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  1. The finale was bittersweet. Suddenly my days seemed empty. I tried watching Queen of Dugu but I got a little bored during the beginning of the 1st episode. Maybe if I watched it later on, it will be better. I will give my brain to relax a little. I have thoroughly enjoyed TSOML. Like really enjoyed it eventhough sometimes I have to rewatch to understand the conversation. I loved the way the actors and actresses portrayed their roles. So vivid, so alive. There were moments where I cried, where I rolled out laughing, moments where I totally hate BUT It just shows that these people are so good. Again, I must congratulate the producer and all the people working on this production. It has been great exchanging with you all as well. I will miss you all too. Let's hope there will be other opportunities to exchange point of views etc.... And happy belated Valentine Day everyone. Love, kisses and hugs I think it is him too.
  2. You too? I got blocked yesterday and I had to change my password to get back in again.
  3. Hunan is being greedy again. Why do they ALWAYS do this ? Why? Why? Tell me WHY??????? When something goes really well, they ruined it. So they thought they would hitch a ride on TSOML success by addiding their new drama did they? Well, I don't know which drama this is but it sucks. I was watching avidly last night and I was like WTH. Where's the ending???????? Ok, then I understood that somehow they stretched it another day. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  4. frenchfan

    Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread

    For sure Almost all those who acted in a drama with her in the past get quite an exposure after for better projects so lets hope TSOML will be the same as they have all worked very hard. Bravo to the production team and director for choosing the right people on this project.
  5. You are totally right. I thought he looked so familiar. The young version of Tony Leung.
  6. frenchfan

    Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread

    Oh nooooooooooooooooooo I don't want it to end.
  7. Not sure her dad would want her back since this will be a shameful event for the family.
  8. Iw onder who the murderess is. It is full of suspense now. Seems like Minglan beat the gong for a very longtime since it shows daytime and then there's Xiaotao beating it and it is quite dark. I hope Molan will get her just dessert. Looks like her hubby has backbones and not easily blindsided after all.
  9. Wohoooooo Guifei is getting her just dessert now. The ED wants to keep her son to show that she is loyal to the dowager. Served her right for being a two-faced witch! She was feeling all smug and smirking when the emperor got angry with his empress for defending GTY. Et bien voilà........
  10. I think that from the look of it, Aunty Kang mom is of a noble family so her words will be taken above that of servants even though they reliable witnesses. Besides those witnesses are Gu family household.......
  11. I actually pitied SH main wife. Being sold out by her own mother in other to protect auntie Kang. It was sad when she discovered that her mum favors her elder sister and would happily let her shoulder the blame for the poisoning. In fact Marquis Kang did not even come for the "hearing" and let his in-laws dealt with their family. That just shows how much he value her. You could see that Elder brother Kang and his wife have been suffering for years always covering for auntie Kang's misdeeds no doubt at Grandma Wang's command for she is very much the matriach and boss here. Of course I just love how GTY come to save his wifey......despite possible punishment from the emperor. That is love. He consoled her when she cried. That part was so emotional. I am also happy to see Danju getting married in her finery. It was even more eloborate than Molan's wedding LOL. The Sheng should have killed Linniang's maid when they had the chance. YOu could see that Molan really wanted Minglan (her own sister) to die in childbirth in fire. She is even worst than her mom. Guess, you can't trust beautiful faces.
  12. Yup, one look at his fierce face is enough to make sure that no one bullies our Madame Marquis