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  1. gm4queen

    Choi Daniel 최다니엘

    Hah hah ha... This is #10yearschallenge.... This is Choi Daniel with one of his co-stars of High Kick Through The Roof back then in 2009 & now, 2019.... I don't know about the other actor here. But Choi Daniel is more manly & handsome now!! Back then in some webs sites of 2009, I saw people claiming that Choi Daniel looks older than his actual age, 23 & he's too tall. (Compared to the other actor here since both are in the same age) But now in 2018/19, people go like Choi Daniel is so freaking young in The Ghost Detective & his tall height is so sexy!! Then I wonder whether they are the same people... And yes, Daniel is indeed a sexy young man... But it's not only his sexy looks, height, voice & etc, but his well-mannered charming personality that fans are attracted to him!! And ladies worldwide are head over heels for him now & I am glad that I am a huge fan of him!!!
  2. gm4queen

    Choi Daniel 최다니엘

    What a coincidence... I just pre-saved this photo in last October & now it's posted on his fan page again!!! And a fan has asked whether he's in a relationship... Yeah... I also think that a well-mannered, popular & handsome guy like him should be in a relationship now!!!
  3. I was just waiting til this series ends, just to watch it marathon!! But with your responds about the ending here make me so confused whether to watch this or not...?! What's going on..?! Is this worst than even W-Two Worlds..?!
  4. Oh My God..... What's going on..?! Our hot bodyguard is falling for Sunny..?! Now we are talking. But I am pretty confused. I agree with other chingus here.... What exactly the writer wants us to ship? Then it looks like there is gonna be a love triangle between Lee Hyuk, Sunny & Wang Sik! It's always obvious that the lead actor win over the lead lady... But it's opposite here. I have no hunch at all who's gonna end up with who... Perhaps, someone might get killed by the end The writer should focus more on Sunny & Wang Sik's closeness rather than showing Lee Hyuk's affection towards Sunny.... I doubt some viewers have got confused by now! Once again, I love Lee Hyuk's character development from a bad jerk to a decent guy! But still, his evil power pops out at some times... However, glad to know that he's not on his evil mother's side.... Sunny & Ari are another affection here.... They sure have a great bond between them. Sunny will lead Ari to become an polite princess... And I prefer nanny also team up with Sunny to destroy mother empress.... At this rate, It's possible.
  5. gm4queen

    Choi Daniel 최다니엘

    Well well well..... I think the new Wed-Thu KBS drama has surpassed 10% in ratings!! But a high end drama with fasting graphics like The Ghost Detective had the lowest ratings of the time slot!! I am so disappointed with the Korean audience... What are they interested in..?!! Much older actors & actresses..??!! Daniel never directly mentioned whether he's upset over the low rating thing! I hope he would mind though... Low ratings are just numbers for a great drama like The Ghost Detective... It is more popular than a bunch of low numbers I really want Daniel to act again in an outstanding drama like The Ghost Detective.... I don't care whether it's KBS or SBS or MBC or another network. But I want him back!! And as for the ratings, this talented guy deserves the highest ratings of the time slot....
  6. gm4queen

    Choi Daniel 최다니엘

    Dear @kaedechan @Heidi Seow & @loversbridge - I just found some article on Daniel comparing his Jugglers & The Ghost Detective... Yes, it's so good to hear that Jugglers is so loved by people & The Ghost Detective has so many reviews on the internet!! Drama Reviews : The Ghost Detective l Jugglers .......The romance element was minimal, but I liked the chemistry between Da-Il and Yeo-Wool. Despite a few shortcomings, overall I thought it was an entertaining drama. I watched this because of actor Daniel Choi. I was quite charmed by his charisma in The Ghost Detective and I was glad to see another side of him in Jugglers as he played a cool and an unsociable boss but ended up falling in love with his PA..... ..........I enjoyed this one much more than The Ghost Detective, perhaps this was a romcom and it had brightened up my mood amid my girls' school exams period (it was over as of writing this, thank goodness!) Source : https://mel-reading-corner.blogspot.com/2018/11/drama-reviews-ghost-detective-jugglers.html Yes, I am so happy that he chose best of the best dramas as the comeback after his military duty! I really want him to keep this nice vibe in his next projects... He deserves much more love & respect from his fans!! Keep it all up!!
  7. gm4queen

    Kang Ji Hwan 강지환

    You must smile when you pose for a photograph, Kang Ji Hwan sshi.... I really hoped to see a dashing guy!! But he looks so inactive & thin. It really looks like he's passing a hard time. Even if you are, please give your face a smile, just for your fans.... Yp, that's the way what it should be!!!
  8. gm4queen

    Choi Daniel 최다니엘

    Well... I am pretty sad that Daniel doesn't have a private IG acc. And his fans are also so upset over his decision of not having SNS acc! Even the rookie actors have IGs now. Then by the way, I just searched for his fan pages on IG & found some beautiful posts about him. He's so smoking hot~~~~!! Those eyes are just.........
  9. gm4queen

    Choi Daniel 최다니엘

    He has done his first interview in 2018 for Jugglers... But he hasn't done anything for this year yet! I am waiting for his first interview in 2019 I want to know more about his thoughts on his 2 post-military dramas & awards he won.... Give us something, Daniel!! We are waiting......!!!!~~~~~
  10. Wow!!! I've watched all of them & I love them all!!! Thanks a lot, dear @loversbridge for posting them..... I also can't get over with this series...!!!! It's like I am possessed by this series.... It's an amazing feeling!!! And so funny that some viewers shipped Da Il & Woo Hye together as well... And dear, when you post more photos & videos next time, put 4th one of them onward in the spoiler tag! It's a Soompi rule!!
  11. gm4queen

    Choi Daniel 최다니엘

    Now, The Ghost Detective thread is less active since the drama ended last October! But it's ok... I want to see them as well.! I think among all the K-dramas aired at the same time slot, The Ghost Detective has got the highest number of music videos on youtube I am so happy for Daniel!! He really set the screen on fire...
  12. gm4queen

    Choi Daniel 최다니엘

    I missed this photoshoot of Daniel for W Korea magazine in 2018!! He's so manly & charming in any outfit! Need another hot photoshoot of him in 2019.....
  13. gm4queen

    Choi Daniel 최다니엘

    Dear @loversbridge, since The Ghost Detective Soompi thread is less active now, I am tagging you in here... I am totally in love with Da Il & Yeo Wool couple! And these are the music videos I've edited for them... And I really want Daniel & Eun Bin to become a real couple! They are perfectly matching for each other!! I hope you'll like my editing...
  14. As usual, Thanks a lot for beginning the thread, dear @larus... Another Nam Goong Min drama Hope this will be an interesting drama, of course without too much political backgrounds... Dear @Alice Mendoza - I hope you will happily join here in this thread!!
  15. gm4queen

    Choi Daniel 최다니엘

    Yeah, I've heard that he's in The Chronicles of Evils & his acting is great... But is he a lead actor or just a side character..?! And 11:00 AM is a sci-fi movie.. I think I should watch it, just for Daniel!! He he he.... You are so clever! I can't watch even 1 drama at once....