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  1. kognisjon

    How Are You At This Very Moment?

    Not in the mood at all. I'm ill, it's very cold outsides, my exams are coming and I still have so much to do for my studying, especially in case of research papers
  2. kognisjon

    what is your problem now

    I need to write a big essay... Again... It's always such a pain for me!
  3. kognisjon

    How to write a good essay?

    I started my university studying during this year and now I need to write really many essays, this kind of work is the hardest for me and I'm not good in it at all. How did you imrpove your skills? Share with an experience please.
  4. How profitable is it in general? Or is it just a scam, what do you think?
  5. kognisjon

    How to choose memory foam mattress topper?

    Thank your for such an informative response! Anyway we decided to buy a new mattress instead of the toppers.
  6. And are they good for back pain? Did anyone try them with the same problem?
  7. Or maybe you've already started one? How hard was that and did your company become successful in the end? What were the most important things for its development?
  8. I need to make the one about healthy lifestyle and fitness so I'm thinking about which platform is better to choose. I heard that WordPress is the best one, is that true? And in case of design which one would you recommend for me? Thanks!
  9. that's a really great list... Thanks for reply!! Never heard about this freeze game we will try it definetely today. Other ideas are nice too thanks again!
  10. I'm just curious and searching for new ideas for our small son (he's 4 yo). He adored the most of all various art, puzzles, card and lego games. What about you?
  11. kognisjon

    What Are You Craving Right Now?

    I really really want some kind of drink... not water... but like some sort of soda or anything. I am craving a high calorie Jamba Juice the most I think.
  12. kognisjon

    What Did You Eat Today? →

    tacos, nachos, salad, pizza, and some other veggies.
  13. kognisjon

    Rant All You Want Here..Whining Allowed.

    why can't my mother accept the fact that I am 21, not 12? I am a full time college student, I stay at home with her whenever I can, and I've gotten 2 job offers within a few weeks. I'm overall a "good kid". Do I not deserve a break? Am I not entitled to have some breathing room unless I somehow find a way to become a self-made millionaire? Discover a new species?
  14. kognisjon

    I'm happy today because...

    I'm happy today because I ate spaghetti and ice cream after a long period of time. (and I'm craving for them since who-knows-when, so... yeh~ haha)