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  1. WOW!!! Thanks a lot chingu!! It is indeed a good, promising & light romcom!!! I love his performance there so much! Daniel acts as a young shy guy who is unaware of dating & all the stuff! And this is the trailer!! It is a super cute movie so I hope you will love it chingu!! And can't wait for your review on it!!! Have fun! And btw dear @averia friend, have you ever watched the movie Cyrano Agency...?? Daniel is so sweet & cute in it!!! And long time no see, dear @triplem chingu!! Have you ever watched the movie Cyrano Agency...?? Our hottie is so sweet & cute over there!! Some pics of the movie here....
  2. There is no release date for Daniel's upcoming movie dear!! I hope updates will come up soon! And yeah, I can NEVER watch the full movie of The Traffickers.... Daniel is too mean & evil in it! But he is so sweet & cute in Cyrano Agency!!!! It is my fav movie of him so far! Have you ever watched it??!! It is all about dating! And he is one of the leads!!
  3. Yes... I am back online after 5 hrs of unexpected power cut & heavy rain! And thank you so much dear @Lawyerh for wishing If Daniel was the lead in his upcoming movie! Yes, that is my olny wish too!!!! But his fans get a chance to see him at least as a support role..... So we must cherrish what we get, mustn't we??!?! He he..... I am busy in these days but I am desperately waiting for Daniel to make his appearance back! I miss you so much, Dan!!
  4. Early birthday wishes for our BIG oppa..... Hope his fan meeting would be a fantastic event!! Tagging my dear @Lawyerh @nohamahamoud2002 & @phoenix24 lovelies as well!!
  5. This looks like a new pic of him!!! Looking so great.... We miss you, Daniel! Please come back soon!
  6. He he he.... She must be more attached to Daniel because they are around the same age, dear!!! But she's looking great with KJH also!! Let's say she is better with both our namjas! But I enjoyed the bromance there, not the romance And Lee Da Hee's character wasn't that strong in Big Man!! She just was fooling around with two namjas at the same time! I didn't enjoy her presence there at all!!! Only Daniel & KJH mattered to me! And wish to see them again as brothers, both in hero type... OMO!!! How cool would that be..??!!
  7. He looks so beautiful!!! Want to share my crush with my dear @Heidi Seow @Lawyerh @triplem @averia @phoenix24 & other friends.....
  8. So true dear!! I agree with you! Love is more passionate before you confess it! OMO... What a beautiful feeling! And oh yeah, I also feel that it's not Choi Daniel who was at the beginning as the cold boss with no smile, no blinking & no emotions! He he... He is over cute when he fell for her! His coldness is all vanished! And dear, I just wish I meet someone who as cold as him & I make him fall for me slowly & elegantly!! Hah haaaaa.... That's why you shouldn't be addicted to K-dramas... You end up getting day dreams!!
  9. Just re-watching Jugglers again!! A sweet & cute office fantasy!!! Missing those beautiful days so much!!! He he .... And how to ignore the 12th ep..??!! If anyone know what I mean!!! And I envy this lady so much!!! She is surrounded by a beautiful namja... If I were her, then I would push him down of the table!!! He he.... How to bare that romantic eye gaze..??! Dear @Lawyerh chingu, what do you say..??!!
  10. Our Daniel looks so rascal in sunglasses dear @Pyar friend!!! OMO! I want to keep him in my pocket!!!! It certainly is a bit older pic but he is so hot!!!! Yeah, we miss him so much!!
  11. Just noticed something!! Daniel was with Baek Jin Hee in Jugglers & with Park Eun Bin in The Ghost Detective!! And both the actresses are the same short height in size! Wow just wow!! They both got the chance to hug a tall guy!!! I hope I was there in any of the scenes!!!! Mostly I want to take the place of Park Eun Bin.... She hugging him is the most passionate hug of any actress so far with him!!! And how come majority of the K-actresses are short..??!! I envy them so much!!! They are meant to be for tall guys...
  12. Hah haaaaa.... My thoughts exactly too dear!! But if these tall guys take the feminine challenge, then short actresses would be jobless He he he... Don't wear high heels, guys!!
  13. That's ok dear!! I am also busy these days but always get time to visit Soompi!!! And hah hah haaaa..... He is so manly & feminine at the same time!!! You totally get it right dear!!! But I love both of his sides.... And I just found this on IG a few days ago!!!!! WHOAH.... (S)he is a pretty lady!!! Dear @triplem chingu, our Daniel oppa has become Daniella unnie... I am curious to know dear @phoenix24 chingu's idea as well about this lady!!!!
  14. Looks like Beast has so many versatile actors in it!! I wish the movie will be another great recognition for Choi Daniel!! His short hair style is so cool & he looks more manly than ever... Fighting, Daniel!!!! You are the best of the best!! Can't wait to see you on big screen again!!!
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