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  1. This seems nonsense but I was just wondering why almost all the girls in this drama have their hair all tied up. As the drama progresses all of them have the same hairstyle, even JH whose hair is now always looks messy even if it's tied up. For me HN looks really pretty when her hair is down, I hope they change her hairstyle. Looking forward to the new episode later, why do I have a feeling that JH will know HN is SJ through a picture, she might get curious on what HN looks like when she were a kid. And please more HN & HG scenes, but I don't think there will be, this episode will focus on DG and JE again i guess *sigh*
  2. my patience will get tested again i was excited for the coming episodes because i can feel that the big revelation is near. I have to wait 2 days it's like the weekend all over again. I'm going to have HN and HG withdrawals again lol
  3. I do agree with the acting of Seol In Ah a bit amateurish especially the dramatic scenes compared to the other casts, but for me her role suits her well that I can overlook her acting skills. But I believe she can improve that over the years. I first saw Jin Ju Hyung in Suspicious Partner, i find him creepy there especially his eyes but I can say he has improved a lot and I'm glad. I do agree to all of you that SH should have a best villain acting award she is very good, she can transform her facial expressions in seconds and you can't help but really hate her. I hope next week HN realize that she needs to talk to someone about this, it's okay to distance yourself I understand she needs time to process all of this, but I want her to realize that she needs to rely on someone and I hope she chooses HG. I'm sure he can give HN the support and love she needs right now.
  4. One of things I hoped for yesterday came true, Hana confessed good for her! I'm also glad that they don't drag the issues too long because that would make the drama really frustrating. I do agree with most of the posts here DG is annoying, in the beginning I really like his character, I thought he was a positive and loyal friend to HN but it turns out he is not. I personally wouldn't want him and JE end up together in the end, they are bad for each other they should find other partners to start fresh, the relationship they built was not even a positive one it was toxic. I really love every scene where HN and HG are in (even if there are third wheels). I've been watching kdramas for a few years now and I never shipped a couple this much they look so good together. I'm definitely gonna have some HG & HN withdrawals when this drama ends Saw this in the instagram account of the kid with the marble. (Sorry I don't know how to make the picture appear so I just posted a link) https://www.instagram.com/p/Bm3HXiLAG3o/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  5. I'm hoping that Ji Eun will spill some secret while she is drunk on tonight's episode. Also I'm hoping for Hana to confess, this is her last chance to redeem herself, if she really loves Leo she will come clean and save her relationships with Hang Gyul and Leo. Please do the right thing and not be sucked into SH's evil ways. Looking forward to more HG and HN sweet moments.
  6. I do agree with you regarding the good chemistry of JG & JH, HN & HG. Overall for me the actress playing Ji Eun always looks uncomfortable, i think based on the videos i've seen of her in some press conference she is a very giggly and sweet girl, for me personally her role doesn't suit her. I think DG stole a kiss from her on of the episodes and yes it looks uncomfortable. I can bare the 120 episodes if there are more scenes of HG & HN but all the evilness that's going on my patience is getting tested..i really do hope SH will pay HARD for all the evilness she has done.
  7. The way they stare at each other sooo sweet! I'm happy with the episodes lately less screen time for JE and more feel good scenes with HN & HG, I also like JH and JG together. I feel the same haha...I look forward to mondays now because of this drama.
  8. The actress playing SH is really good in portraying her character she must get a lot of hate from it. I actually commented on one of her IG posts and she replied to me! On another topic...i really love seeing HN and HG together they look so adorable. How i wish they were a real life couple...#wishfulthinking
  9. Hi I'm new here..well I've been following this thread since i discovered it last last week, because I was so hooked on the drama that I tried looking for answers when the drama was not being aired. I do agree with the comment above, the grandmother is the root cause of all the hate that is going on. Even SH followed in her Mom's footsteps, she did it also to Ji Eun that's why Ji Eun hates Soo Jeong (Hanui) so much. I was so happy with the progress of Hangyul and Hanui, I can't stop smiling while watching their scene. Hope there will be more cute moments from them.