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  1. I knew that this scene'd come Unfortunately, I won't be able to watch first two episodes with subs until sunday so here's my thoughts of them without subs. Honestly can't take korean's Harvey seriously. Yes, he's manly, good-looking, his behavior and his whole image are really good. JDG acts so well and I like watching scenes with him. But, still, I often think that it's not Harvey at all just some other lawyer. I've never thought something like this about PHS's Mike. Yes, it's an adaptation and the characters may be different but, as for me, when all characters in the korean ver are the perfect match with us version and then I saw JDG's Harvey and I was just like "Hmmm, no". Second and my favourite thing. PHS and KSH. Their interactions are interesting, they have this special "sparkle" between them. And I'm kinda obsess with that kind of relationships when in the beggining the person annoys you like no other but in the end you can't imagine the life without him. Special prize for cinematography for this drama! Seriously, the drama team did an excellent job. I really can't remember that us ver had any beautiful angles or shots. Here are some of my favourite: p.s. watching this drama after Something in the rain with all these dark scenes and dark colours gives me a lot of pleasure
  2. Oh, no, I'm already watching Something in the rain and Live wthout any subs and wait for them for a week. I won't stand it
  3. I don't like Ko Sung Hee actually but these few seconds with PHS has changed my opinion completely. Weird. This drama acts on me very well
  4. I think that first eps will be about court cases and our main bromance. From ep 8-10 the'll start love lines (yes, "lines", I hope that korean donna and harvey will be together eventually unlike the us ver's cruel plot when harvey and donna are kinda dating and kinda not). And then we'll be suffering from korean mike's "big secret" of course if it's in the drama (subs sre not out yet so, who knows?). Maybe there'll be some bad guy or something and they won't just investigate cases, idk.
  5. These first meetings are something for which I'm in love with kdramas actually. If the writers make their romance more romantic and softer I'll be the happiest. In the us version I kinda felt the lack of it
  6. PHS is perfect for Mike Ross's character. Watching his acting even without subs gives me the same vibes as us version. Seriously great choice. His charisma, demeanor, style - this all is so so similar to mike. But not exactly the same which is good. But one thing is not similar at all - the PHS's suit is kinda better then mike's plus this moment: If you don't know rachel and mike's first meeting was boring and ordinary. But the korean version's first meeting is more romantic and actually I like it more than previous one. The meeting under the rain even if they didn't say a word to each other alludes to their future relationships, their future romance (i hope that they'll be together like in the us's version). And also this is typical for kdramas to make the two leads just ran into each other and when they second met I doubt that she'll say "I know you! Oh, you are the one who sprinkled me!" I already see this scene
  7. Hi! I'm just wondering who got the license for this drama?
  8. Somehow Jin Ah said Joon Hee that if you love someone you should date with them passionately and with all your heart. And this is what they're doing right now. They're like a couple which just has met each other, they're giggling with each other and teasing other person. And I looooove that. And I know that maybe it's all happening so fast but it makes sense. Actually this is how it goes. They awkwardly hold hands. They want to impress each other. They take selfies and laugh at themselves. They want to be with each other the whole time. They hug each other just like that. And to comfort other person. They kiss. And want to sleep with each other. This is how it's happening in the real life. Exactly like that. When you have feelings for someone for a long time (or the feelings that just suddenly show up in Jin Ah's case) you don't think about turning back you just want to move forward. As quickly as possible. And I'm here for that kind of relationship. For healthy relationships when you understand and respect each other, when you can behave yourself like teasing siblings and a cute couple at the same time, when you can talk all night with your partner just because you don't want to hang up first, when you smile and laugh and feel the most comfortable with someone and know that this person will always be on your side. This is why I'm watching this drama even without any subs.
  9. Joon Hee is the real man I love when JH came home and saw JA and her ex he immediately understood that she's uncomfortable and in need. Although her ex and her family think that JA cheated with JH he didn't hesitate it right away he didn't protect himself first because he was worried about JA more than about himself. He cared about her more than about anyone else and what he did - throwing her ex away - showed us that he treats her like a woman, he respect her and her feelings (unlike her ex) and maybe already falls in love with her.(I said "maybe" but honestly we all know that he already love her like crazy ahah)
  10. Hello everyone! I'm new in this thread You know I've just watched the raw and absolutely in love with this drama. It's so so so soft and nice. I feel like I was watching a french old movie with the slow beautiful music and amazing picture. This drama is the same. Its characters, music choice, plot are perfect. Let's cross fingers that all episodes will be like the first one. And especially thanks to writers for that they show us noona romance. Usually it's hard for woman and a guy who's younger than her to be together. But there this whole thing with age gap is happening lightly and easy. (I watched it without any subs so if I got it wrong please tell me) I like it and hope for a good plot until the end.
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