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  1. Episode 13, The scenes that got me all teary were the ones on AS’s grandfather. I really cannot stand Wan Ik’s and Ae Sun’s husband. He is such a jerk. I wish something terrible will happen to both of them. He got almost all the important people in Josean to work for him What can I say about HS, he lied so that he can keep his promise to AS, how honourable. It is hard not to like him now. I am hoping that AS’s grandfather will not be in any danger. Anxiously waiting for tonight’s episode.
  2. Although there is no future for them as in AS ‘s words, that didn’t stop them from seizing the day. Enjoy and embrace the love while you still have the chance. That’s the gist i get from the OTP. I have to admit, i love KES style of writing, the words, the sentence just so beautiful. Sometimes it’s like a poem
  3. I love the conversation in the tram. Like i said before i like how HS mind works. I am now getting a bit bias towards HS... sorry EC i do hope AS will give him a chance. At this point i really loathe Wan Ik and i hope he will not be appointed as the foreign affair minister. I hope lord Jung Moon will come up with something to stop that from happening.
  4. It’s obvious he is uncomfortable with what his grandfather and father did to others. His behaviour is pretty much showing that he is trying to escape from all the family burden. Now, the mystery is, who is he like? Will he be like his ruthless grandfather or his cowardice father? He is pretty smart too and i love how he thinks, so far.
  5. For me, HS is definitely catching up on EC. I really like the way he is protecting AS, very different. It is unfair for me to totally not like him because there isn’t much about him except his love for gambling and not having any ambition. There is just a mystery about his true inner self which I hope we will get to see in the coming episodes.
  6. Episode 10 has so much feels to it. I feel so sorry for AS. She had to take her master’s advice to protect EC and i also think that EC’s question about what she is fighting for made her waver a little bit. The scene where she was talking to her parents broke my heart. I want that Lee Wan-Ik to disappear ASAP. Thank goodness the emperor is not gullible, at least at this moment
  7. I love how the characters are developing. Now we know a bit of Hina’s background, DM ‘soften’ stance towards the RA member. thank goodness they got rid of the horrible minister. I am beginning to like Lord Lee Jung Moon. I already suspect that he will ‘work’ with EC although he was quite harsh. But of course it is still too early to tell. My favourite scene is AS’s fanboy conference and the limping HS that was really unexpected and funny
  8. thanks @meechuttso for your insight. DM knows that it is impossible to get AE’s love. Like what YYS said, it is a painful love and that he knows he will never get. I wish he could let down his pride a little bit, It is not helping him. Who knows he will find his love with Hina .. maybe based on some of the trailers.
  9. Hina is a truly mysterious character right now. My first instinct is that she is a ‘rebel’ too but a different kind. Right now there’s only bits and pieces about her, very hard to tell. I am also curious about her mom, what happened to her? Could it be because her father married her off at a very young age? My thoughts on DM is very simple. He is a broken man, his anger and hatred towards the aristocrats is worse than EC. DM hated for being a butcher’s son whereas EC’s hatred is only for HS’s family who caused the death of his parents. He admits that he is a son of a slave whereas DM gets very upset when butcher is being mentioned. His arrogance is probably what turned AS off. I think AS cannot bring herself to have any affection for a man who is so full of hatred and revenge and proud about it. This is just my personal opinion.
  10. I am very curious with Hina’s character. Did she purposely tell EC to speak English at the palace to reveal pro-japanese officers who are working for the emperor? I would think because of her father she has the information of those who work for him or maybe what she knows from her guests. I hope we will get to learn more about her in the coming episodes.
  11. So the ‘battle’ between the 3 begins. The scene after HS found out about the rift between EC and DM looks like telling us what could possibly happen in the end. It looks like the storyline is getting interesting and I am glad that we don’t have to see that japanese soldier again.
  12. Thank you for clarifying on the subtitles. It gives a totally different context whether those words are spoken by Hina to Hui Sung or to Ae Shin and Netflix can get something so important wrong. I am going to get so confused if Netflix is going to continue to mess up the subtitles. Sigh....not like I have other choice. The netflix translation I am watching is similar to mistymorning’s. I think the youtube one is incorrect. I would think Netflix is careful with translation since it caters to the international viewers. JMO.
  13. This song is definitely about DM and his painful love for AS AS in a mourning outfit, it could be her grandfather, just because he is old The chemistry between DM and AS from the stills is so intense. I hope both of will do a project together after Mr Sunshine. They look cute
  14. @meechuttso LOL ... how can i forget ! I still miss them I forgot to mention apart from Aeshin fanboys gathering, i really enjoy watching this scene. Logan’s widow holds no bar and lashed out at that annoying traitor. Serves hin right KWIM? Btw, is he Hina’s dad? i read somewhere that says he is her dad.
  15. I think too fast and by the time i type, i dropped a couple of words because it was trying to catch up