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  1. I never frustrated in any dramas before this although the stories are weak. But this drama I'm trullyyyyy frustrated Where is the fluttering things I wish someone can combine all the scenes of our couple and make it into a new drama without any other annoying stories of that bad woman etc etc I highly hope that this drama can bring YEH & CJM into another level but then... pity them The production should really stick to the couple story even though everyone seems to break them apart. Grr... I still didn't watch the 2 latest episode but it seems everyone was really disappointed about the ending...
  2. I stop watching the drama at ep 9 because I have a major heart break to see the couple growing apart. But I do read comments here for spoilers, so that when I watch the drama later, at least I already know what will happen. I really hate the villains in this drama, too cruel for me. I will continue watching after the couple back together. I pity my own poor heart
  3. Hello to all~ Truthfully, I'm a bit skeptical with this drama at first, but I want to give it a try. It's because I'm not so familiar with the actor although I'd seen one of his drama, Cinderella Stepsisters long ago. Meanwhile I like YEH since Goong. However, I love this drama so much after watching it until the last episode. I can't stop! Like its title, Fluttering Warning, amazingly my heart feels super fluffy~~ Whenever these 2 leads together, I can't contain my feelings. They looks so lovable, the way he look at her or vice versa. I don't know but yeah, they looked real So far I like the story, but I really hate that chaebol girl I don't really care about the ratings but I hope people will give themselves chance to watch this amazing drama. Although the story is cliche, I still can find myself smiling, giggling over these two leads.
  4. I'm seriously hooked on this drama. Both leads are adorable & the story seems to be interesting too. It makes me wonder what will happen to both of them before they met for the third time. It's so interesting because it's different from the typical romance drama, although maybe some people think it's boring to have so much sweetness in early episodes. I guess at this time maybe it's JY turn to be the first one who will break up with YJ. As the first one is YJ who dumped JY. So they will have a happy ending life after the third encounter. We have lots of episodes. I really curious to know but I have to prepare my poor heart on this roller coaster plot line story.
  5. This is the first time I'm watching drama without thinking or predicting about the ending. I don't even know how the writer will end up this masterpiece. I enjoyed every second of it although I really hate some of the characters Human Shin really makes me annoyed. But personally, I'm so impressed with Seo Kang Joon's acting. He acts both character so well until I feel there are 2 different people who acted as NS & NS3. I don't want this drama to has an open ending but I wish everyone at least has a happy ending. Maybe NS will go back to Czech with his mom & live happily there while NS3 will lead the company with YH & SB as his forever bodyguard / girlfriend The drama has only 4 episodes left & I don't think there's enough time for SB to fall completely over human NS although I secretly wish for that. Well, we never know how the writer's mind.
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