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  1. Episode 15 and 16 was hard to watch but thank goodness it didn’t get drag too long. I love the beginning of episode 18 and i can watch that over and over again
  2. British P&P ! Only the BBC production Those 2 boys are really cute esp the one who acted as Jin, love his cheeks.
  3. I am still waiting for more wrap up party photos. Saw Uee’s photos and I wish she had worn a better outfit. Is the theme for this party black? Uee in black and KKW in black/white Wrap up party
  4. Maybe that was the intention, to leave it to the viewers to imagine what happens next towards the end when she was watering the plants and had her hand on her hips, i thought she is pregnant, it would have been nice to see them expecting a baby since it has been 7 years As for HIP, I am totally not surprise because of his connection. Also maybe there is no strong case or enough evidence to charge him. i find this drama is very light with a simple story line yet heartwarming. I truly enjoy the characters and how they grow on you. I will miss this drama. It has a special place in my heart together with my all time favourite Pride & Prejudice
  5. I just love this photo... @wookiehoney85 i wish you safe delivery !
  6. I was watching on and off because i was at my parents-in-law’s place. Can’t wait for the subbed episodes tomorrow. I love the couple scenes and i am very happy of the ending ... i am so going to miss them
  7. Looks like it is a rough start for them. But we all know it will end well I would like to see JD being firm with with his decision like in episode 18. Maybe we will get to see that in this last episode.
  8. Preview not out yet but this photos makes me
  9. I can see the bride, the wedding dress is pretty i bet SJ looks stunning on her wedding day.
  10. So what do you think will happen ? The background and casts ...all of us can pretty much guess right... feeling a bit excited but sad at the same time.
  11. Yes, completed. This week is more about the documentary but there’s a bit of talk about marriage between Eric and OH/JD. The progress is the last bit of ep 22. The last lap, next week will be the affairs of the heart.
  12. @HRyujin This is SJ first relationship hence she is being all nervous and shy. I don’t expect much skinship in this drama. All the feels are from their actions, glances, facial expression and most importantly the dialogue. I think he was caught off guard by SJ’s question. He definitely wants to marry her but they cut the ending a bit too soon right after her question. You never know what happens right after that. Maybe it is a big grin/smile etc. They have come this far and it is ridiculous to make a bad or sad ending ... maybe a bit of hiccups here and there but i believe it will be a good one.
  13. @aloraloralora i have a wish to see KKW and Uee singing and dancing together since both can sing and dance Wishful thinking though ... Finally the ring made its appearance again this week i really like how Eric Cho’s character progresses in this drama. He always say that he is tough when it comes to business, it is evident in these 2 episodes. I think i will miss him alot after this drama ends One of my fav scene. That tension
  14. I do hope it is I am still waiting for the ring to make a re-appearance
  15. Finally the titles for tomorrow (google auto translate) episode 21 marriage is a journey to the finish line episode 22 marriage is a recognition of the place where the person should be http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/ojakdu/preview/index.html