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  1. Heidi Seow

    Kang Ji Hwan 강지환

    Hahaha, I see. oh yes, looking forward his husband material journey. Look at the way BJS cook breakfast for LRD's scene, that smile, heart melted. Or perhaps Papa material? True true, the 4th actress is elder than Kang Ki-Tan. So I guess is like sister and brother relationship. But she looks amazing in "Goblin" If you wanna losing weight in short time, you definitely need to guide by a gym and health care instructor and of course must need a strong perseverance for it.
  2. Hahaha, Nam Chi-Won always my ideal image on Choi Daniel @gm4queen. But im looking forward his new image challenge.
  3. Hahaha! me too! I dont like ghost story too! I brace myself watch it but thankfully that it wasn't scary.
  4. Heidi Seow

    Kang Ji Hwan 강지환

    Hahaha! Yes @Lawyerh drag @gm4queen to watch Coffee House and I will try to drag her to Monster! LOLS! Awww, bad boy type, curious. I saw a clip from IG about coffee house that he rans to train station part. I think U know which part.. (try not to make spoiler) Oh my Jin Soo can be ideal husband type? @phoenix24 That really makes me curious now. Coz Nam Ji-won is my ideal husband type though. Actually is 4 actresses. Forgot to mention Lee-El. my bad. All 4 actresses really care about Kang Ki-tan. And this is my 1st time seeing Jung Woong-In (The chief secretary of the SPD division in Dodo Group) perform good guy character. Usually I always see him in bad guy. This is my first time watching long series drama. Usually I watched mini series drama coz I'm very scare on drain plots. Thanks god Monster is different. It said take around 2 weeks for whole process. My god! I'm impressed! Yup, is not easy to handle emotional/crying scenes @phoenix24 I'm not really well know about lead actress in Coffee House but she really looks exhausted after done the shooting. From Japanese sub, they keep saying "week" and she also kinda frustration on emotional part. Well luckily KJH teach her how to handle it.. Sweet KJH
  5. Heidi Seow

    Kang Ji Hwan 강지환

    LOLS!!! Since ever you posted the photos when he played mahjong scene, I cant take it anymore. So curious wonder what is he doing. In the end, what I saw is "Is that BJS?" The chemistry with all 3 actresses are so great. You are right, there is funny scenes in this drama. At first, I though will be stressful to watch but turn out is funny and laugh drama. Haha, okok I try to catch up Coffee House after Incarnation 0f Money.. Or Maybe not seen you said burn you tv screen. Oh my, I think I will compare him with Francis Ng if he become pilot. Both them have same aura for me.
  6. Heidi Seow

    Kang Ji Hwan 강지환

    @Lawyerh, the second OST sound good! I'm watching Monster ep25 now. You totally sold this drama to me!!! The Mahjong scene are so funny. Great chemistry with lead actress. Actually I kinda double tap both them with "Runway Cop" I think I will watch Incarnation of Money first after Monster. Coffee house, pending 1st. Yes yes @phoenix24, I keep loop the on stage scene really delicious scene. I heard he gained and loss a lot of weights for this movie. Wow, the slap scene was not easy. The lead actress are so stressful on slap scene. And look at the way KJH teach her, now I understand how he did it at Feel Good to Die. I can't get over FGTD too @nohamahamoud2002 The special OST is great! All BGM keep remind me special scenes. Seriously, will Kang Ji-Hwan get any drama or movie about pilot character? I seriously die for it!!
  7. Heidi Seow

    Kang Ji Hwan 강지환

    Lols.. you running side chingu.. I dont think I can do it. hahahaha!! ok will check it soon. Thanks chingu!
  8. Heidi Seow

    Kang Ji Hwan 강지환

    @Lawyerh Lols!! "Look is important to me" I like it!!! High five chingu! Now I understand why you said he got a best look in Monster, I agree. My favourite will be COALG, Casual look from FGTD, Monster. Agree on you "less like". The bang at Incarnation of Money look bit weird for me.. I prefer short messy hair with bang and glasses. (oh, I forgot to mention that I also obsessed with glasses too ) But honesty not everyone suitable with glasses and so far my top 3 fav actors is damn hot with glasses. I think he did put some eyeliner on No1 pic @Lawyerh check out his movie "runway cop" might no get use to it but end part when he was on stage, woohoo~~~~ Nice pict @gm4queen I guess beard look is your fav?
  9. Heidi Seow

    Kang Ji Hwan 강지환

    Wow! @Lawyerh All photos you shared out look so cool.. I had watched Monster short clips from YT and looks interested. Think Im gonna follow this drama.. In Big Man, His character is kinda easy to be bullied. Since after watched FGTD and COALG, he really good in smart, polish and talented characters. and I like hooked on this 2 dramas now. haha! Im definitely will follow Monster. @gm4queen @Lawyerh Yes his hands looks beautiful too, not to mention his legs. His legs looks so slim and long. Look at the way he wear black jeans in Real Man 300, gorgeous! (sorry Im kinda obsessed hands, fingers and legs person.)
  10. Finale episode gonna broadcast earlier on 8:50pm izzit true???
  11. New stills cut https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=312&aid=0000369306
  12. Yup I had watched Chingu @gm4queen Both of them really a best friend in real life. Daniel's character in Untouchable Lawmen are crazy and funny. His hair.. omg