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  1. This is strange.. Even with Eng Subs I am confused at some points. It's only the very first day, but so many villains here that I can't tell them apart. No doubt, Lee Hyuk & his mother are both evil. But that woman wasn't his biological mom in some frames!! I that case, I agree with @celebrianna She is so suspicious! Also what about the guy 7 years ago.? He also sounds like a villain. And Min Yu Ra is so beautiful, but she ended up being evil. (EVIL BEAUTY)~~~~ And she's spying on Lee Hyuk's mother. What for..?! And it's clear that the current Na Wang Sik is neglected by the society.! Then it's his will power to transform in to a attractive person! But how could the writer transform a chubby guy in to the handsome Choi Jin Hyuk..??!! It is worth watching! And who's the kid ran towards him at the cafe..?! Is he married to Yu Ra or am I missing something.?! And apart from the entrance of Choi Jin Hyuk, I am confused with other details!! Can someone help me, please..?! I dislike to continue this series wit confusions in my mind. Since this is more intense than I thought, I must clear the path in order to continue watching it.!
  2. WOAH!! i see that too.. Look out for Jang Na Ra's high praise for Choi Jin Hyuk! And Shin Sung Rok is nowhere near her words! But since she's a noona I am keeping a low profile here!!~~~~ And we still have to see Jang Na Ra & Choi Jin Hyuk in a single shot to evidence their chemistry but, I hope they'll be a great on-screen couple!
  3. The fat guy is Wang Sik at the moment! Then a miracle will take place in order to transform him from short/fat to tall/handsome! And I can assume his revenge capability with his handsome bodyguard material itself And the writer is getting lots of praises for her work so, I am looking forward to see the theory of Choi Jin Hyuk's entrance in to the series... And is it just me or is Jang Na Ra a bit naive or something in first 2 eps..?! She needs to mature a lot to survive among the villains! And I am thinking of something... The English title is The Last Empress & the literal title is An Empress Dignity... When there's a plot twist ahead. they always go with the English title..!!! So yes, Oh Sunny will be The Last Empress!!!!
  4. Weill... SBS is doing well with the ratings! And I was confused last night without eng sub that the series started off with Jang Na Ra wearing the necklace besides Lee Hyuk & then the time rolled back to the past where they were closed at the time.! Am I right..?! And look at the royal family! They are rude, shameless & arrogant! I don't get the grandma yet but Lee Hyuk is the real jerk of the series! And this is one exciting drama so, I am waiting!!!!!!!!!
  5. Well... Just watched raw eps tonight.! So the series begins with the mummy & the necklace. And Lee Hyuk & Oh Sunny knows each other.. Lee Hyuk & Min Yu Ra are just.. adults WOW!! This series has so many layers.. From Palaces, night clubs to restaurants!!! I am more impressed with the palace It's so beautiful! I think it goes for Lee Hyuk.! Hate to say this but, he's a full jerk on the very first day! And by the way, Choi Jin Hyuk isn't on the radar today, is he..??!! Anyway, looking forward! And NO PREVIEW~~~~ COME ON SBS!!!
  6. Well...Oh Sunny is more pretty than Lee Hyuk's ex-wife...! I think now we only have 1 hour to go.!! I am also happy & excited to the first 2 eps.. And this is all in one frame... Good luck everyone!!!
  7. Dear @Heidi Seow - Let's scream again together.!!~~~~ Sometimes back, I got this pic from an IG acc... I think it's from Daniel's ELLE Korea magazine shoot..!!! Some of the pics are officially released but what about the white shirt pics..??!! Those two pics aren't released.. And he's so hot in top left corner..!! ~~~~ OMG!!! Does anyone know anything about those pics..??!!
  8. Love this capture They look so nice together off-screen & can't wait to see them in action... And the drama itself is so intense!!! This is my first time seeing Na Ra in such a serious role & this is my first time seeing Jin Hyuk in such a tough role!!!! I hope they impress us
  9. Isn't there any official poster for the series..?! Anyway, it's tonight!
  10. There's no further info on "Beast" yet..! But it's a detective movie & it's said that Daniel is playing the youngest detective there He has cut his hair shorter as well so, this could be his new look in the movie.! And he won't do any drama soon since he's in the movie & it's releasing in 2019.!! And this is him at the script reading of "Beast".. I am also waiting for his next drama~~~~ Such a romantic guy He is a perfect boyfriend!!!
  11. OMG..!! You are so hot, Daniel So manly than before with short hair & facial hair HOTNESS OVERLOADED...!!! Then how come you are still single, ah..??!! Please introduce her to us as soon as possible.!! Such an amazing young man..!! And, can't wait to see you in "Beast"..!!! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Come on & check out guys!! I think now we have more to talk about him!! @RPM @triplem @kaedechan @Heidi Seow @booha @aboutdaniel
  12. Just watched the full press conference even though I am not so good at Korean..! The cast is amazing..! Jang Na Ra is the real princess with anti-aging genetics Shin Sung Rok looks so brave Choi Jin Hyuk looks fine but, did u guys notice that he got an instant pain in his scar at about 19:57 while bursting in to laugh..!! I hope he's alright though And with the intro they showed, I can imagine that this series would be a mega dramatic historical drama in its run..!!
  13. Hey! They all are representing the drama characters at the press con.!!! And the drama itself looks highly dramatic.!!
  14. It was on SBSNOW. Last streamed live 2 hours ago What exactly is the time for the press con...?!!
  15. Thank you dear @jjangnarafan for the character chart WOW!!~~ Look at the sign between Oh Sunny & Na Wang Sik Hopefully there will be a magical romance between the two! And I am eagerly looking forward for doing some beautiful artworks with these two love birds when the series starts..!! And by the way, I've got some youtube link & it says the live streaming of the press conference is over..! What's going on..?! Is it really over already or isn't it started yet.?! Can't wait to see the trio.!!