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  1. i woke and saw the new quite shocking to be honest . but i will always support lsg and oys future project and anything . 503 couple will always have special place in my heart . to me their chemistry on hwayugi is really undeniable maybe to some they don't see it . i watch a lot of kdrama and american drama before i just don't feel anything . but 503couple is different , i really like theirs kiss scene . and i really like posting here with you guys because it's always friendly and fun here .
  2. now i just stay in soompi 503 thread reading comment everyday . there is just so much love here for my otp . those hater will always find something to hate . now i see hate comment about my otp i will just scroll down and ignore them .
  3. i think it's because the staff accident . saw news last week about case forwarded to prosecution . maybe tvn not showing 19 & 20 bts also because of the prosecuting news came out . and here i am still hoping there will be dvd with cuts scene and bts coming out , don't think i will see it anytime soon
  4. the wgm really hurts her image a lot . she din't not do anything wrong. and i know those hating on her are the idol fan . still now from time to time i still saw comment saying she hurt their xxx she is a richard simmons so fake and ppl even curse her family!. luckily after jang bo ri . she get recognition ,
  5. From Weibo I know a lot off ppl is saying her face look very stiff she can't act she is fat . And I was like What!? Are we watching the same show ? Some Chinese commentor are just so rude.
  6. I love her in comeback mister.I immediately became her fan after watching that show . Haters gonna hate XD.
  7. that so weird . is this normal for other tvn show too ? they don't show others drama last eps bts too ? cause i never follow other drama before .
  8. is the bts for 19 and 20 coming out today and tmr ? or no more bts already
  9. I really hope there will be a season 2 with oys and lsg as main cast. Or maybe movie that can give me some closure . Oh gong said he wants to take seon mi to Japan . We never get see that
  10. at least in the end scene they should just show us that he already found seon mi she is sitting in the car beside him . or he is at the netherworld and he saw seon mi and they gave each other a assuring glance like that