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  1. I am sad with the ending but that is the best since the title is The Last Empress. This drama reminds me of Mr Sunshine. Now i know that if a drama has more than 1 male lead, they will all die and the female lead will end up alone on another note, i thought that the chemistry between JNR and SSR is eplosive. They need to do another drama together
  2. I am so happy that Terius won so many awards esp JIS ... aww i am so happy for her !
  3. Yes !!! I really cannot stand Yu Ra and so pleased that she is now tasting her own medicine also, i pretty much expected the cat fight between Yu Ra and the nanny but now will the nanny target Sunny? Seems that LH has a soft spot for Sunny already? Right this moment i actually feel sorry for LH. He was treated badly by his dad hence his issues.
  4. I am sure the writer will find a way, looking at her style I hope that I don’t get a nervous breakdown towards the end of the drama. Btw thank you @ktcjdrama for the recap, as always
  5. This is the most stressful drama i have ever watched. Every episode either makes me mad, frustrated or rolling my eyes but at the same time, I anxiously wait for the next episode *facepalm*. Now I don’t feel sorry for Ari, she is such a brat well the bad ones are equally bad and they deserve each other. And WB, i am quite frustrated with him ...i have a love hate relationship with his character. Still curious what his plan is to bring Yu Ra and the emperor down.
  6. @Lmangla It’s too early to tell but i am torn between option 1and 3. I can’t believe that rocky bear still has feelings for Yu Ra. Why is it that Dong Shik didn’t tell him that Yu Ra was with the bad guys when they crashed into his late mom’s shop while looking for rocky bear? That boggles me. Maybe he will tell his brother later and that’s how rocky bear will found out?
  7. Yes she looks really pretty. I like her with this hairstyle
  8. I have to be honest that it was hard for me to watch the scenes between the emperor and Sunny but i cannot stop being curious with the storyline. Why is Rocky bear, thanks @Lmangla for the cute nick, not see that Yu Ra is into the Emperor ? Well, at least we have some mystery to look forward too: what happened to the last empress and the security guard? Is the security guard related to the master who trained rocky bear? It seems that he knows alot about the palace. Also why is the brother got sent away and didn’t want his mother to see him? So all in all, it still has a potential for me to keep watching
  9. For me it is not about who the actors but rather they need to be able to bring their character to life. But first storyline must be interesting before i commit my time to watch. Btw I watched Naked Fireman (how i wish it is a different title) and enjoyed it. At least In Sun played a different character. I would love to see her in more action pact drama/movie even as a villain would be nice.
  10. I am with you. I am also very picky about dramas and also the lead. I need to be able to connect with them to enjoy the show. In Sun caught my eyes when she acted in Waikiki. Maybe because she was soo cute it had an impact on me. I hope to see more of her, soon i hope.
  11. I remember it is B from one of the scene, at KB’s hideout. Oh and I am so happy that JIS won an award... a well deserved one
  12. As I mentioned earlier it was KB’s plan so that he won’t be able to flirt with AR. You know how jealous KB is when JYT ‘flirt’ with AR jokes aside, i believe it is for JYT’s safety as promised by KB.
  13. The black couple... She changed outfit. The one she wore earlier must be a sponsored outfit.
  14. Aww ... i love the first photo, only missing is joon so. Btw did the 2 behind share the same lipstick ? ok just kidding
  15. Hi everyone, i have just watched all the 4 episodes and i know that i really dislike Yu Ra and the weird queen who has a serious obsession with her son, which is creepy. As for Sunny, i really hope she will not be as naive and annoying going forward. The part that I am looking forward is the transformation of Wang Sik. I wonder what happen to Yu Ra’s son and whether she will seduce Wang Sik once she finds out his transformation
  16. Her interview cr: hellokpop https://www.hellokpop.com/featured/jung-in-sun-talked-about-marriage-so-ji-sub-and-my-secret-terrius/ Like @Shuugo Hu, a movie is better. just concentrate on one mission.
  17. @junejungki K is married with a child. He is a very loving husband
  18. She was also in Black, acted as young kang ha-ram. Initially i thought she was the young girl in Marriage Contract because of her voice and laugh but realised she is too young.
  19. BTS and NG scenes. SHJ laughed alot and SJS was very rough with him. I am not sure if it was purposely or otherwise. The same with the hospital scene. I think SJS really grabbed his hair real hard https://m.tv.naver.com/v/4557736/list/277806
  20. For me I think the nose kiss between kky and sjs was unnecessary. The one between sjs and jis tells us the progression of KB’s feelings towards AR. The romance is obvious between them sans the kissing etc. i would call it courting stage. If we assume the mourning is 3 years for AR, then the time after the NY mission is perfect for them to become a family officially But this is just my personal opinion.
  21. Honestly I would prefer her to win an individual award if possible although a couple award would be nice too. But I believe there is no longer a couple award from MBC right?
  22. I started watching again and now stop temporarily at ep 4. Will continue tomorrow after my last paper. Now i know the names KB called the twins when he was playing with them in the last episode. It was the names created by the twins when they first played with KB on his first day of babysitting job. Also I believe AR’s mourning period is 3years since she told the twins that their dad is away in heaven for 3 years. Possibly the reason for no kissing scenes
  23. Ditto the above esp (6) (wishful thinking) i remember JIS bad rapping in Waikiki, listened to her made me cringe so badly. I really admire her courage taking that role so i do hope she will win something for her work. She should take some lessons from SJS on how to rap
  24. The reason why i love the ending. A positive one, it’s like no need to say it. We can make a guess with the progression. i believe AR doesn’t know about JYT’s new life. KB’s plan to make sure JYT will never flirt with AR ever again
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