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  1. @bastion Actually I am still stuck at episode 32 and just watching trailer for further episodes. I kind of avoiding this thread because I am afraid I will affect all of you with my negative aura ..... I am very disappointed with this drama adaptation. Everything feels cheapened. Xun Er is weak and needs this skill endowment from dunno who to become powerful. And what is this about dragon? Are they trying to incorporating Zi Yan character to Xun Er? And then Xiao Yan is still a boy who always run to Yao Lao for help and advice. Where is the powerful and mature Xiao Yan that can protect his teacher? From the latest trailer I watched, Xiao Yan gets a mark that is said to be Dou Di mark? Is my hearing and understanding correct? If this is true, then they cheapened the way of Xiao Yan get to be a Dou Di, too ..... Well, they can hold the Soul Hall arc in the season 2. Perhaps end the season 1 with Xiao Yan vs Yan Ran fight. I don't think that they will have enough time for Soul Hall arc at this point of time. Season 2 can start with central plain. There are lots of story in central plain although I suspect we will get lots of drama original arc. Also, in the drama, they already connected Soul Hall with Hun clan. This needs more elaboration, so I believe we will still get season 2. Even though by some miracle season 1 can end with Hun Mie Sheng defeat, the drama still needs to flesh out Hun clan.
  2. @BreezeC Very good video! Thank you for sharing! Please make more. How about incorporating the devastating ending this time? By the way, your video makes me realize how good ZYL in white. Black is kind of male color. All male wear black looks good to me. But white is kind of yes/no. There is something in white that makes ZYL much more appealing in my eyes
  3. I heard that Wu Xie and Zhang Qilin has brotherly relationship bordering BL in the later part of the series (I take that it is that very part ZYL will act on in this adaptation?!). Therefore, I hope that we will get an actor for Zhang Qilin that can have good chemistry with ZYL like the one we get with Bai Yu in Guardian.
  4. xienrue

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    I have to say that ZYL get more handsome the older he is
  5. xienrue

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    Hi! Please check on "dramamu". I found all three dramas there. Actually it is easier to find chinese drama with indo sub than with eng sub these days, especially for those unpopular drama (drama without idol). I am very surprised at this. A couple of dramas like Xuan Yuan Sword - Han Cloud and The Legend of Jade Sword, I cannot find those in eng sub at all. But then suddenly I found those in indo sub .... @node Woah! You are NodeZero from YT? I am a fan of your videos .
  6. xienrue

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    @katthy Hahahahahaha! Of course I know you are from Italy. I just want to let those who come from Indonesia know that they can enjoy those three dramas in our language (luckily) so that they don' t need to be frustrated with the lack of eng sub. Sorry, seems my wording was indeed rather ambiguous regarding whom I subjected my sentences for I feel pretty bad for you since I know that it will be very hard for European countries to have chinese dramas subbed to their language (or not?). I can understand your frustration perfectly since I often got frustrated searching for sub for my favorite Chinese drama and found nothing. Those indo subs actually come as surprise for me since I never realize that my country is that into Chinese drama (turn out I am out of date with my country preference). As far as I know, country that has abundant of subs for Chinese dramas is Vietnam. Chinese dramas are always have problem in subbing unlike Korean dramas. I think the language is more difficult to translate?! Not to mention the monstrous number of episodes. Anyway, ever since ZYL rise to popularity, I always wish that somebody will take the project of subbing old dramas of ZYL to english, the good ones especially that showcased his acting skill.
  7. xienrue

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    @katthy Unfortunately for us, it is very hard to find old dramas of Zhu Yi Long in eng sub. I am pretty lucky because my country people seem to be more and more interested in chinese dramas these days, so there are quite a number of dramas that do not have eng sub, get translated to my language. Sadly, my luck stop at Love for Three Lifetimes. So for you that come from Indonesia, be happy that you can enjoy Border Town Prodigal, As Flower Fade and Fly Across the Sky, and Royal Sister Return fully subbed in Indonesian language. I really hope that someone will continue the subbing for Border Town Prodigal. Even though this is not a good drama in term of storyline, this drama in my opinion really highlighted ZYL acting skill. My life is never the same after watching this drama. ZYL was re-defined what was called tragic character here. His inner pain, sadness and depression really wrenched my heart. Even when he smiled, you could still feel his inner pain. It was so perfect that it changed my way to evaluate an actor/actress in acting sad scene. I have read the novel too, and I say ZYL captured Fu Hong Xue nuances in the novel perfectly. This drama is the very culprit that made me unable to fully enjoy Ashes of Love. Therefore I wish that all ZYL fans can watch this drama. It is a great experience that can make you admire him even more. Xin Xiao Shi Yi Lang ..... ZYL was the only one that made me grit my teeth and continued on watching until the end. I hated the story, and the female lead frustrated me to no end.
  8. xienrue

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    @BreezeC What is this mv compilation of ZYL characters death that you are talking? I am planning to watch Love for Three Lifetimes, but sadly I cannot find sub. ..... Therefore I am on my way to try watching The Legend of Miyue. Do you have other recommendation? By the way regarding The Lost Tomb, since there is a "reboot" tagging in the title, are we sure that the adaption ZYL acts on is not the first arc? Because I have tried watching Tomb Raider movie and The Lost Tomb season 1. Sadly, I don't like the Wu Xie character there. Too naive for my taste, thus I hope that ZYL will play a matured Wu Xie instead.
  9. xienrue

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    Welcome to @softzyl and @minshinlover!!! Hope you enjoy your stay in this thread @katthy As Flower Fade and Fly Across the Sky is one of ZYL drama that end in happy ending with him getting the girl. After watching the painful and depressing thing that was Border Town Prodigal, As Flower Fade was like oasis at that point of time. I really like his character there. I hope you have fun watching. @siobhanne If you didn't ask, I would never realized that there is almost no chinese drama that I know that has good antagonist. Good antagonist here means a character that you can sympathize and even root for. Chinese drama has tendency to glorify the protagonist while neglecting the antagonist. This is not only happen in drama, but in novel too. Well, one drama that perhaps has acceptable antagonist is Ashes of Love. Run Yu character there sure has justified reason why he acts like he does (even though it is still wrong thing to do). But, his character still cannot make me root for him, unfortunately (I know lots of people there will think otherwise though). It is Korean Dramas where I find has good antagonist whom can make me root for them more than the protagonist. There are 2 of them that I can remember for now: Mishil and Bidam from Queen Seon Duk, Gwi from Scholar who Walks the Night. Especially Mishil character; I think she is more qualified to become the Female King than the main character.
  10. xienrue

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    @BreezeC Hi! Well, Bi Jun mother was more or less has it coming when she just insulted Lian Cheng Bi and his father. I understood that it was her maternal thing speaking but she must also understand her daughter was at fault. Based on my experience reading Border Town Prodigal and its sequel novels, I can see that the writing style of Gu Long is not my cup of tea at all. If ZYL was not in Xin Xiao Shi Yi Lang, I would never watch this drama. Border Town Prodigal was more bearable since the drama change things a bit with making Fu Hong Xue main focus instead of Ye Kai. I should commend ZYL here for his acting. Lian Cheng Bi is a pitiful character, just as Fu Hong Xue (even though Fu Hong Xue is bordering tragic .....) but the nuances that I got from those two characters were different. They are both sad characters, but I think ZYL was able to level their sad intensity differently. Yes, I am agree with you that based on ZYL personality that we have seen up to now, he will have no qualm to take on antagonist role as long as it can provide challenge to him. It is often that antagonist role and anti-hero are more complex than the protagonist one. I hope with his increasing popularity, more Production house and Director will recognize his talent and give him a complex role.
  11. xienrue

    Zhu Yi Long 朱一龙 Official Thread

    Hi, it has been long since I last posted here. Thank you for all the information and ZYL picture that all of you share here. They are really a treat to my eyes. I am happy hearing that our existence here is known by ZYL fans in China. In a way I feel like big family reunion . I don't mind if my posts is quoted since this is a public forum. Regarding the bad things happen with shampoo commercial, I try to look at it in a positive light. In a way, this just show that Zhu Yi Long has become very popular that attack on him (and perhaps to his fans too) has started. We as his fans need to show that we are a mature and logical people.This kind of attack in my opinion will just get more severe the more popular he is (and he will get more popular). Just take pride that he is that good that make those people think he is worth the effort to be attacked. I just hope his agency is able to protect his safety and interest. I also believe his fans and those who have worked with him know him enough to not fall easily to this bad rumor. Now let talk about happy things. I have recently finished watching Xin Xiao Shi Yi Lang ....with effort. The story left me with bad taste. ZYL character there Lian Cheng Bi is a poor guy who could not let go of a woman. Even though it show his loyalty, the woman just doesn't deserve him. His turn to bad side can work with more elaboration but well the drama just spend so much time in the romance of the main couple, thus the development of the antagonist is kind of neglected. One thing that I want to mention here is that ZYL looks much cooler when he becomes demon-like in the end. I literally just "wow" seeing him in that persona. I guess almost of us also agree that his Ye Zun in Guardian also looks cooler than Shen Wei. Therefore .....I kind of wish he will someday take an antagonist role that will make him the villain from the beginning . Not a secondary main lead turn to antagonist like Lian Cheng Bi or final antagonist like Ye Zun, but a real antagonist that is head to head with the protagonist from the beginning. Perhaps choosing a complex villain character? I am trying to watch Love of three lifetime, but sadly cannot find eng sub
  12. Unfortunately the chinese in episode 33 is too much for my limited chinese language ability. All I can take is that the man seems to relay Xiao Yan father words to him. In episode 34, what I can understand is what Xun Er said when she gives pendant to Xiao Yan. I take that the pendant is very important to her because she said to Xiao Yan: seeing this thing is like seeing me. Sorry, I am not helpful ... Well Yan Xiao gives up a mature vibe while Xiao Yan is more like brat .....
  13. Watch up to episode 31 and watch the trailer up to episode 34. While Xiao Yan misshap with Han Xian and Xun Er is cute and funny, in the point of storyline it is bad. Because it shows that up until this late of episodes, the loveline between Xiao Yan and Xun Er is not yet established. Still no mention about Xiao Yan dou qi level (his alchemist level mentioning is a consolation prize though). Looking from how the story is developing, it seems the three visits of Xiao Yan to Misty Cloud sect in the novel will be condensed into only one visit in the drama. And it seems I am right in predicting that the drama will give plot belonging to Yun Yun to Nalan Yanran with her engagement to Gu He. Well, what is the point of having Yun Yun character in the drama then? They should just scrap this character altogether and use the money to production quality instead ..... @bastion To be fair both Xiao Yan and Xun Er never say a clear I love you to each other in the novel. It is their action that talk. But I can understand your frustration regarding the slow build of the romance. Note: Am I the only one that think Wu Lei is better looking in Yan Xiao garb than Xiao Yan?
  14. In my opinion, the one at fault for this mess of storytelling is the script. I am fine with Wu Lei acting. Based on the story line that I can get from the watching the drama, his acting is on point. How can he display how dependable Xiao Yan is, how talented he is that all those women just head over heel toward him if the script doesn't give him the chance to display that? It is really sad that Wu Lei choose to not continue in his role instead of preserving through critics. Does anybody know whether those fans criticizing him or the story? The lack of mentioning of Xiao Yan cultivation level ever since his fight against Han Xian is one of the culprit of this mess. I have mentioned before in my previous post that cultivation is hard. One can be stuck for a lifetime in a certain level. One thing that is highlighted so frequently in the novel is Xiao Yan youthful. He is so young yet so powerful. The novel gives a nice analogy. There are old geezers who cultivate for decades just for increasing one star in Dou Zun level. In around a decade, Xiao Yan rises from Dou Huang to Dou Sheng. When he meet those geezers again near the end of the story, those geezers still stuck at Dou Zun while Xiao Yan has grown stronger than them. There are lots of other analogy in the novel that shows just how fast Xiao Yan progress. This cultivation speed is caused part by his own talent and hardwork, part because of medicine (he is Yao Lao student, that would not lack of pill recipe to help him getting stronger faster), part because of Flame method that he practices. Anyway, his strength despite his young age is the one attracting all those women (in addition of his kindness and loyalty), hence the harem. In the novel, his opponents mostly are his seniors (old geezers) because his generation can no longer catch up with him. With the lack of mentioning of Xiao Yan cultivation level throughout the story (and his opponents), we cannot fully grasp how powerful Xiao Yan is. The story becomes dull. All I have seen is fighting and fighting but I never get the sense that fighting level has going up. This is xianxia, not wuxia. The story left plot hole everywhere. It is never explained how Xiao Yan can beat all those people and why should it be a phenomenal thing. Moreover, Xiao Yan in the novel is a very confident character. Even when he is still weak and cannot stand up against those people from Gu clan that come to take Xun Er away, he is never felt dejected. He is more or less, confidently tells Xun Er to wait for him. I am sorry, but I cannot see this characteristic depicted in the drama. And I blame the script. There is practically no chance of Wu Lei to display this because the drama more or less is too keen on stressing on how weak Xiao Yan is comparing to others. At the beginning I am fine with the change of actor because I thought the reason is because of Xiao Yan age in season 2. The novel covers Xiao Yan journey from when he is 15 years old to around 30-40 years old. Since Wu Lei is still quite young, he might not able to display Xiao Yan range of emotion when he is around 30 years old in the story (plus I am here because of the story, not because of actors/actress). I thought we will get an older actor for season 2. But I am very disappointed when I read that the reason is that the actor himself choose to withdraw. Anyway, I will be happy if Liu Hao Ran agreed on the role. His Xiao Ping Jing in NiF2 amazed me and I can see him acting as older Xiao Yan.
  15. Hoo? Where did you hear this? I am fine with changing as long as it doesn't change the essence of the story. And I am also fine with adding as long as it can enrich the story. About Fight Break Sphere, all I can say here I don't quite like the change because in my opinion it lower the quality of characters relationship. The addition, I will hold my judgment until the ending. Since up to this point, we still cannot see how this additional arc will link up in the future. I can completely understand if the fans of Xiao Yi Xian from the novel will be angry with the drama characterization. The character just too different. I really don't understand why the drama made this drastic change.