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  1. Love your ideas about Da Il & Yeo Wool @nona88 so much....!! Now his gaze towards her is tense than before... He may feeling that Yeo Wool is going to fall for him & he is going to fall for her... And my favorite part is the scene which they had a fight about catch her/not to catch her at the office with hyung & doc...!! Da Il's eyes were full of rage, but his gaze clearly indicates that he is in love with her... And that's why he is protecting her from the evil spirit... Poor guy!! He doesn't know it yet... But at this rate, he would get to know his feelings for her soon... Of course we have a police officer on the other hand too... He he he.... Now I am a dreamer b'cause of Da Il & Yeo Wool.....!!!!!!
  2. I adore @bebebisous33 your idea of Yeo Wool can't hear anything when the evil spirit is in the area..!! And I also adore @Heidi Seow your idea of her being with Da Il.... Da Il was with her even at the hospital... So is Da Il the one interrupting her hearing ability..?? But it can't be, right..?? Looks like when she hears about a victim or the evil red lady, her connection with SWH's suicide date makes her disable... But if the caretaker is unaware of the evil spirit's moves, he would end up being killed by the evil spirit as soon as he fulfills his duty for him... Or is it possible for him the one who opened the pot and made SWH possessed with the evil spirit...?? All he wants is the welfare of the evil spirit, nothing else.... Now that her body is turning old & loosing the connection with the evil spirit, he wants Yeo Wool to take over the control of the evil spirit.... I dunno. Just my theory
  3. Then my next question is, who is the evil spirit( The lady in red) actually...??!! I mean, she is got Soon Woo Hye's face, but if she possessed the 12 yrs old girl ( her childhood).... then how come she is got the same face..?? I like to know know your theories...!!!!! And the caretaker is working so hard to keep the evil spirit alive... What can he gain with that...?? I doubt him for his behavior..!! Looks like he also has a dark past......
  4. The main mission of Da Il is to catch & destroy the evil spirit - The lady in red... And when it's completed, either he will be a human again or even his spirit will disappear forever..!!!! I am really scared of the latter.... As you said, looks like Da Il knows that she is thinking about him... That's why he can't see her in danger...!! And what if the latter part I was mentioned above is the ending of this drama...?? Then I am hesitating for them to fall in love...!!!! She was killed by Da Il when her evil spirit was inside her body.. (1am) Then now, she also could be a human with a possessed spirit inside just like Chae won's mom... Don't know.. Just a hunch!!!! And you are correct with the analysis @bebebisous33.... Now my question is, how the caretaker & 12 yrs old girl know Da Il's name..?? Is he also connected to them in the childhood...??!! Yaaaaaaa.... this is so fantastic now... Want to know what will happen to Da Il..!!!!! I am addicted
  5. Honestly the ending is kind of boring...!! What happened to the misunderstandings between two brothers..?? Did they solve them..?? And what's the ending for the prosecutor..?? And most importantly, shouldn't they include a beautiful kiss for the OTP at the ending...??!! Everyone says that YSY is a good kisser.... Looks like he wasted at the end. And still can't get that mother...!! It started out in a high plot, but the ending is confused... I wonder how it got the highest ratings of the time slot for the final eps...!!! Could have done better.... Clearly it's a rushed ending.........
  6. I still have to watch the final eps... But what's all this buzz about the ending is rushed & bad..??!! I hate to say this, but I lost my interesting in this drama half way through the journey... I felt that there were soooo many villain scenes rather than hero scenes... So all I did is skipping, skipping & skipping of all sucked scenes of those villains... But any way, I must give the final eps a try..!!!
  7. Da Il Yeo Wool MV (Music Video) is coming soon by me...!!!!! I hope all you guys will like my MV... Now I am shipping them so hard... They are slowly falling for each other... And their eyes when they were fighting about the lady in red...!!!!!!!!! And by the way, He is the biggest "Dilemma" right now....
  8. Just watched 2 eps with eng sub....!!!! WOW... this is becoming SO dramatic now....!! Da Il stabbed her for sure... Now either she will destroy with her evil soul or she will get back to life...!! (The next week preview shows her standing on the street & no one seems to see her)...What could it be..??!! And then what will happen to Da Il..?? Will he remain the same way as he was or better or even worst..?? He stabbed her after 1am so, the evil spirit must had with her...!! And that man said that Yeo Wool was born in the same day as the lady in red committed suicide at the age of 12... Yes, that's the perfect connection... Only Yeo Wool can destroy her.. But Da Il didn't let her do that b'cause if so, she would be the murderer for killing the lady in red.. And now, no one can know that what exactly happened... This is SO fantastic now.... Can't wait for the next eps....!!
  9. For the first time, I've just watched the full hour without eng subs... Understood some parts ... At the end, Da Il killed her...!!!!!!! But why...??!! To save Yeo Wool from being the suspect....?? But NO... His eyes are red...!!! Now, does he has all the evilness of the lady in red..??!! 100% agree with you @Heidi Seow.... Da Il. please don't turn in to evil!!!!!!!!!! .. Or he would be unstoppable!!!! And when Da Il scolded Yeo Wool for some reason (need eng subs), She was broken inside b'cause of him...!! And she wrote a note that " Thank you for helping me so far & Please don't care for me anymore" ( need eng subs)....!!!!! Isn't it the sign that she's already falling for him...??!! And he was also broken inside b'cause he can't help her...!! Next, look at the police officer.... He was so fierce when he knew that Yeo Wool is disappeared..!! Now, this will be more interesting with Police officer>Yeo Wool>Da Il........... Can't wait for eng subs.........
  10. Oh... Thank you for informing...!! Looks like a lot happened in today's eps..!! I couldn't watch it anywhere today... Can't wait to see them..!! And you are highly welcome to the thread...!!
  11. Then is he visible others as well...?? Please... Please... Please...tell me!! I want to know....
  12. Yes, yes... I also watched that interview... It's one of my favorite interviews of Daniel so far.... The way he said "Hi Guys" And it's hard to think that they would kiss tonight, right..?? Since it's the beginning of their closeness...!!` But who knows... Maybe an unofficial kiss of impulse... Let's see what happens.....
  13. I don't exactly know what sound you are talk about... But there's still a crack sound where she is on the screen..!! And it's her trademark, isn't it...??!! And I like Daniel so much as you do... But when I first time heard that he's gonna do a horror drama, I think I wouldn't be able to watch it since I hate horror stuff... But now I am completely addicted to this drama..!!!! How wonderful.... It's like a magic.... Oh no... I didn't see that one coming...!!!! Don't turn Da Il in to evil... NO NO NO!!!!! And you are correct... Daniel is skinny!!!! He must be working hard for this project...!! Otherwise it's impossible for him to be this talented....!! Plus, he is skinny since he finished the military service..! Now I am completely shipping them... Da Il Yeo Wool.......... Want them to fall in love soon..!!
  14. OF course... Now it's even more interesting...!!!!!!!! I mean this is DAEBAK.... Now Da Il can defeat the lady in red somehow. I am so happy..!! Also yung is safe.... That's the biggest happiness for now... But the doc said that Da Il should watch out for somethings...!! Also Yeo Wool is now feeling for Da Il & He has the same thing towards her... Remember his look when he was staring at her in the car's mirror...!! His eyes were telling so much like that she is the relief to his broken mind.!! ... HOW SWEET...!! They are already falling for each other....!! And the other one is attorney Baek... she is either having a crush on Da Il or she is simply double crossing him... In either ways, she is suspicious... NOW I REALLY CAN'T WAIT FOR THE NEXT EPS....!!!!!!!!!!
  15. info ( 163cm 43kg) and the blood type RH+A are all belongs to Yeo Wool.... And then she has A+ blood & Da Il has AB- blood... And A- person can donate his/her blood to both A+ & AB- blood groups... Which means is there A- person somewhere...??!! Maybe the lad in red...??!! She gave both Da Il & Yeo Wool her blood in the past & if so, when they mix their blood types together, it contains the antidote for the lady in red's blood..??!! Who knows....?????? This is SO ADDICTING right now.... Can't wait for tonight...!!