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  1. https://www.allkpop.com/article/2019/03/a-pinks-na-eun-says-her-feet-smelled-bad-only-one-time-in-her-life
  2. Naeun's comment is at 1:07. "This was supposedly be a comedy but turned out to be a documentary". This wasn't the link I've mentioned earlier but this was the compilation I was searching for. I hope victims get justice.
  3. Suddenly I feel worried about this big issue in S.Korea now involving idols. Netizens are starting to recall all of the parties' friends. Naeun did visit a Seungri program last year, right? And I happened to recall, Joonyoung liked Naeun (just an admiration though) too. And earlier I found a video on Twitter compiling Naeun, Jennie, Sunmi and Chungha saying something against Seungri. But the editor just made it sound a negation but they were interviewed in a good manner for Seungri though. I'm gonna look for that clip. I hope I find it. Hope everyone guilty involved in this will pay.
  4. Are you hungry for more TaEun vids? Here's a new one still by retrouvaille-nim! @above me I guess it's the account that got lots of followers.
  5. righty Naeun strikes again. Taemin and Naeun will keep breaking anything they hold but the relationship they've been having over the years is the one thing they won't be breaking~ @kittykatt This episode of Apink Showtime was uploaded months back (I did) and I've noticed that too. There was a convo about this part a few pages back. During the filming of this part of episode I believe TaEun were having problems. If you realized towards the end of the episode (Episode 6) Naeun cried. I believe it got something to do with their rumored on-the-rocks relationship during that time. I can see how much Nangnie was so hurting that time. She cried harder when Chorong or was it Eunji telling her they understand her even more and that it made them want to protect her. Familiar with that line? while Taemin during that time was also giving off the same vibes. There was this stage performance of them wherein Taemin was trying hard to hide the pain he was feeling, but he couldn't, many fans noticed his eyes were so sad and it's not about the song they were performing at all. Some Shawols/Taemints even said that Taem was unwell that time. So I guess it would be safe if we say during that time uri couple was fighting for the relationship so hard. They were enduring the hardships of being an Idol and the adjustment period of being in the relationship. I am not asking you to search for my posts about this a few pages back but I actually put time stamps on my posts. Chorong even kept looking at her whenever she spaced-out again. If you watch the video closely, you can tell all of the members kept looking at Naeun with concerned eyes. Whenever the screentime was on Naeun, Bomi tried to brighten the atmosphere more not because Naeun is too quiet but I think it's b/c she doesn't want audience to notice it. But as what I've observed it was Chorong who never left her eyes on her. Truly a leader, Rong Mama.
  6. https://www.soompi.com/article/1308055wpp/sf9s-chani-excitedly-shares-an-update-on-his-growing-friendship-with-shinees-taemin Here's the detailed information about Taemin and Chani.
  7. So can we safely say it's a hint from Taem? Coz if not... why used that word out of all the available words, eh? Don't forget Taemin is so cautious when it comes to linking his name to Naeun and now he himself even used it when everyone knows (Kpop fans) %% is by and for Apink only. So can I safely think that he was trying to say that even we don't see the bracelet anymore (on Naeun's hand), they are still fine and are going stronger, just that we continue to hold each other's hands a little more. Yes! I mean Taemin's eung eung, it seems an actual chat to me too!
  8. I am not sure either but I think it's somewhat an affirmation of something or just saying yes in a slang way. EDIT: Eung eung by Apink was just released a month before Taemin's Comeback. IDK what to think anymore. Could that be his way of throwing a hint or do Koreans often use that as an expression? It's funnier coz Taemin often uses 6v6 (i'm sorry if I can't get the right one though) and suddenly he used that eung eung! So adorable my muffin. @Ali L OMG!!! THANKS A TON! My mind is working again just seeing Taemin's message, the eung eung part got me!!! and oh btw.. didn't we just talk about an SF9 member here that slipped about his 'alleged GF' during a convo with fans? and now Taemin even messaged an SF9 member.
  9. I just want to share this, it's mamison! So adorable! At 1:47 Hyukjae told him about mamison, and Taemin just, "ooh... neh?"(pretty sure his voice and expressions here were taken aback), he was trying to confirm if what he thought of, is the same as Hyukjae's and when he finally get it, he laughed awkwardly and tried to keep it cool. I can't get over the way they looked (and laughed) at each other (TM and HJ) after the mamison comment!
  10. Oh really I didn't realize that she's into drawing in the MV. Thanks! I was too focused on her bracelet in the MV and in real life. Yes she somehow got it fixed but she really stopped wearing it around the time the MV was released (November 2018). Huh? you understand Korean? The subs were not even in English. So far I don't see anything or item that links them though.
  11. OMG! Naeun and Ilhoon are really close in real life not just on broadcasts. Ilhoon calling her, Naeunnie means they are very close (at 1:31). And at 2:01 you can hear Naeun raising her tone to Ilhoon (before Defconn spoke), a very casual convo between close friends. I'm sorry. Still can't get over that fanmeet when a male idol really appeared on her birthday! Just cute that a male idol (she's known for being unapproachable to many men) really is close to her in real life.
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