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  1. I see lot of you still cannot move on.. just like me.. teeheee... So let's have another topic for this weekend, guys... list your iconic scenes per each eps... Ep. 1 : Meet each other again after 25yrs Ep. 2 : Activating GGG Ep. 3 : Grandma, enjoy these Ep. 4 : Protect me until the end Ep. 5 : For her sake, one world is destroyed Ep. 6 : "You're pretty. I love you" Ep. 7 : Mermaid's tears for Sun Mi & of course, THE KISS Ep. 8 : The fights & you are the only one in this world who can really kill me Ep. 9 : Like ordinary people do Ep. 10 : The fight, reactivating GGG Ep. 11 : Glowing red eyes Ep. 12 : It was worth being in pain Ep. 13 : The lid doesn't fit & office KISS Ep. 14 : Call for me Ep. 15 : The bride has been found Ep. 16 : Resolute that the sword shall never see the world again Ep. 17 : Then, we can't see each other again Ep. 18 : The ending scene. Duhhh... Ep. 19 : Watching her from far away Ep. 20 : (struggling for this one. But I have to make my choice.) The right eye, then. So how about you guys?
  2. Stellar casts, prime actings, great portrayal, massive promotional campaign, loyal fans like us won't always guaranteed a drama will be remembered well. This drama built a very steady development after some issues early on. Turned to be one of the most interesting drama, one of the most romantic and solid plot i've ever watch. And i've been watching since 2001. That's gotta be something, right. I know there can never be a perfect drama. But there is certainly way to create a memorable and heart warming drama. Even if it ends badly, it ended that way in any sense and we could just move on and smile when we remembered all the ups and downs of the drama. But there is also another type. That once looked so promising you loved it so much, but then one single mistake, then everything fell apart. I just wished the ending would be better. Finished watching ep.1 just now and reacquaint with young JSM just totally wrecked me. I am so sad for her. How come her life was one of the very unhappy. Pitiful i got to say. All in all, i would love to share my version of ep.20 to you. Let's say a fanfic of a sort. Please no bully. Each of us must've our own ending version right now. Just sharing what's mine. JSM was now in the Underworld, she went on a very long narrow path. Dark and somber. She didn't pass the Hell's Gate. She doesn't belong in there. They refused to let her in because she's SJ. She ahinea brightly like a deity now and her lotus scent overwhelming. So she continues on with no choice and a little grasp of reality. She met Halmeoni. They're talking and keep on walking. They talk about past, about how JSM had grown. This time it's real Grandma. Not the Mermaid's Tears imagery. Halmeoni talked about the said Mr.Fairy who eventually come to JSM. But she didn't remember meeting such fairy. They talk about alot of things, and JSM ask her to come along completing her journey, but Grandma said she cannot leave here. JSM had to continue her path alone. Grandma's last message was, 'Remember his name'. In confusion and sadness and loneliness, she went on. She met the White Heron and prev SJ. They are finally reunited. Some wise words was spoken, and when it's time to part ways, again they said, 'Remember his name' So JSM walks again. Now it's the path when she was younger and chased by the ghost-teacher. At some point on the road, JSM met with SF and BJ. They told her to be happy. She doesn't belong in here. She just needs to call him, and he will come for her. Again, JSM was so confused. Now she saw her mini GGG ring. Flashes of memories. She knows it's him, the special person. But she hasn't remember his name. Yet. Meanwhile, we could see other caharacters' closure. The drinking ban is now lifted, but 50 just seem has no motivation to live on. He looks fine but he missed JSM alot. He remembers her smile and all the things they do together. He locked himself in Sureumdong. But he finally emerges and went to JSM's house. MW helped with the Real Estate company to be under Lucifer Ent and managed by HJ. KDS, PK and evertone xan basically as they would be on the episode. So 50 eats the cotton candy but it's tasteless. He ended up on Namsan Tw. Reminisce at the love lock when SBR suddenly appears. They exchange words and he thanks 50 for his bravery. If 50 has one wish, what would it be? He said no more Sam Jangs. 4 people suffered is more than enough. Sky is mighty, think of something else to save the world. SBR said, would you come to Oh Heng San again? To celebrate the beginnings? Since 50 seemed to reliving moments with JSM. 50 said, why not. He once told JSM that she was his other Oh Heng San. Back to JSM. SBR suddenly appears and explain many things she forgotten already. He told her that she made a promise with a deity and a deity's bride. She doesn't belong to the Death. She has to follow the path and to remember one important name, to find the answer on her own. SBR thankful for her sacrifice, she gave her life, she fought bravely. If she had one wish, what would that be? She said no more Sam Jangs to the world. Instead, send more kind people instead of sacrificing one. The Sky is mighty, they will know how to do that. SBR sends her away, deep in thoughts about her words. Exactly the same with 50's. SJ is kind, that's expected. But coming from 50? He looked up and ask, 'Don't you think these kids deserve a reward? JSM has a golden heart that even turns the rock-hearted monkey deity-like.' Filled with doubts, more flashes of memories that brought her to tears, she walks and walks and passed through the path she was once had been when she was younger. Her path to Oh Heng San. She remembers they're beginnings. It's the end of the road. She remember's this place, but she cannot get in. In more flashes of memories, she finally remembers and call out 'Je Chun Dae Sang, Son Oh Gong'. Hopeful, she enters and saw no one. So she called again, more desperate this time. She turns on her back hearing 50's sound saying, 'You finally called'. His eyes shines gold and so does JSM. Fade out. Ahhhh.... that's my closure. No kisses and hugs, but they definitely meet again. And dare i say, both are immortals now. As in, JSM is also a supernatural being due to her unusual predicament and her contract with 50. Even at the lowest point of her life, she still thinks of others. Now that's my JSM. So that's my version. Do you have yours?
  3. Invested so much for 19 eps only to have this kind of ending. JSM could be a ghost for all i care. Out in daylight, monster at night or even just simply a ghostess and just live in the valley or Sureumdong for crying out loud. They can have a secluded life just the 2 of them surrounding with their few friends. Definitely forever even though not ideal. For crying out loud. Now i feel like banging my head repeatedly to the wall. Trying so hard not to cuss on the ending or the writer. I am still being polite, but this is a lazy writing. You shouldn't give up to 20eps only for this. This is dramasochism. A torture. Because the others have their perfect ending. At least PK knows his feelings to BJ are mutual. Even we know now MW has a son. Why can you give an acceptabpe closure for 50 and JSM? WHY?????
  4. Well said, my friend. Peddler halmeoni already notioned that their fates might be going to diff direction since GGG loat its power already. I just truly wished the fate's going to better direction. Reading a few latest posts still relishing on how sexy the early scenes are, i will indulge myself again so i could be calmer and proceed to a qualified sleep. Dreaming about 50-SJ happy ending. I'm obsessed and i don't want to be helped. Hehe..
  5. Okay. Done crying. Done bawling. Gonna b a looonnng post. Phew... here we go... This drama is def a player. They gave as 2mins or so swooning and daydreaming and then the bom dropped. Repeatedly. Granted, angst and the dramatic aspect. But seriously, up to this point my mental state is at stake. It is past midnight and i'm still blabbering here. With bulging watery eyes. I read prev posts... about the Death Bell and how it would be more dramatic as well if 50 stabbed JSM, let's say accidentally. I have to disagree. I can't see 50 as a monster/deity anymore. He is a MAN to me. With all his feelings towards JSM. Imagine if you killed a person that you love to death. Aren't you becoming suicidal? Let's say they both supernaturally survived, how about the trauma? A minute scratch on JSM's gand and 50 went in pain. If he is the one wielded sword to end JSM and therefore fulfilling Death Bell, it will all end in ep. 19, when 50 stabbed himself too in the end. Romeo and Juliet per se. And i'll flip. But, nooo.... These people are noble. They are up for better purpose. The world. Or at least human around them like Han-joo and his children. 50 has a weakness now, JSM. But in all his weakness, he is amicably stronger. He didn't want to leave JSM. But he had to. Amd he fought, and he won his battle. But he sacrificed his heart. I'm in pain. I cried when 50 checked on JSM before she left with WG. It's like the last time he would ever saw JSM. And in the end, JSM proved her unconditional love to 50, ignoring the possibility of 50's love would be fake, she sacrificed, willingly. How pure is that? And MW just proved how much of a good friend he is to 50. He helped. Not swayed. And as a comparison, ASN might be a strong priestess, but in the end what really matter is our heart. If you're kind, what you do will help others like JSM did. If you're bad inside, it's evil like ASN. 50 did lie to JSM many times over. But it is all due to his protectiveness and his determination to put JSM away from this danger. Ends up putting her in bigger danger. He should learned better, i know. But it's not that simple. I am sure that deep inside JSM understand well that 50 loves her. But she never had a thought of binding 50. So she let him loose instead, freeing him in the end. This is love. I wonder what else they would serve us tomorrow night. I would forgive all the sufferings this drama gave this past 2mos if they gave me a happy ending.
  6. No preview yet. And i don't think there wil be one. They're keeping it from us for maximum effect of withdrawal syndrome and anxiety. Now i have a guess that the hugging scene is a reconciliation scene. So they will have a happy ending indeed. Hence, this was the place when GGG lost its power. Ah, i wish i am SJ who can presict the future of this two...
  7. Sorry for cutting some parts. I found you're not the only one finding similarities between the series and the manga. It has a good ending, not tge happiest, but at least everyone stays alive. Really hope the same here. We don't go after 18eps for a death, missing, reincarnation or separation story line. Really wishing no noble idiocy. I mean it. And it's only tuesdayyyyy.... i need my preview now...
  8. Now i know whose baby it was.. muahahahahaha... but hey, if only JSM had a moment interact with that baby, too, i think it will be even better. For the sake of continuation and cheerful effect. I had some thoughts on lower than usual ratings of 3 past eps 15 16 and 17. Probably due to Lunar NY Fest and also the Olympics. But could also signaling that viewers aren't fully welcome to how the story develops. It feels a bit dragging and anticlimactic now. It's like a volley of back and forth of what can and what cannot ASN do, what will and what will not KDS do. KDS had a real potential of being a true villain. But it isn't well explored until now. We are overshadowed of PK-BJ/ASN unclear relationship, and the male zombie. About MW's son and the sword and the chaebol thingy that actually aren't that essential to the whole storyline. It's like wasting valuable minutes. After the drunken scene and we saw JSM just slept away her night it is also kinda waste to me. I had a wanting of seeing 50 watches her silently in her sleep. Now that's painful longing. And MW character seemed not so interesting to me anymore after he got easily fooled by ASN. It's not showing a great, ancient, respected supernatural being, right? PK and OJ just been to worldly to me. I wish we could see some more supernatural things they do instead of curious about the sleeping dragon for 4eps now. It might sound harsh, don't hate me. I still adore this drama soooo much thanks to the OTP. All drama should have their highs and their lows. Our favorite and least favorite scenes and characters. But i just feel like, if only things are made simpler and focus on strengthening the characters and their interconnection, the karma concept and how to make ammends with their past mistakes and live better, rather than complicate things with this priestess who seems dilemmatic of being a bad woman or turns a new leaf and a bad man who wants to be something without doing anything ; focus on the romance building, the trust issues and how a big heart like JSM can cleanse all bad omens, it will be more memorable... After all emotional iconic scene like GW & SF will always have a special place in our hearts, right ladies?
  9. Wahhhhhhhh..... still fanning myself. Mom's been looking at me like i'm losing it. Hahahaha.. my son had a fever since ytd. But ain't stopping my glee tonight. Happy dance... giggles and unicorns... ah... dramaland.. what else can we say.. The kiss was oozing blazing razing burning flaming explodingly HOT. i gotta say, it's like peeking to a very private moment. Which shows the quality of their genuine act. Wah... whenever i saw LSG and OYS i will always rmb them as 50 and JSM. i'll be back after watching ep.18. Right now my brain still hasn't work properly due to the SCENE
  10. Okay. Let's bawl together. I tried my hardest to be optimistic, but it's so hard now...
  11. I have some insights after watching eps.17. So we are all agree that at some point SJ will be the sacrifice. But i feel like JSM story will be diff than the prev SJ. I have an idea that the Heaven actually relying on 50 to defeat this new kind of evil. He just needs to add extra surmount of power, which came from eating SJ. So in the end JSM is indeed the lamb. But what would happen when the predator is in love with the prey? Remember the story of lamb and wolf from Master's Sun? The Hong Sisters. We knowwww.... *head banging* I kinda get the inkling of why 50 choose to be on the spotlight. He is offering false hope to KDS that he has other form of power : money and influence. He's trying to sway KDS and reenact ASN history long time ago, betrayed by another man she helps. Or at least i thought so. Some characters are even more frustrating as we are closer to the end. How easily MW fooled was a bit out for me. And how SBR always talks in riddles and covering up don't help the story. It's about time to bare it all and see where it would flow from there. Including the romance. Cute part they can call each other. Awesome. Means that they did seale the contract. And there's hope in the future. If and only if both of them survive the end. Another thing i realised is that all these monsters, deities or beasts are deginitely tricksters. Even Sec.Ma had it in her. And i agree it's about time GGG is out of equation. I was surprised the ASN issue will be dragged until the end of the eps. The main climax is from ASN in BJ's body. Gosh.... I need more LOVE LOVE here. Too much focus in all the mess ASN brought in with her. We haven't even see the ending of Akiko the condemned girl. And we are in 3 last eps.
  12. We saw many bedrooms as backgrounds though. One in JSM and the other in 50's. Really hope for a cute hug or anything. I'm already at a point to just take whatever the writers throw at us.
  13. Well my guess : 50 will head this conglimerate company as his machine, to by all means, blocking KDS's political manouvers. Now that's one clever monkey....
  14. NEW PREVIEWS UP, GUYSSS..... CODE BLUE CODE BLUE... WE NEED TRANSLATIONS. STAT !!! I'm finding something to tamper my excitement
  15. And i can still see some doubts lingering on JSM when she was about to take off the GGG. She rmb the part when 50 said he came to eat her. But her unselfish nature won over. Shows why JSM then embodies SJ. Her selflessness and how she use her power to help people around her. How she always been true to her feelings, she never have any ill intention and always treat others nicely. Even when she rebuked her cousin she still doing it politely. And her kind heart makes her so adapt to other people's deepest wound as in MW and the White Egret. Wahhh... so poor uri SJ, if all these good qualities ended up making her sacrifice herself.