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  1. Which means we’ll get 4 episodes chopped off of the story if SBS keeps their usual shenanigans up. Frustrating!
  2. I have watched the first 3 episodes and I love it so far. However, I do have a ???? Does anyone know the name of the violin piece that plays during He Ra's scenes?
  3. Have to agree with everyone and LJS. While the production and acting was good, I was left wanting more of the story of these two tragic people. You have a sense of what they were going through but wasn’t really allowed to feel their pain. I wanted to feel the pain in their hearts.
  4. You know what hacked me off about Sunday's episode? DR gets up early to fix breakfast for the family to try and get a good start and EY refuses to eat after finding out DR cooked it and threw a fit. However, if DR had not cooked breakfast, EY would have thrown an even bigger fit!. What a wicked witch! I need some serious karma for this woman!
  5. @Lmangla Yeah I watched them. I find the story line interesting. The fact that she had decided she was was going to steal his heart anyway because the news cast witch stepped to her and got in her face makes it fun. Now with the other guy (I guess news caster's ex?) offered to pay her to do it makes it better. He is paying her to do what she had set out to do. It will be fun to see what plot twists come down the road. So now I have this one (only saw two minutes of Shim Yi Young but I'm not greedy), My Only One, and just started watching The Guest. Funny thing about The Guest, my wife suggested watching it but she checked out because it is too scary for her. I absolutely love it!
  6. During that scene my wife said those two are a perfect match.
  7. I don’t know what WDR was fretting about. He was living the dream on his honeymoon imo. Just you and your girl by yourselves in that camper and it was her idea? What more could a guy ask for? Seriously? I would have been howling at the moon had it been me.
  8. The OTP getting divorced would cut against the grain of the lessons the drama writers are trying teach so I agree 100%. However, I do see Da Ya and Yi Rook either divorcing or separating before this drama is over. During yesterday's episode I was actually taking YE's side when she was scolding DY for spilling the family's laundry to her mother. I was screaming at the TV to DY's mother, "Tell your daughter to shut her mouth and quit calling you to vent!"
  9. rolisrntex

    [Drama 2018] The Guest 손

    Ok I’m late to the party on this one but the wife and I watched the first episode yesterday and holy freaking cow am I hooked. This one has “pick me up Netflix” written all over it.
  10. I just watched the first episode. Wow! What a beautiful production. Can’t wait until next week.
  11. BTW...Did anyone else notice that while Grandma and Chairman Wang were discussing the upcoming marriage at the table, she subject came up that DR is from a poor family. Their conversation (except for Madam Airhead and Dumber) was not snobbish in any way. They were merely discussing how they can handle the situation without making DR uncomfortable. It seems as though Grandma and the Chairman are on board even though may be a little reluctant. I think they both just want WDR to be happy and if it is DR that gives him that happiness, that is what they want as well. @Pam_Van Fossen Nice to see you as well. It has been a while. Since Happy Sisters I think.
  12. Been lurking in this thread for a while and enjoy everyone's comments about the story. I wanted to share my wife's profound comment she had during Halmoni's dementia attack this weekend. Basically she said even though Halmoni is out of her mind during her attacks, she actually assigns true characters to the people in the family. She describes Madam Airhead (love that nickname BTW) and DY as bad and selfish people. She calls her son her father who had both some good and bad qualities. Finally, she sees DR and WDR as good people who were meant to be together.
  13. I also thought the open ending for HJ/KS was appropriate. The fact he decided to invite himself on the trip showed me, he wasn’t content with listening to his parents anymore. He decided to follow his heart and it was leading him to join the family on the ski trip in that moment. I also feel like if KS and HJ were to reconcile they would not be living at the Shin house again but out in their own house. I’m still disappointed the elder Shins got off scott free even though they finally realized their treatment of KS was a factor that drove her to despair. I found it cute that SH asked if HJ went with KS on the trip. Even when his mother snapped a no back at him he kept at it. Remarking he should have been back by now from dropping TW off. The fact that SH told his brother he no longer resents KS was signal that he knew his older brother still had feelings for his ex wife and was giving him a green light. It seems everyone was content with where they were in life so it was a happy ending for all. Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving if you are in the States and maybe we will see you in another thread somewhere.
  14. It wouldn't be a SBS drama without a time jump at the end. lol There will probably be one. As to your previous question about dailys, I'm kind of burned out on them right now. I may give them up for a while. I started watching KBS weekend drama "My Only One" but have soured on that one. I think the next ones for me are probably "The Last Empress" and "Fate and Rage".
  15. He has already told them to respect his decision about allowing TW to see his mother. You can bet the venomous snake of a grandmother will not let it lie. She is going to dial up the nasty to a new level. I'm curious as to how it will all end up. Two more episodes left.