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  1. How funny is it that the only one with a happy ending is HJ's daughter Honestly they could've even just showed SJ with SOG in the car at the end and them driving off into the sunset after rescuing her and it would've been infinite times better and also taken zero effort to film
  2. Gosh there was seriously no happy ending for anybody on this show, even SOG and MW broke up
  3. I am speechless , that was literally the worst ending they could have possibly given us imo Im seriously offended at how bad it was, how did the show go from being this amazingly cute fluffy show to giving us one of the most garbage endings I've ever witnessed.I never expected to get so attached to this show but yet here I am feeling like I got stabbed with the sword too. I feel betrayed that that we spent three months supporting this drama and the Hong sisters repaid us with such a lazy, craptastic end. The first 18 episodes are my absolute faves and I will always love them so I guess I'm just going to pretend that the last 2 episodes never happened. I just wanna say a big thank you to the cast, they’ve been amazing and I appreciate every single one of them, they were all perfect in their respective roles. And to LSG and OYS, can I just say WOW, as someone who has watched many Korean dramas; this is the first time I’ve been completely blown away by the leads’ chemistry. I really really hope to see them together again in whatever capacity that may be
  4. What on earth, when did this show become a soap opera , why does he have memory loss I hope that that's really SJ and not some ghost or weird richard simmons. Also I can't believe it's episode 20 and we still don't know why SOG was punished.The last scene of this show better not be the tower scene or else I'll riot We derserve the happily ever after with the wedding and kids
  5. Lol samee I was expecting a Drogon-esque dragon to show up , but it's fine , it's not like I'm watching the show for it's CGI skills anyway
  6. I think this show just broke my heart. Hong sisters what the eff, please fix this mess. I can't even right now Atleast we have tomorrow guys , fingers crossed for our SJ to rise from the dead
  7. Lol I'm pretty sure that's not OYS's account , for all the lack of bts between them , I highly doubt she'd suddenly start posting pics of LSG
  8. Is he saying that it's his last scene ? Also are we getting shirtless SOG ? swoon
  9. For whatever reason they're apparently hellbent on showing us that LSG-OYS 'never' interact lol
  10. ^^ Gosh those are definitely not the type of preview pics I was looking forward to
  11. Since we're all still desperately waiting for the preview I've been watching the kiss scene over and over and I think it's soo cute how he immediately responded when she kissed him
  12. Girl are you Buzz lightyear ? Because I feel like you're reaching infinity and beyond . I am seriously baffled that you consider this rape culture, please do not trivialise something as serious as rape especially in a scene that was clearly consensual on both sides.
  13. This is the first time I've seen a proper bts with her and she's sooo cute and now I'm annoyed and confused about the lack of her bts videos. Also Im glad were on the same page about the happy ending
  14. Is it weird that I'm crying ? I love them so much , I hope they have their happily ever after Also does this mean the baby is quite possibly theirs ? Prayer circle for my OTP and their future adorable offspring