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  1. I was quite surprised that as early as now NJ already knows his true identity..seems like there will be a lot of twists in this drama to last until ep 120. Hope it will continue it's fast paced storytelling and not become boring in the middle. So far im impressed with the story and actors I don't really like Jin Ah something is fishy about her, i can't quite figure out her personality i'm sensing she has some evilness in her especially in getting what she wants. I think there will be a conflict between her and SJ when it comes to the fashion and designing industry.
  2. I like Nam Jin it's refreshing to see a male lead this time and he doesn't seem to have a typical "lead attitude" like a pushover or dumb, he seems to have a good head on his shoulders and knows what he wants and stands for it. The actor is also good with his acting, it's my first time to see him. I like Hyo Rim playing a non villain role this time. It also suits her I'm very interested to see how the love story between the 2 main leads develop.
  3. So far so good...i already watched the 1st episode and it looks promising hopefully it won't go downhill midway to the story. The house of the male lead reminds me so much of kang ha nui's house in sunny again tomorrow. I already like the 2 main leads
  4. I agree with you @angelwingssf i was hoping that SIN and JJH date in real life. Can't imagine the actress playing JE with JJH. Oh well, they are still young who knows maybe in the future will still keep my hopes up lol
  5. I don't think it's devon because i think she already has a bf based on her instagram posts...
  6. @meoooooowwwwI'm just curious who is JJH's rumored gf?
  7. Would really check out the drama that will be replacing SAT it looks interesting to me. I hope to join with some of you chingus in the new thread
  8. My guess will be for the remaining 2 episodes will be everything we saw so far will be the punishment (if you even consider it one) for JE and SH. Who knows SH might go to jail but that's it. JE might be forgiven by DG because based on the pics posted in Instagram there was a pic of them together inside JH house and DG still has his wedding ring. It may not be the ending or retribution i want but that's ok with me, personally i enjoyed the drama even if there were some dragging scenes, not enough punishment for the villains, not too much screen time for the otp, some plot holes. As i've said before this is just my 2nd daily drama and compared to my 1st one (enemies from the past) i prefer this over that. I skipped most of the episodes in that drama (from episode 105 to 119) i only watched the ending because for me it became a drag watching it, did not excite me anymore. But SAT still makes me look forward to the next episode up to this point. I also love all the actors and actress in this drama they all did a great job. Especially Leo (im not sure if this is his first drama) compared to other foreigners i saw in some kdramas his acting is good. I will definitely miss this drama..i'm hoping to see more projects (individually or together) for JJH and SIA, i love them both.
  9. Yup very opposite it's just refreshing to see after watching SAT..especially for the actress playing SH. Would love to see her in a kinder or funny role I watched strong woman do bong soon but to be honest i forgot about shim hye jin's role there..
  10. I also enjoy watching SH and JE being toyed by JH. It's so funny to think that the past evil deeds SH have been doing is senseless since JH already knows everything. I am looking forward to seeing both of their faces once they found out that they have been caught for some time now. I'm leaning more towards on JE not confessing to DG that she was really not pregnant. I think she will probably say about a miscarriage or the going to abroad just like what @angelwingssf said. Or by some miracle she will really confess. Side note: Shim Hye Jin (JH) will play the mother of Sung Hoon in the Sound of Your Heart Reboot...based on the preview her character looks a bit quirky and funny woman completely different from her role right now. Also the actress playing SH will also appear there. A clip from the teaser:
  11. Finally a group picture! Also a sweet picture of HN and grandma