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  1. @bluehibiscus Thank you for the gif!! Those previews just proven my theory in my previous post that even though Zhao Yao is the one sit on the throne right now, in the end everyone will still defer to Li Chen Lan to deal with formal matters. And Jiang Wu holds an empty title actually. Original Wan Lu Men disciples would never go to Jiang Wu for anything when they have Zhao Yao and Li Chen Lan around. And I believe they will prefer to seek out Li Chen Lan to sort the problem because: 1. Both of them more or less married (even though not yet formalize, the intention is there already), and Zhao Yao has proclaimed before that she supported Li Chen Lan as sect leader. 2. Even though Zhao Yao is the founder, the one that nurtures Wan Lu Men until it becomes like it is today is Li Chen Lan. The food is plentiful, life is good. What is there to dislike? (people like previous North Mountain Lord is exception and I am pretty sure only consist of small number). So every sect business related with people welfare will go to Li Chen Lan table. The disciples that come with Jiang Wu will perhaps seek him for solving their problem. But just what kind of problem will they have in Wan Lu Men anyway? If the problem related with food, shelter or the like, pretty sure Jiang Wu will just tell them to seek out Li Chen Lan. So in the end, just as Zhao Yao has said, Li Chen Lan is the one holding real power of the sect.
  2. Agree with you!! However annoyed I was last night, the acting in the kneeling scene was the saving grace. When I do my re-watching in the future, that would be the scene that I can replay over and over. Li Chen Lan desperation, how afraid he was, were expressed very well by Xu Kai. Then his expression when he asked Jiang Wu help and then when he was kneeling ..... WOW! I understand of why some people will find last night episodes interesting. And I can see why the drama needs to do certain things in order to humanize Jiang Wu. But do you really need to make him Wan Lu Men sect leader to do that? That position has become akin to joke in episode 44. And I believe even though Zhao Yao now is the one sitting on the throne, Li Chen Lan will still be the one dealing with all formal matters. All those documents? Pretty sure Zhao Yao will never have the patient to read all of them. Not to mention she has bad literature ability. Jiang Wu? The sun will rise from west first before he cares about that. So, it is left only Li Chen Lan to deal with them. So in the end everyone in Wan Lu Men will still defer to him to deal with all matters. @DontEatMyKimchi idea of giving Jiang Wu North Mountain Lord position is very good. Why didn't they do that? It can make Yuan Jie death more plot-meaningful.
  3. I need to rant .... So I have finished watching both of tonight episodes (with fast forwarding here and there). I should say that the storytelling is a mess. We had a very weakened Li Chen Lan in episode 42, that even could not duel properly with Jiang Wu. @Alila Nguyen said that it perhaps caused by Jiang Wu was too strong since he took Qin Qian Xian power. Okay, I had thought, the argument was plausible. Going into episode 43, Li Chen Lan was still weakened, cannot even breaking through the prison. And then, Zhao Yao rescue scene was coming, she went boom for the 4th time. Li Chen Lan suddenly had enough power to teleport to the tomb. Jiang Wu arrived, intended to kill/injure Li Chen Lan. Surprise! Li Chen Lan was able to block Jiang Wu attack using some kind of mental defense?? (kind of defense magic). He called wan jun sword and successfully pushed Jiang Wu to submission. I will temporarily stop my summary here. My point is: JUST WHAT WAS LI CHEN LAN DOING BACK WHEN JIANG WU CRASHED HIS WEDDING??? I mean, the time between the wedding crashing and the fight at the tomb should not exceed one day. If he can fight equally with Jiang Wu (I will say Li Chen Lan has high probability of winning, especially when he wields Wan Jun sword) at the tomb, then he should be able to do that in the time of wedding. Was he playing pretend or something? Believe me, when you have watched how Li Chen Lan owns Jiang Wu easily in tomb scene, you will not feel so bad about the kneeling scene that happen right afterwards. Now, I have said in my previous post that I understand the drama need to weaken Li Chen Lan. But, that only with condition that the drama will be consistent about it. I hate it when the story weaken a character in one point and then make him strong as ever again in the next point without any explanation. Continuing the summary: So Zhao Yao was saved. Horray! (Finally the scene with weak Lu Zhao Yao was ended, I am already frustrated). Since Jiang Wu had lent a hand in saving Zhao Yao, they somehow reached a truce and deciding that Wan Lu Men now would have 3 sect leaders . Then we got a scene that of three of them arguing about who will sit on the throne. Both males agreed that Zhao Yao should sit there. After some arguing later, it was decided that Li Chen Lan and Jiang Wu would share a chair (this is CRAZY!!). I am stopping the summary. I think the drama thought that the scene will be funny. But I hate it so much. Just what is that scene supposed to show? Weakening Li Chen Lan just because the plot need it, is already so bad. Him kneeling, I can still swallow. But this???? Just how far the drama wish to drag down Li Chen Lan dignity?? In the novel, Li Chen Lan never once stand down from his position. From the start until the end, his pride and dignity remains intact. The drama has gone its way to ensure that Li Chen Lan stays on the throne back in episode 35. What is the need to create a weird humor here with elevating Jiang Wu as Wan Lu Men 3rd sect leader? .....I will end my rant here. Sorry for the length ......
  4. As I have said, they need more drama. All powerful and strong lead is bad material for making drama moments ....... I predict: 1. Zhao Yao explode for the 4th time. 2. Somehow Li Chen Lan get out from prison in time to "welcome" Zhao Yao at her tomb 3. The kneeling scene ...... 4. Li Chen Lan and Jiang Wu saves Zhao Yao together. 5. Someone sneak out to take Liu He sword and attacking Zhao Yao (most probably Lin Zhi Yu) 6. Li Chen Lan blocks the attack. 7. The weakened Li Chen Lan get captured by immortals sect (Luo Ming Xuan??) 8. Recovered Zhao Yao teams up with Jiang Wu to save Li Chen Lan 9. Perhaps the bed scene that we saw in the ending song???? 10. A little bit of lovey dovey 11. Li Chen Lan demonic arc I think ... perhaps the drama want to show Li Chen Lan deep love? So deep that he will do practically "anything" to ensure Zhao Yao well-being, including humiliating himself. Li Chen Lan face in the kneeling scene screams desperation (I have to give kudo to Xu Kai for nailing that). While it is sweet in a way, we are far too attached to Li Chen Lan character already. We cannot bear see him doing something like that.
  5. I know, but the fact that the sign that drama weaken Li Chen Lan could already be seen from episodes ago. Even when I read the novel, I get the feel that Li Chen Lan is way too powerful. The novel always says he is injured, aura weakened after using nine heaven array, but in the same time we can never see this weakening has any effect on him defeating enemies. Since the novel is quite light-hearted, not to mention told from Zhao Yao POV, perhaps this is not a big problem. But the drama want to go different route. They choose to build up the male lead character, too. This cannot be done without letting us see Li Chen Lan in his weakness. Understandable since as far as I know, people always complain about overpowered character with no flaw at all. The Li Chen Lan in the novel is exactly that: an overpowered character. Here in the drama, I get the feel they try to humanize Li Chen Lan character. Even though I am not happy with the way the drama weaken him, I understand it needs to be done in order to create more drama. Logically speaking, it is very plausible that Li Chen Lan no longer hold the same power as he did in the early episode. Gu Han Guang has repeatedly told us that his body condition is bad and he is far weaker now. If this is him before Liu He sword fiasco, for sure he can hold his own against Jiang Wu ++. But right now, I think it is logical if he loses. His strength has been depleted and he never let himself recover (always doing this and that). Still, I am not looking forward to the kneeling scene. It is far too humiliating for Li Chen Lan ...... I don't know why the drama feel the need to go that far.
  6. I believe Sima Rong already know it when he saw the necklace around Zhao Yao neck . Perhaps, it was why he specifically brought it up back then. Based on how close these two martial brothers are, it is very plausible that Sima Rong knew that necklace belong to Li Chen Lan. @DontEatMyKimchi I have been curious for some time. Are you watching this drama directly from tv channel? Because you always get the episodes around 2 hours earlier than most of us here.
  7. @DontEatMyKimchi Thank you!! The stills are very gorgeous!! @Alila Nguyen I believe the scene of hugging on the rock will happen within this week (episode 41 is my prediction). Because in the stills, we can see a bottle gourd. The bottle is the same as the one Zhao Yao brings in the end of episode 40. Their clothes also match out. In the novel, there is indeed a scene where Zhao Yao let Li Chen Lan wears the necklace for a moment for she want to hear his thought. But, after that she takes it again.
  8. Me too. I am nervous about tonight episodes since I know those sweet moments leading to their wedding will be stopped in the middle. All I hope is that they have finished the ceremony and become husband and wife. There is a scene of Li Chen Lan on a something like a raft floating in the sky. I think that would be a scene after his "death"?! To show that he is in a limbo or something so he can still come back to living world. The drama is very tight in keeping their ending. There is nothing in the MVs that is able to tell us whether Li Chen Lan will come back to the living world.
  9. I am so worried that the wedding will be stopped half way (before the ceremony is done). And then after the big fighting, high probability they will not continue with the ceremony .... I hope my prediction is wrong . I really want to see them as husband and wife and ruling over Wan Lu Men as power couple
  10. Thank you!! Will write more when the occasion is right In the novel, Zhao Yao at the beginning cannot recognize Li Chen Lan as Mo Qing when they first meet at the Zhao Yao tomb, because he has become so beautiful . Unfortunately this is not incorporated into the drama since in the drama Zhao Yao can recognize Li Chen Lan as Mo Qing immediately.
  11. I wrote it. Got the idea from the scene in the drama when the male disciples of Wan Lu Men literally gossiping about Li Chen Lan and Qin Zhi Yan. Glad you like it Umm, yea I kind of thinking perhaps it is because Li Chen Lan is the sect leader, therefore he gets the longer dress. But the problem is before this scene, we got a storyteller telling story as if Li Chen Lan was the girl so ....... And in the novel, Zhao Yao is repeatedly saying how good looking Li Chen Lan is (even before she falls for him). She even uses word beautiful to describe his face
  12. @12blbl She said: Lets go find my body together (in the novel Zhao Yao and Zhi Yan shares a body in the beginning). Then I will go back and marry you It is not even resemble a proposal but a statement. By the way, I notice in wedding BTS, the tail of Li Chen Lan wedding dress is far longer than Zhao Yao's. I think it should be the bride that has longer dress tail?! Hahahaha!
  13. @DontEatMyKimchi Thank you for the BTS!!! I cannot stop smiling while watching. Sorry, I cannot save you because I am too, drowning in sugar ...... Their offscreen chemistry in this BTS is so way above their chemistry in other BTS . I get the feel that they got teased by the other actors in this BTS?? I hope it get translated to even hotter chemistry onscreen @frostflower14 Thank you very much for the recap!!! I have been wondering what exactly was Jiang Wu friend told him regarding Zhao Yao come back to Wan Lu Men and what was the storyteller told people regarding Zhao Yao-Li Chen Lan. It was so funny!! Hahahahahaha, by the morning in Wan Lu Men after that public display of passionate kiss, the gossip must had been gone wild. "Did you hear? Did you hear? Previous sect leader Lu Zhao Yao comes back last night!!" "Ck, just where were you last night? Everybody has already known." "I heard .... I heard previous sect leader and sect leader ....ummm ... ki...kissed each other?" "Aiya, they didn't just kissed, they devoured each other. Lu Zhao Yao even declared that Li Chen Lan is her lover and what hers is his to take. " (A number of An Luo Wei blushed red) "Lover??? You must be joking! Doesn't sect leader like Miss Zhi Yan?" "You slow thing! There are two Miss Zhi Yan. One of them is actually the previous sect leader!!" "Then ....then.... Wan Lu Men sect leader is still Li sect leader?" "Stupid! Haven't you heard anything at all? North Mountain Lord corpse has not even cooled and you want to join him that badly? Never let previous sect leader hears you doubting Li sect leader position. She didn't even spare her loyal mountain lord after this lord betrayed and injured her lover, let alone small fry like you. You will be dead without knowing how!" @Alila Nguyen I also wish that the drama would keep the fact that Zhao Yao is the one who do the proposing. Actually in the novel (chapter 58, if you want to check it) the proposal comes out with no romantic feels at all. The way Zhao Yao says it like she is just saying that sun rises from the east. She also does not wait for Li Chen Lan answer, as if the probability that Li Chen Lan will ever answer no is never crossing her mind at all Hope the drama can do better than the novel regarding this. I would love to see your scenario comes true.
  14. I could never understand why some people need to do these kind of things. Being a fan is okay but you do not need to live through your idol and become crazy fans who seem to not have a life of their own. Things like these are happening everywhere to popular actor/actress and idol. If I like an actor/actress, I will dig out their works. No more than that. The news is so sad. Hopefully this does not affect his acting work.
  15. Far from it, hahahahaha! I actually wish the drama depicts more of Zhao Yao aggressiveness in their relationship regarding ..ehem .... intimate things. In the novel, she is almost always the one that initiating a kiss; going as far as throwing him to bed and kissing him ........... I wish I can see this adapted into the drama What I want to say in my previous post was that we might not get wedding night scene if we based on our hope on that short bed scene in the ending song. Since the scene would be rather weird if used to depict a wedding night scene.
  16. I don't think we will get wedding bed scene. So, I scrutinized the short scene in ending song that looks like a bed scene. That scene takes place in Li Chen Lan bedroom. One person wears black and the other person wears red. Between our OTP, the one that wears black most likely is Li Chen Lan and the one in red is Zhao Yao. However, the lower body of the one wearing black is under the blanket. If this is a wedding bed scene, there is no way Li Chen Lan under blanket while Zhao Yao kissing him. I suspect this is taken from another arc (not from wedding arc). Most likely, Li Chen Lan is injured or something and then this lovey dovey scene happens. I think we will get a very angsty ending arc; perhaps starting with Li Chen Lan captured by immortals sect - the wedding - fight with Jiang Wu - his demonic descent - Zhao Yao kills him. It will be pretty much 1 full week of sadness for us . As a fan of heavy storytelling, I honestly love the change they made in the drama. The novel gives out light-hearted feel. I cannot really sympatize with Li Chen Lan character there. I only get that he is devoted to Zhao Yao while very much aloof to nearly everyone else. Here in the drama, his story is elaborated. The change here and there gives him a new look. We are no longer seeing him only as devoted male lead, but one with hidden pain and sadness. His loneliness is more pronounced here in the drama. Everything that we only understand after reading his POV in the novel is described in the drama from the beginning. In my opinion, it is Li Chen Lan story arc that give the story a heavier flavor. After the disaster of Ashes of Love (which choose to elaborate more on second male lead in the drama instead of using the time to enriching the male lead character), I love how The Legends choose to adapt the novel. @frostflower14 You are not doing recap for episode 37-38?
  17. Thank you for the information! What I can get is he did some "fun-scolding" when I watched that scene. Between close friends (or more intimate relationship, hahaha), that gesture is quite normal. Bai Lu herself also has did a number to Xu Kai, I believe I love all their kiss scene. Each kiss is meaningful in its own way, not to mention the chemistry is very good (expression and the kiss itself) The multiple version of editing start to get more annoying. Why do they always cut an good scene?
  18. This!! It is very rare for us having this kind of female lead character. Drama land seemed to be unable to have a balanced female lead. There are two polar oppposites of female lead types. First type, she is too weak, and we would have a damsel in distress. This type of character is always acted spoiled and when she does any wrong she will act like a saint who has been wronged. I think the female lead character in Xin Xiao Shi Yi Lang can be put into this group (I could not stand her at all). The second type is a strong female lead. However, this type of character usually will come at the expense of weaker male character (lead and others) either in personality or power. It seems that to create a strong female lead, the drama need to showcase that she is better than any male. She will also usually seem to be devoid of feeling, letting the male lead chasing and pleasing her all the way while she keeps aloof (sorry for all Yanxi fans, but I think Wu Ying Luo can be said falls to this group even though I admit I haven't watched all the episodes). Lots of drama/novel female lead will fall to either category, sometimes they will be in rather middle but will have preference to one side. Therefore, Lu Zhao Yao is such a refreshing character. In her we get a strong female lead. She can beat everyone, male or female alike. However, she still retains her womanly side. Right now she is enjoying her life under Li Chen Lan protection and authority; acting like a woman in love, caring and very mindful of her man thought. She is very nervous when her man is angry at her. However, the current situation does not make her a damsel in distress or can no longer function independently. As we can see in the preview in the ending song, she will take matter into her own hand when the immortal sects targets her man again. It is as if she is a dangerous beast, even though she will let herself to look tame now, does not mean it will change the fact that she is a dangerous beast. Provoke her and she will give you pain. I really like our OTP relationship dynamic right now. Before, Li Chen Lan always seemed to be unsure of his position Zhao Yao life. He basically just gives in to Zhao Yao every time. Even when he was jealous, there was nothing he could do because he thought he didn't deserve her. Not to mention that Zhao Yao hated him at that time and wanted to kill him. But now he can freely shows his displeasure and Zhao Yao will immediately tries to placate him (instead of waiting like she had been done before). Of course Li Chen Lan can never get angry to Zhao Yao for long anyway, but the change in how Zhao Yao react to his anger shows how important his happiness for her now.
  19. Last night episodes are worth of me staying late watching. What I really enjoy from the formalization of our OTP relationship (excluded the open lovey dovey moments), is that Zhao Yao now has to deal with the full burnt of Li Chen Lan jealousy. Before, she always hid behind the master-disciple facade or the fact that she was "invisible" during morning/afternoon; thus having easier time when dealing with angry Li Chen Lan. Zhao Yao expression and reaction in the scene in episode 36 when Li Chen Lan destroyed the story-teller table and how Zhao Yao tried hard to placate Li Chen Lan after he found out the husband fiasco told us everything . It is very entertaining that we now can see a different side from the ever confident and arrogant Lu Zhao Yao. @frostflower14 Thank you for the recap for episode 35!! Agreed that 33-34 didn't deserve the effort. Are you doing the recap for episode 36, too?
  20. Found this video on weibo: https://weibo.com/6103986731/HkC4yqFrj Hahahahaha, love Zhao Yao reaction toward Li Chen Lan jealousy. I think even though she knows that Li Chen Lan loves her very much and will give pretty much everything she wanted, she knows not to make him angry. Even before this formal dating, she always appeased him when he got angry at her.
  21. Finally have a time to breath from crazy work day. @DontEatMyKimchi Woah, Zhao Yao really says that to Yuan Ji?? That Li Chen Lan as her lover has right to share her everything?? If this is how the drama shows her asserting her "ownership", I cannot imagine how the drama would depict her proposal ..... Who is this Wuji?? The male lead character from Fu Yao? I can only stomach first episodes of Fu Yao .....
  22. I was following @DontEatMyKimchi suggestion last night by watching the preview instead of the real episodes . Found this weibo link that the posters seem to upload all those preview. Well, since last week was also more or less like this (disappointment on Monday episodes) so perhaps my tolerance is upped right now. Wake up early this morning and checking out episode 33 and 34. The episodes actually are quite okay, if only we are not that thirsty of our main couple lovey dovey moment. Perhaps if we watched this drama when it has already ended, we would not even commenting about these two episodes. Mark Zhao was succeeded making Three Miles Peach Blossom more about Ye Hua than about Bai Qian in my opinion (which perhaps was the cause I don't really mind Yang Mi acting there). Ashes of Love ..... sigh. Even until today I am still standing on my opinion that Yang Zhi was not up to par when she needed to express Jin Mi devastated feeling after killing Xu Feng. And Xu Feng was a character suffered from under-development. Not to mention Deng Lun interpretation of Xu Feng was not my cup of tea. But yes, I agree both drama have superb post-production and editing. I could not find any flaw within. Zhao Yao and Li Chen Lan kissing scenes are all WOW in my opinion . You can feel the love, the passion, the longing.
  23. Reading the novel from Li Chen Lan POV really cuts to your heart. It is no wonder why he was so calm facing the fact that Zhao Yao tried to kill him multiple times. He was already that exhausted with his life without Zhao Yao, akin to someone waiting for death . In his perspective his life was given by Zhao Yao so it is fitting if he gives it back to her. In this second part of Li Chen Lan POV, we get a glimpse of how really close Li Chen Lan with Sima Rong. In his lonely years when Zhao Yao so hellbent in killing Luo Ming Xuan, it was comforting that he got a martial brother like Sima Rong. Now, if only we can get some background about Li Chen Lan and Gu Han Guang relationship.
  24. @DontEatMyKimchi I am at work!!!!!! I want to scream!! My wish comes true, Zhao Yao comes right when Li Chen Lan dealing with Lin Zhi Yu. Please let me see Zhao Yao assert her position regarding Li Chen Lan! I think all those hot GIF will be for tonight episodes since all of them seems to be aligned with episode 34 preview. Please let the GIF flowing ........I have prepared myself to sleep late tonight, should be worth it .......
  25. For certain he wont't. From my reading with goggle translation, he literally orders Wan Lu Men disciples to burn papers for Cao Ning for the whole 2 days??, so much until it sends Cao Ning straight to heaven. Please correct me if I got the information wrong. I am also waiting for Zhao Yao proposal. She is the one who proposes, right??
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