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  1. If he has 20k followers, he might not even bother checking messages. You should look at his posts to see if he responds to any comments, cause there are people that don't really bother responding to their followers because they don't see any point (possibly because there's just so much, or otherwise) When you're at the point where you have tens or hundreds of thousands of followers, unless you really have a lot of time on your hands you probably won't be responding to everything you get. It just isn't feasible, especially if this is just a hobby. As for whether it's socially acceptable; sure, follow-up, try a different way to approach him, whatever. If it doesn't show that he "viewed" it then it's possible he doesn't bother looking at random messages.
  2. So one thing I've noticed in some dramas is the amount of effort the protagonist would go through just to get that one guy or girl. No matter how long it takes, no matter what kind of challenges you face, you keep pushing. You keep struggling. They move to a different country. They get into a relationship with someone else. They treat you as a close friend. But no matter! Do you think it is a realistic approach to relationships?
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