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  1. Hi everyone, so happy this drama thread already start, can't wait for this drama. I like Sunny and Grim Reaper chemistry so much, so I can't wait for these two to reunite. I like the plot of this drama, seriously I can't wait till February. Nice thought Anyway it's good to see you here @intrariver
  2. No don't feel bad because you think I lost interest to ex husband because of you, that's not like that. I said I start to lose interest to ex-husband, not completely lose interest in him. I'm still interesting in how he will keep protecting CSH from his own mother. Hopefully he wouldn't want CSH to get back with him. @dahae2006 yeah I agreed with you, he waste all his time while they were together, when you love someone you should make a move, even it's hard to face the reality when you got rejected but if you never tried you'll never know
  3. Now I start to lost my interest in that guy, the ex-husband. After reading your explanation make me think "He doesn't consider her that much as I thought he was, he did everything just for himself not for her" Now JWS should learn to love from KJH, have nothing but fight for his love. Jinhyuk-sshi *fighting* @bebebisous33 thank you for the explanation
  4. Me too, hope he will not turn into bad guy. Hope JWS and Hye In will keep protect CSH and KJH. You must fall in love with the ex-husband when you saw the scene where he search for the words to write in the note in naver, honestly I found this scene funny (in good way). The way ex- husband convince Jang artist to hand over the painting to CSH shows he is such a good person but we don't know what he will be next, hope he won't be siding his mom. *Now i sound like I have second male syndrome too, but it's not, I just hate to see good guy turn bad guy *
  5. I skip live streaming last night and just finished watch the 4th episode with English sub, and seriously I don't know why I was crying when I watched the last scene of 4th episode. Seriously, I really got the feels when I watch this drama, when that bad ahjussi trying to shame CSH infront of all employees, calling the guy CSH met is a bar host, CSH really mad but she can't express it, she can't say anything even, and right at her 'almost embarrass moment' KJH save her, exposed himself to save her, to show to others he is the guy that ate ramyeon with CSH in rest stop, and the article is not right because he did everything as what he wants not because a CEO threatening a staff to do so. And their telepathy when CSH said you should live your own live but KJH said I had make my choice, it's very touching. SHK expression in this scene really make me sad, like what Song Joong Ki said during DOTS "When Song Hye Kyo cry even the devil wants to wipe her tears" I am super happy KJH come to save CSH, seriously I love this scene. Seeing the last scene of 4th episode, "How could CSH mother let her one and only daughter involved with those scary bad people like ex-MIL?" It's just my saying So the ex-MIL knows the fact that her son truly love CSH, I like how ex husband threaten his mother and when the ex-husband ask his secretary to take down all the bad article about CSH but in 5th episode preview the ex husband begin to have curiosity about KJH, well hope he is not involved to separate CSH - KJH, he really got no spot in CSH heart. And another favorite one is when KJH told Secretary Jang, that's what Secretary Jang should know. I'm proud of KJH best friend when she decided to decline the offers, if that ahjussi make the offers towards me I'm seriously going to beat him first beforenI give him an answer, how could you ask me to betray my best friend? Are you kidding me? I'm very curious about what will happen right after the last scene of 4th episode, how ex-MIL and her people react.
  6. Kim's family everyone Boyfriend cast and crew *fighting*
  7. I think the reason CSH still binding to Taegyeong family because of JWS mother, if CSH didn't agreed to the contract, her ex MIL won't ever let her divorce, as in second episode, when CSH said that to Secretary Jang, her ex MIL won't let her if she didn't agreed to the contract. Well my pity to him will gone if he do something bad towards CSH - KJH. Since JWS is the only one who can help CSH against ex MIL, I will support him (for now). Here is my thought, JWS let CSH go in first place, if he is possessive why didn't he keep her with him forever? Why let her go? Well my answer to this is he loves her, and willing to give everything to her, but I'm afraid his possessiveness grow when he sees the happy CSH, the other lovely side of CSH whom he never saw before. Both CSH and JWS could have their courage and stand against ex-MIL as to protect those whom they love. It will be amazing chain-of-protect JWS protect CSH, CSH protect KJH Ps: Now I sound more like I'm having second male lead syndrome. Nope I'm not, I'm just describe what haven't describe here, since CSH - KJH already been describe very well here so I have nothing more to say, but (sorry I have something that I forgot to tell) about PBG expression in last scene in 3rd episode, i think the expression is match well, the expression of a guy who exciting to confess but at the same time worrying and afraid what feedback will he got after the confession Added : What @gumtaek said about Netizenbuzz and Nate is totally right and that is the fact. So don't bother to go there to read, you know hater always have negative filter, good things filtered by them as something negative. And about Koala I heard they are taking side too when they make comments, that's what I heard
  8. Yes you do missed something. CSH ex, Jung Woo Seok did the 'having affair' with other girl, and said he fall for the other girl and want a divorce so he can be with the other girl. The reason why he did that, because he want to let CSH go, to find her own happiness which is definitely she won't get it when she is a part of Taegyeong family. Remember the scene where JWS have a lunch with the other girl in 2nd episode? He seems not interesting in that girl at all, and the girl ask "Do I have to keep doing this?" The 'This' that she mean is pretending to be JWS girlfriend. And as in 3rd episode, CSH ask why JWS still single, well the answer to that is because he doesn't love the other girl, and when JWS said he is afraid if her mother find out his true feeling, it could make they (CSH - JWS) have to get back together as husband and wife. CSH doesn't want to get back to JWS, JWS knows it well, and he too will always trying his best to protect CSH, like when he said to his mother "Leave Donghwa Hotel alone" he is trying to protect what is precious to CSH. About KJH already confess in 3rd episode, well for me it's very acceptable, KJH character describe: "A freewheeling, ordinary young man who finds joy in the simplest things" he is someone who always speak for what he feels, he find the reason why the joy of meeting CSH in Cuba stay in his mind all the time, it's because he loves her, that's why he suddenly run in to her to confess what he feels, he doesn't want to hold it any longer. I believe KJH is someone who believe this song lyrics "If you love me then say you love me"
  9. I pity the ex-husband too, he genuinely care about CSH, he tried her best to protect her, when he against his mom "Leave Donghwa Hotel" Donghwa Hotel means a lot to CSH, he doesn't want his mom take the hotel from CSH. Letting go of someone who you love with the purpose to let her find happiness, not everyone could me such a decision. Hope Jung Woo Seok will be CSH backup when it's against the ex MIL Me too, I hope her ex wouldn't turn bad and being possessive to get CSH back. It will be fun when CSH and JWS team up to fire back to the ex MIL
  10. Only manage to catch these few pic during live stream While CHS and KJH enjoy breakfast together this person looking for CHS I like this pic, how their foot places while they have breakfast together Could this mean 'KJH will always protect CSH' ? Ps: I just realized when I upload these pics, I don't have CSH screenshot during live streaming In the last scene of this episode, KJH said "I come because I want to see you" or "I come because I miss you" omg, he confess already *wow*
  11. Cr: KRdramaTweet @khxy I'm super like your post, seriously that all make sense thanks for point that out
  12. @anya77 i have been followed all the article about Boyfriend drama and SHK, also all of the comments in those articles but I've never read anything like that. What I read is that SHK likes the plot as the reason why she take this offer and SHK only make the comment abouy age gap on press conference. And as I know (correct me if I'm wrong), why these two being cast because the PD himself said he can't imagine other actor and actress to portray Kim Jin Hyuk and Cha Soo Hyun
  13. @aislingYou can go back to page 57 to find the answer, @selen4ever already post the explanation there
  14. I kinda have a soft spot for the ex-husband after reading his character description. Seems like he does love her.  Me too kinda feel something warm from CSH ex husband, Jung Woo Seok . He does love her for sure, the girl he met (as the 3rd party) only as a reason to divorce CSH so she can find her happiness. Honestly if I am a scriptwriter I will make another drama based on Jung Woo Seok loves to Cha Soo Hyun, it will make the plot rich guy fall for rich girl, since I rarely found kdrama with that plot as the main leads. But for now my love to KJH making CSH find happiness greater than JWS loves to CSH My bad, sorry, I thought you are one of the writer in dramabeans
  15. @jl08 i like your review, and this part one of my fav: Super agreed with you, people quickly to judge without read carefully about the characters, I saw this type of comment (boring expression) before in few drama I'd watched. @smiletall thanks to your post I just realized that Boyfriend drama character are gender-reversal from most of the drama I had watched before. I like how you describe how rich guy and poor girl interaction @gumtaek oohh your review jjang this is my fav part of your comment Me too fall for their character, to be honest according to me, they maybe have same personality but due to family background the other one (CSH) can't express what she thought and feels, not like KJH that freely can express what she thought and feels to everyone @122am SHK is brand ambassador of Sulwhasoo, so maybe she use sulwhasoo lipstick