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  2. The only goal at the time when the operation was being planned is just to make sure that Hyunnie's presents are delivered. @excitedgal, you are one lucky gal! Truly, it must've been your best trip ever to Korea yet!❤
  3. Hello wonderful people of this ship! Sharing with everyone one of my top 3 bts vids of our couple. Actually all their bts are swoon worthy but this tugs my heart extra and for the life of me have not been able to move on one bit from SP and Namji.
  4. Happy anniversary Namji fam! Thank you @stuckedfor creating our home. A little throwback when Namji were all innocent and wholesome (or so I thought) YT Video credit to owner
  5. Same thing as what everyone who owns the dcut is wondering as well!
  6. Happy Suspicious Partner Anniversary! Ctto It's funny when one year ago shippers only had the sbs bts of SP to spazz on and then one year after the dcut is released and we are nowhere near any clarity (and you all know I mean this in a good way) between these 2. more so, the dcut has raised so many "why's?" since shippers can't get their heads around what they've actually witnessed in the dcut. Each one trying to find a rational explanation for actions shown by wookie and hyunnie to each other which is blurry to the lines between being professional co-stars or being too close for comfort. The power of the ship relies on the captain and co-captain running it. Luckily for Namji shippers, we've been supplied with enough fuel to thread calmly even if the captain of the ship is on MS but I also think that a ship wouldn't be in such a perfect shape to run without its crew. The people working below deck. That's you shipper fam right there. Today is also your day! From rationals to lulus, romanticist to byeontae, welcoming to "let me take out out my fly swatter/I want to kimchi slap the hell out of her" mode. You are all equally invested in this ship as with our couples individual happiness. Continue being you, ladies. I didn't expect shipping could be this fun! I am so ready to ride the waves and just enjoy the ride with you all.
  7. To be honest, there is nothing to analyze with one's deletion of post. It's totally normal. Stop being too hard on yourself by trying to find meaning on their IG posts. Relax a little and just enjoy the ride c",)
  8. Just a quick random thought. Wookie obviously had to constrain himself from being overly affectionate to Hyunnie though we've seen countless times how protective, sensitive and gentlemanly he is towards her since he has MS service lined up right after sp. Hyunnie on the other hand surprised me with how composed she is amidst being showered with wooks lingering gazes and touches. I felt Hyunnie balances wookie and keeps him grounded but she also can unleash his innermost feelings if she wishes to do so. Multiple times I've seen wookie swept away by his emotions and clearly clinging to Hyunnie for support. Hyunnie will be simply holding him as if to reassure that she is there for him and he is not alone in the moment. Most of us if not all who have seen the dcut felt the blossoming of NamJi. I personally felt the dcut was a promise. Following the words of wookie "if she waits then we'll continue to love".
  9. Love everything you wrote here, dear. Yes we are all emotionally attached to our NamJi and there will be no moving on from SP.
  10. Hello, ladies. Just wanted to share my thoughts after watching the couple disc. Note that I have not delved into the infamous 27 minutes kiss scene aside from the snippets shared in IG. We all know it's daebak and I don't know the effect it will have upon me so I'm saving myself the trouble first. Let's leave that to tonight so wish my hubby goodluck as he might have himself a byeontae kitten beside him tonight. The dcut is worth every penny and the drama's gift to its supporters and shippers alike. You get to understand and appreciate what went behind the scenes and the efforts put in by everyone in the show. Each scene was a collaboration of actors and pd nim that's why everything turned out beautifully. Now onto the topic of our beloved NamJi. I can honestly say that the dcut was a revelation. Take it with a grain of salt as I had been very affected by what I have witnessed. Nam Ji Hyun is a young smart woman who is unassuming and oblivious to her sexyness. She is like a little ball of sunshine with an infectious laugh. Someone innocent but I felt I saw her transform while filming. Ji Chang Wook is a man in his prime with his success in the k industry as well as in his personal life. He is a man who has fought for his mother and succeeded. It was a perfect balance for the shows lead stars and boy they surprised everyone with their chemistry. Chemistry that you can taste. Case in point, the couch scene where we saw wookie blushing and acting like a giddy teenager with a huge grin on his face during the presscon interview. That same couch scene is GOLD in the dcut. Unfortunately, due to copyrights, let your imaginations run wild. Subtle moves between a man in his prime and an innocent, unassuming, oblivious woman which set my phone on fire! The dcut showed me wookie's and hyunnie's relationship transformation. I'm not saying they are currently dating but I'm really hoping they take whatever they have to the next level. That's the reason why I'm here for in the first place. I saw them friendly with each other trying to break the ice during the beginning and then got thrown in the water with the kiss scenes and bed scenes once they were comfortable and then got intimate towards the end hence not much words were needed between the two but contented with eye talking and simply hovering beside each other. It now made sense why they highly think of each other post sp because for me they were each other's comfort. Hyunnie is really a muse supporting wookie and wookie had found a match with Hyunnie. They simply clicked and connected with each other as I've witnessed in the dcut. Sorry for the long post dearies. My shipper heart is simply overflowing because of NamJi.
  11. That has got to be my top pick for the Bts! The kiss scenes definitely were very telling but the couch bts if from another planet! The subtle touches made me go off the roof! Daebak!
  12. just checked now and it's still there. It probably has to do with the recent IG update where likes from people you follow doesn't show up anymore unless you click on the actual number of likes on the post itself.
  13. From the little I've seen from IG, the dcut is worth every penny. Dying to have my copy soon! Loads and loads of juicy bits plus as what was already mentioned here we get to appreciate the hodge podge gang all the more plus all the wonderful people behind the scenes. Shippers going crazy over the court kiss bts and I can only wait patiently til I see the entire thing myself!