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  1. I support whoever she choose to date.. Hope KB will cherished OYS.. I just a bit sad when some that called themselves her true fans openly telling her that they unfollow her on instagram because they are diasapointed.. This is not right guys.. We as her fans should continue supporting her no mater what.. Its her private life..she can date with anyone she wanted. That doesn't change the fact that she is a great actress.. respect and trust her decision.. only time can tell either their rship will last or not.. Pity her when some tag LSG official acc in comment asking her why she disnt date him.. They never think about how she felt when she read it.. sorry for long post. I just angry with some people that bragging themselves saying they will support her whatsoever before but then choose to unfollow her.. btw, I watched CITT today.. Our girl did a very good job. She potrayed her character beautifully.. proud of her.. u can see her diff way of potraying seoul & samjang.. she indeed a great acctress!
  2. Hope someone can translate this.. http://tiniastory.com/623 I do enjoy reading her previous interview.. can u help @haymochi ? Hehe.. if you got time later
  3. I want to know her fancafe too..hihi.. hope tomorrow she will get more plushies from her fans.. she seems so happy today.. glowing like always! Anyway, lets spread love not hate! may this ship keep sailing..
  4. Haha.. btw, can help translate this article? Using google just now, it said OYS said LSG talking about army so much.. not sure got it correct or not.haha.. hope someone can help to translate maybe.. http://m.sporbiz.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=211715#_enliple
  5. https://www.soompi.com/2018/03/23/lee-seung-gi-talks-viewers-reaction-bedroom-scene-hwayugi/ Seems that he realize some people can’t accept him doing bedroomscene in hwayugi..hehe..
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