IG once and never bothered following him. Though I’m keeping my eye on OYS/LSG insta. I’m still holding on to our ship. Keep it up everyone! Whatever rocks your boat.
  13. I’m willing to let this dating news be, if they’ll give us season 2 of Hwayugi or if they’ll be re-cast soon in another drama or movie. If that happens, then OYS can “date” whomever. Lol. *wink wink*
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