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  1. @rittoo , @annie1234 I think for a second, but then they remember their promises then ... I wanted to add, in addition to the wrist bandage of HS, that the last promise of SW to HS is never to attempt suicide again, we know the character of the queen and we know his love for HS. In addition, for HS, a promise is very important and SW knows it! I doubt that she committed suicide ... I think she will prefer to wait until her natural death or murder, but she will not break her promise to HS!
  2. @circulate9oo I had to sacrifice myself. I had to investigate and find arguments to enjoy this beautiful finale!
  3. Have you noticed? at the end, when HS and SW end up in the field? HS has a bandage on his right hand ... So, if he was "dead", not only does he change clothes in the afterlife, but he also hurts himself? (so strange ...) it would be more likely, that his healing is longer than expected and he stays away for a moment not to put the life of SW in danger (with supporters of DM) no? ... Just my point ...
  4. I just watch VOSTA on Viki, (even if my language is French, I always understand English better than Korean ...) Several elements make me think that the end they offer us is reality and not a dream or the hereafter ... The body of HS has never been found DR and GS the clowns are the HS family and they are happy (only after 2 years) and praise the qualities of the former king (HS) this goblin story often expressed by HS, SW finally tested it, it was if we can say it his last hope to see him again ... And he appears ... it's a very poetic way to meet and it fits well with the story of HS and SW (can be a tribute of the writer for their love story?) The only thing that puzzles me is what HS responds when SW asks him why it took so long to get back to her, HS's answers are pretty vague ... but he tells her that is not a dream! finally, the subject of the promise, we know how important the promise is for HS, so I doubt that SW breaks the promise not to commit suicide, she promise to HS. In short, I'm puzzled ...
  5. I'm so sad because this drama is over .... First, I went through twitter, I saw spoilers and HS being (fatally?) Wounded ... I started to feel very bad ... Then I saw other spoilers with the meeting of HS and SW, there I was delighted !!! But after that, I saw a lot of comments from people who say that the end is "open", the meeting of HS and SW is a metaphor ... In fact, HS would be dead and SW joins him in the 'beyond... because of that I can't watch the last episode ... I am clueless ... I don't understand this story of end "open" .... it doesn't suit me at all ... so, I can't even watch the episode ... Why did I read these comments? !!! And please @Yeo Jingoo, stop dying in your dramas! Edit : Ratings 20190304 TVN : The Crowned Clown : 10.9% and these greats notes !!!
  6. welcome @Drama king I would like a twin brother story, but maybe It's to short now ? Anyway, I would be satisfied with the end hoping not to see still die my favorite characters ...
  7. @circulate9oo My exact thoughts! At the beginning of the drama I speculated a lot but I had everything wrong lol! but finally, I got carried away in the story that we were told, it's well written and consistent, so why not? More than the man who became king, I want to say, HS was born to be a king! What I also like in this drama is this very realistic human side that is put forward, such as ideals of LK, or the relationship between HS and SW. Many might think that the queen is guilty of treason and that is unacceptable, that HS goes too far and that the world no longer exists when it comes to SW, but from my Western point of view, it makes sense ! They love each other passionately, so when one suffers (is in danger), the world no longer exists. I want to say, when you live such an intense relationship, it makes more sense to react in this way, than to remain rational and cold or in sacrifice and unsaid. LK had beliefs and ideals that could make us think we had to be wary of him, but most of all, he was the one who had a hard time fully trusting in HS, he saw kings who were corrupted by the power and for whom the people and the nation no longer mattered, he had sacrificed LH more or less to the blind for HS, but ultimately the latter proved to be trustworthy, it's for this reason that LK sacrificed, he knew he was leaving the country in good hands with HS, LK was faithful to himself until the end, his life was to be used to save the nation and the people and he didn't do not hesitate a second! the wait until the next episode will be hard !! (I wonder if a DVD box will be edited?) I have a question? are the ratings good enough for the drama to have a chance to be rewarded?
  8. OMG! This drama is going to kill me !!!! Each episode reveals its share of surprise! Do I have to admit that I have not been disappointed by any episode so far? (which is quite rare in a drama) the rhythm is good, so much happens by episode, and when we catch our breath, it is to build the love story between SW and HS, some feel that the pace sometimes slows down, but it's not my opinion, I totally adhere to the love affair between SW and HS, so I'm never bored, even if we spend a lot of time with them on the screen! In short, the second big shock of the season, even if I expected more than the death of the real king, despite everything, finally, LK is a character to whom I had many doubts, but who was able to convince me at the end, and this end for him is beautiful! sorry, I can't find my words now ... In short, for me this drama is a gem on all levels.
  9. What I dreaded and hoped for so much, happened ... The queen knows ... I followed these last two episodes with sadness, suffering with HS and SW. This love story is very beautiful, well written, realistic but above all, this poetry and its Asian restraint make it all the more powerful (what I like in dramas, in contrasting images too raw in many Western productions) Even now, I struggle to find the words to describe each wonderful moment spent before the crowned clown. All I know is that no episode has disappointed me, the drama is a real pleasure to enjoy and the actors always good! What am I hoping for? That our queen exceeds some of her principles and that she can open her heart to HS (and not to the one she thought to be the king), I cross fingers for the next episodes. (in the trailer we see her take in her arms a man but I'm not sure it's HS, it could also be her father)
  10. Another fabulous scene !! Yeo Jin Goo playing HS who claimed to be YH is still different with the way he interpreted YH. He has a really very detailed game! This love story is so cute ( And I love !!!! ^^ )... But I wonder how HS can he take so many risks with the queen when he knowing the truth? He must be aware that the truth will shock her and hurt her (even if she could accept HS later) But there must also be a bit of consciousness in him lost in the midst of the feelings he feels for the queen who should also alarm him, for himself and for the queen ... Or is he not (or more) at all concient of this? I have trouble understanding this side of HS ... I know, he is very in love but I can't understand that he hasn't aware of the risks for him and the queen but also the harm it can do them in the future? didn't imagine him going so far (kissing)
  11. I stayed in couple a few years with a monozygote twin ... The two brothers were totally identical physically, only the voice was slightly different and the characters totally opposite. But this doesn't mean anything, if the drama is inspired by the movie:
  12. @SeGafanlady All these ideas and deductions are so interesting, well seen for the queen mother! and thanks to the drama forcing us to think a little more!
  13. I'm going to be boring, but in my mind a doubt persists ... (the power of denial) We learn in episode 8 that the mother of LH died giving birth, this little clue makes me think of possible twins that could have been separated at birth ( twins are not practical for a throne) The biggest psychological injury of LH would be the lack of filial love too .... (from episode 8) This story of Dal Rae disappearing with the royal knife too ... How would a poison act on an addict? could the addict be more resistant? I don't know... In short .... I must stop think .... Sorry.
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