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  1. I agree with you. It is step brother is going to let the cats out of the bag so to speak. I loved Jenny's come back in the preview to KS when she told Jenny she was a bad person. "I'm your daughter so I take after you." lol JY's dress down of KS was on point. She held up a mirror for KS to see herself but she didn't even look. As was said earlier in this thread, KS does not love TW and sees him as an insurance policy. I don't think the woman knows what the word love means. I am looking forward to the conversation between Jenny and KS in the next episode.
  2. I let out a "WHOOP!" when that happened. I think JY is playing it safe. She doesn't have absolute proof; therefore, she erring on the side of caution.
  3. Thanks. I am learning Korean and watching these dramas have really accelerated my learning. I can now pick up about 30% of what is said. Like you said I was pretty sure that Jenny said her 엄마 was KS. What is funny was JY's mind was already going there and Jenny saying it just cemented it in her mind.
  4. Subs are not out yet, but I am pretty sure the last thing Jenny told JY was KS was her bio mom just before dropping the phone. I am with you. I hope Jenny is ok or will be ok. I hope as @Ldy Gmerm said she is doing a disappearing act for now. I see what you did there and yes I agree 100%. No redemption back story later and the easy way out for KS. I need satisfaction this time around. Prison or dead!
  5. Welcome aboard and don't be a stranger now that you've shed your lurker status. @lu09 I think you are probably right. Jenny's birth secret and the source of the cyber attack will be revealed around the same time knocking KS down and getting her kicked out of the family. The rest of the drama will be about her trying to get revenge on the Shin family and ultimately being caught and punished. However, we may also be getting hoaxed by the writer. The writer may be planning a redemption story of KS as well.
  6. I wonder if it is a family heirloom that is passed down. Silly me thinking the Jenny birth secret bomb would go off in ep 90. I thought the timing was about right for it. Hopefully by the end of this week? So despite warning from her husband, KS can't help herself and is going to try and sabotage the opening of the department store. So which event takes place that causes Big Bro to finally kick KS to the curb? Jenny's birth secret or discovering the sabotage effort of the store opening? One thing is for sure, Big Bro is tired of his wife's greed and scheming and is giving her the cold shoulder. From the preview, we see KS is already jumping to conclusions about the finance lady.
  7. At first, I think it will be KS jumping to conclusions like she always does as you said. I also think her actions and reactions to the circumstances will probably drive him to another woman's arms. Their marriage is already under strain due to greed driving her to cause a rift in the family and her mistreatment of the company's business associates. As @Ldy Gmerm said, Mr. Shin does not want his sons fighting over the family wealth when he is gone. He is structuring the company where both of his boys will run it together on equal footing by giving Big Bro control of the fashion and production business and SH control of distribution and retail. There is also SH's existing cosmetics business that he will keep control of. However, other than greed, I think KS believes SH is a better business man than her husband and that is why she feels threatened by him. Although, the point I have picked up on that I think Mr. Shin also sees is his two sons are both very good business men they just have different talents. Big Bro is really talented at managing the day to day business and structuring the company. SH is the big picture creative type. He comes up with new ideas and concepts and executes them. You need both to make a business successful so they complement each other very nicely. If the new lady ends up with Big Bro, you will have the full complement to make the family business successful with the two sons and their ladies. Hyung Joon- Operations and deal making New Lady - Finance Sang Hyuk- Concepts and Vision Ji Young - Design and artistic creativity
  8. You nailed it! I froze the screen on the preview where Jenny was holding the business card. It is Big Bro's card. Let's see what happens. I think he may react differently than what we expect. He may put Mr. Moon to work quietly this time. I haven't thought this for a couple of weeks now but I am looking forward to Monday's episode.
  9. Yeah I noticed that the thought of KS being Jenny's birth mom popped into JY's head. I'm actually hoping Jenny calls Mr. Shin. The old man will have Mr. Moon look into it quietly until the facts are known then drop the hammer so hard on KS she will not know what hit her. It's for sure Big Bro has had a belly full of KS. He has warned her many times to cut out her scheming but she just won't listen. KS doesn't respect her husband and thinks he is soft. I'm betting she is about to see a side of him she has never seen before.
  10. Omo just watched the live feed without my wife because she is working tonight so I could only pick out bits and pieces of the conversations but is Jenny going to get revenge on KS in tomorrow’s preview?
  11. Congratulations to Lee Si Kang for being nominated for Best New Actor at the 2018 Korea Drama awards for his role as Hyung Joo in Happy Sisters. The clip they used to announce his nomination was HJ's confrontation with YE at the country house when she went into hiding.
  12. Ha. I was going to post the same thing. In order to get what she wants, she always oversteps and pushes too hard. That's why her schemes always blow up in her face. She had already roused suspicion from JY/SH in her dealings with Jenny and now this. What an idiot! I figure in a couple of episodes, this will all blow up and she will be outed as Jenny's birth mother.
  13. So it appears Hyun Shin's dominoes are getting lined up to topple by the writer. By trying to talk Jenny into moving into a studio apartment, KS has now roused suspicion from SH/JY. Especially after KS told JY that she didn't want Jenny around Tae Wong. JY knows KS doesn't like Jenny and is now wondering why she tried to get Jenny to move. So far, all of KS's efforts to get rid of her have failed. Even the old man has signed off on Jenny being the model for their new brand. It looks like the old man is ready to retire and is now setting his two sons up to see who will take his spot as chairman. He wants both of his son's involved with the company. HJ has been the heir apparent for a while now but it seems like he will lose out due to his wife's greed and trying to destroy SH/JY's involvement. She should have gotten the message when the old man had all of them in his office but she didn't. She will ruin everything for her husband. And now JY has become the favorite DIL of Mrs. Shin due to JY's sincerity and the fact JY can still provide more grandchildren. She was deeply touched by JY's inebriated confession of thanks to her in-laws for accepting her has their DIL even when she knew it was a hard decision for them. I think Mr. Shin was touched as well even though thus far, he has not said much about it or to JY.
  14. Ok. I can't help but dig up old bones here. However, I have a two month wait until Sim Yi Young's next drama airs so I have to have my fix. I started watching this one again from the beginning. Throughout this drama's airing we talked about little ancdedotes the PD and writer dropped on us about the story. I just noticed this one in ep 11. This is during Sang Eun's wedding after YE found out about JS's affair and HJ was there to catch her when she fainted. Do Hoon is singing the song after the ceremony and I picked up on this camera shot. The lyrics made it perfect. Just before this shot the lyrics said, "Maybe you and I were fated to love." Then the lyrics during the shot on the subtitle. Omo. A very early clue about what was going to come...