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  1. http://p.weibo.com/show/channerWbH5/1034:4320185361072934 He says : "Hello, everyone. My new drama is about to meet you soon. Now I'm a little excited. Ouch... teacher Zhao, take a picture with teacher Zhao here."
  2. iqiyi canceled the display of views.And the hot numerical value was instead of it.
  3. Go to Tmall and search for "明星猜拳大赛".And you can play a game of finger guessing with yingbao! Rock-scissors-paper! Our queen is so cute. http://p.weibo.com/show/channerWbH5/1034:4297540749971892
  4. yingbao updates her weibo.She announced her marrige! Our queen has been married to FSF! Best wishes.
  5. Normal work contract expires.And Huang Bin created his own studio.
  6. They expressed their strong support for SARFT to crack down on the audience ratings fraud.
  7. haha... I believe that you will easily understand Chinese one day.Now I am studying English. Do you have any English video about yingbao?
  8. http://t.cn/RkNnv6I https://weibo.com/6118787331/profile?topnav=1&wvr=6&is_all=1 This translation results from Baidu translation and Google translation, and after some of my modifications.. I'm not very good at English, so I'm not sure the subtitles are completely correct. I hope I can help you.
  9. ZLY's advertisement for Hanamino http://t.cn/RgHt07r?m=4264008514947449&u=1084968780
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