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  1. Hey all !! I'm so pissed right now whenever he posts people keep asking Oppa what happened to your face ?? what did you do to your nose ?? you look so different and all blah blah blah i really can't take this anymore I'm so done with every comment just saw a big account was saying the same thing about him I really am i having a headache right now whatever it's all i know is i love him I'll love him can they stop commenting already this is so annoying !! he looked so thin and tired I'm worried about his health people can't notice it but they can notice other things
  2. After seen script reading picture i thought he looks different but in yesterday's pictures he looked same as before it's just that he looked so slim in recent pictures plus he has black hair so i myself checked several times but his nose looked same as before in recent picture
  3. Hey guys let's vote for uri bae in Baeksang awards everyone is voting for their fav while no one is voting for him plz inform everyone go vote for him
  4. I understand dear it's just that posts are flooding so i was worried I'm so sensitive when it comes to him i hope it won't be become a news
  5. Oh my god !! what's happening ?? i have just gone through his IG comments and also noticed so many tweets where people said he has done something to his nose ?? so many people are saying this i don't know i feel anxiety agree he lookeddifferent in that script reading picture if we talk about his recent IG post where he looked fine I'm so worried i thought people will stop commenting but this is getting too much !! i just hope everything is okay with him whatever i can't stop thinking I'm so stressed
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