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  1. They're both wearing sneaker of the same brand, aww.. It's so damn cute!! stay HAPPY forever Mr&Mrs. Obvious... kekeke
  2. Are they wearing the same shoes? http://s1064.photobucket.com/user/Mpaa2213/media/InShot_20180917_160040645_zps39uxtet4.jpg.html
  3. I noticed that you watching gifs @ritausma and select rotate 90 degree views + zoom in. You can nearly see their saliva.
  4. hello, im not in the mood for office work today so I had some time to spend editing gifs @ritausma again. and i found this.....lmao Is it my imagination or what? I dont want to see saliva swapping like that. -please zoom in
  5. Whoaaa @ritausma always finding ways to make everyone blush. This kiss is everything.. They were so afraid to lose each other. Love them~
  6. I think i saw Sugeun ahjussi but i cant be too sure coz team NJTTW S5 reportedly heading to HK&Hokkaido from August 3rd-14th.
  7. To be honest, im not focus about the reflection in OYS' eyes, but when you see clearly and zoom third gif of @klila , you can see the saliva on Ohgong's outer lip. I couldn't believe my eyes. Is it true? or it is true.. Sorry, maybe my eyes aren't very good. YES! IM NOT FOCUSED!!!
  8. don't lose hope 503 couple shippers stay strong..!! LSG+OYS needs our support..keep supporting them like always love you all *winked
  9. Well, i think i have written too much rambling here... But hey, i feel so much better after writing it down! Word heals, indeed! I really think this is a good idea that's what happened to me
  10. Hy guys, The first time I wrote in Soompi, sorry i don't speak English very well, I'm silent reader on this tread since page 60 and use google translate to follow this tread. I like OYS when CBM and MSG project. I am not an LSG fan but this drama I'm amazed by their chemistry. Start liking him also his acting and add his ig account I haven't watching eps. 20 because it was so sad, then came the news dating OYS it makes me heartbroken, I was crying at work and locked myself in the room. I’m very pleased to meet you guys. And then, I learn to accept reality I love my OTP.. keep their support in work and still in my hearts. Now, I will watch eps. 20 although it will make me cry again, but I still have power with you here. Love you all.. *group hug Ps. please forgive my poor English
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