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  1. Guys.... What's on my mind is that they're just DATING! We just dunno who will be OYS' s future husband. Let's be positive
  2. Hello guys, I'm gonna talk about the kiss in ep 18 again lol. So, I keep watching it as it's so tempting and I was questioning whether the kiss was polite or not. Aaaannnndddd.....why I get the feeling that LSG and OYS have done it before, out of the drama... I mean look at how LSG kissed OYS and she just accepted it! How can you kiss like that if you dont really have any mutual feelings or experience IT with the same person before. Her kisses in the previous eps are not as intense as this! OYS barely opened her mouth. Or maybe becasue in ep 18 she's the one who shouted that she loved him and wanted to show her feeling... That's my thought. I'm sorry if everyone has talked about this before. My curiosity is eagerly growing hahahahha.....
  3. Indeed. If you notice the presscon video, OYS's body directed towards LSG. It's a clue that she likes him. No need a decipher expert to break this code lol
  4. It's hard to be a shipper actually. I was once a Yongseo shipper (Yonghwa and Seohyun from WGM) and a boice (cnblue fans) and I stopped shipping them bcs it's just hard, especially when your OTP has many haters. I understand your decision. It's wise to just dial it down and just support them whatever they are.
  5. This forum has changed into science faculty, body language department, and now we're analyzing kissing scenes. Geniusss!!
  6. I once read an interview about her (or may be watch it I forget) she said she enjoyed using IG since she doesnt like making long caption....
  7. If I have to be rational now, I think that all her ig photo captions describe the images themeselves. She doent to dropany hints or "send codes" to his charming friends. But Im kinda suspicious there's something happened with her since she' been active in ig lately and been posting many pictures of her.... I hope that OYS ssi could teach her charming friend how to follow ppl on IG since he gets no friend lol
  8. Maybe LSG visited OYS and he borrowed her belt. Who knows kkkkk If she is promoting her movie, does it mean her outfits are given by the company?
  9. I'm sorry if I'm out of topic here. Could anyone tell me how to attach files from my phone here?
  10. Look at LSG's eyes...... As I know, if you keep touching your hair it means that you're being shy or nervous