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  1. My thoughts exactly. However, I also think that family is going to take things too far in trying to get their way and they will step in it as well. SH will not marry the doc she will always be stuck in the friend zone and when they push too hard, SH will cut ties with them all over again. He already carries the look of someone who is just fed up with everything and say to hell with it. He still pines for JY and his family and ex-wife’s behavior are making his decisions easier. I feel like he just wants to grab JY and run away with her away from everyone. I think the doc telling KS she will marry SH was her calling KS’s bluff.
  2. A good line for JY in her confrontation with KS would have been for her to tell KS she broke it off with SH because the thought of her having to address KS as Unni sent chills up her spine. I also think SH will cut ties with his familiy if not because of how they treated JY, but also because he sees how despicable they really are. If we are having these types of confrontations this early in the drama, it makes me wonder what is in store later on.
  3. Yeah according to my wife the Richard Simmons is starting to hit the fan! At my wife's insistence, I watched 58 during lunch. Hats off to SH for standing his ground. His family is so dang obtuse they didn't get his message and went even more crazy. At least the old man now has been told why JY has to finish the project. It's either that or SH gets ruined in the business world. lol at KS asking how JY could be competent since she was a surrogate. As if she herself is any more competent. What an arrogant Richard Simmons.
  4. The emotional hook got set on me during episode 16. So many sweet scenes between SR and WJ they are starting to bond together. Can't wait until WJ realizes who SR really is. Poor Chan is going to end up heart broken he is really crushing bad on SR. I am really loving this series.
  5. Maybe that is what it is. My standards are too high! lol Of course the previous drama in this time slot set the bar pretty high in my book. Maybe that is why I feel let down by this one. My wife still watches it so I'll keep up with the story through her. I have so many dramas past and present in my watch queue, I feel like I waste 30 minutes of my day on this one. Of course, I'll pop my head into this thread every once and a while too.
  6. Is it just me or has this drama turned into a dud? In my opinion there is no chemistry between the OTP. I have to force myself to watch it. A drama should not take this much effort to watch.
  7. My wife uses baking soda and vinegar almost exclusively when cleaning the kitchen. She swears by them. On another note... I have watched the first two episodes and I'm in. I'm enjoying it. So tomorrow will be a binge watching catch up day.
  8. What episode does she first appear in so I know when to look for her as I catch up?
  9. I agree based on the hair. However, the rest of the back shot does look like her. She is slightly bow legged, and the woman in yellow appears to be as well. What I mean by bow legged is her knees are slightly apart and out of line with her ankles when she walks in heels. If the woman in yellow is her, she could be wearing a wig. Only time will tell and we will find out soon enough. I have no doubt we will see more of her as this drama unfolds. As I said in a previous post, she finished taping Happy Sisters on May 11th or 12th and the first script reading for this drama took place on the 16th at the same SBS studio. That shot of her on the phone indicates it was shot somewhere around then because that hair style is similar to hers when Happy Sisters wrapped up. I have to imagine she took a few days off after the wrap up. I have only recently started watching Kdramas, in fact it was her in Happy Sisters that got me to watching them. I have binge watched a couple of her dramas since then. (Five Children, 100 Year Inheritance) Legend of the Blue Sea, The Suspicious Housekeeper are on my radar now. Also, My Mother is a Daughter In Law if it ever gets subbed.
  10. I was not aware of that. Asian Wiki does not have her listed as a cast member and it is not on her profile. I'll have to check that one out. Thanks for the heads up.
  11. I enjoyed SHS in Five Children as well. Her character annoyed me at first because of her extreme shyness. However, she started to come out of her shell later and I enjoyed her character in the drama.
  12. I'm getting out my soap box and would like to go on record as saying I am loving this story and just watching it without looking for points of criticism. My favorite Korean actress is cast as the Aunt in this drama and we have seen maybe 30 seconds of her so far. Still I am enjoying the show and not worrying about Shim Yi Young's lack of screen time or complaining about it. Of course there is a good reason for her absence so far. She had just wrapped up taping her daily drama 4 days before the first script reading of this one. Therefore, her character will probably emerge later. So far I have found this drama as light hearted and funny at times. I have not gotten emotionally attached to it yet but I love watching it. Until next week's episodes, hope everyone enjoys themselves here.
  13. I was telling my TV not to give her phone number to him. That dude is a snake and I see him trying to cash in on her relationship with Sang Hyuk and his family later. I don't trust his motives.
  14. So it looks like the push/pull with Ji Young is finally over. She is trying to make peace with her past and moving on with Sang Hyuk. Now that the old woman has left her jerk husband I am curious how thing will turn out. KS is thinking everything is going her way with the MIL gone but from the preview for 50 it looks like she crosses the line with her FIL and her past is starting to catch up with her.
  15. Posted then realized @mapleoaks5 had already answered how the aunt and uncle were related. He is definitely her mother's brother. I also noticed the aunt was dressed very nice so maybe she remarried or got a big divorce settlement from the uncle.