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  1. I love it. YSH's cool guy vibes, all the innocence of a high school first love... Plus the book beside JBA gives me all the feels. I'm so on board for more poetry.
  2. ...Is it time to de-lurk?? I admit, I had some doubts when the first few teasers came out, but I got really excited when they showed the comedic parts that I was actually clapping. I'm quite confident that there will be a lot of substance to the story (fingers crossed the viewers will see that too), but not too cheesy, I hope. Coming from his last drama, of course I want this one to be an unexpected hit, but I've realized that it wouldn't matter anyway if YSH didn't get some sort of satisfaction from the project like he did post-INAR. The way he talked about that drama, I could tell he wished it did better, but at the same time it didn't really matter as much as the things he took away from it. After INAR, he was practically blooming; I think what really mattered then was that he thought he had done well (and he did do more than well). Although I wasn't around yet before 2017, based on what I've read and watched so far, yes, ratings are important for him, but not as much as how he thought of the project itself looking back: was he more proud or regretful? Sorry I went on for too long. In short, I'm just so excited because YSH is back!!
  3. TOP ACTOR YOO SEUNG HO WILL SHOOTING ANOTHER DRAMA VERY SOON! I'm back with some possible good news for Yoo Seung Ho Fans! Yoo Seung Ho has been offered the lead role of another drama and accepted it recently and the filming will start very soon according to our source. Stay tuned for another updates on this developing story! http://www.koreandramaportal.com/2018/03/top-actor-yoo-seung-ho-will-shooting.html?m=1 I hope this is true, but I am positive, as far as I can remember the site is pretty accurate in their news. Goodness knows I'm already thirsty for more of YSH acting masterclass. *happy mental dance*
  4. *delurks* Unfortunately though, I have learned through too much frustrating experience that Japanese google translations aren't exactly that reliable, Korean translations are much better (I hope that Japanese fans post at least a summary of the interview)... I've been anticipating any news about him lately like mad, I think he's spoiled me too much these past few months. I want to see a casting news soon! I prefer a villainous/two-faced/anti-hero role, but I'd take an action film/drama any day...who am I kidding, I'd see him in whatever role especially if it will showcase his versatility.
  5. How do I deal with withdrawal? Rewatch IANAR of course, though I'm pretty sure this isn't helping. (I need more ) I'm gonna watch all MVs I can find. MBC, please release another BTS or a video of their wrap up party.
  6. I've read on the characters' description that apparently Butler Sung would only leave when KMK has a woman to take care of him in his stead? I haven't watched in full the last two episodes yet, but I don't think I've seen the Butler leave. Right now that MK has JA I bet he did. If that's not the case (and the character description is wrong), I would've still liked some more screen time of him with MK. One of the things I wished they fleshed out a bit more was Butler Sung. I wanted to know who he is, why he is so dedicated to MK, how his relationship with MK's father was, if he really is Madam X. I would've wanted to see him become a father figure to MK, walk him down the aisle, etc. I had hoped to see MK discover everything about the Butler and for once, not feel betrayed but grateful. If only we have 4 more episodes....
  7. Is there anyone here who has the skills to make a video compilation of all the symmetries/mirroring in this drama? Can you make one? Pretty please?? I'd be eternally grateful.
  8. I think so too!! I wish they give us a bts of that scene
  9. If they can also address the social stigma associated with psychological illnesses, this will be my drama of the year. I think they will based on that cliffhanger (have you been trying to kill us with cliffhangers, PD/writer-nim??) I don't need MK or others to start some kind of revolution, though. I just want them to tackle the issue.
  10. I was on a public transport going home and live streaming when BAM! the kiss scene happens. Do you know how hard I tried to keep myself from smiling like an idiot? I failed though, who knows what people thought while watching me Seriously though, the writers must be clairvoyant or something. They know what the viewers really want to see: some hot french kissing and cuteness overload.
  11. I'm still at work (and probably gonna either do an overtime or take home work), but I can't stop myself from constantly checking for updates! P.S. I've already gotten my brother hooked (and he doesn't usually watch Kdramas), and my other brother is just waiting for it to end so he can binge-watch. I've already made some of my co-workers watch as well. Not to mention my friends. Let's spread the IANAR fever!!!
  12. Ah, I'm not really good at analyzing styles, themes, color schemes, etc. That's about as far as I can get. I'd love to read an in-depth analysis of everything in IANAR though. Maybe someone else can do it?
  13. Eight fashionable moments Yoo Seung-ho won our hearts in I Am Not a Robot Winter’s heart-warming Korean hit series I Am Not a Robot is wrapping things up in a two-day grand finale this week - in anticipation, we round up lead actor Yoo Seung-ho’s most stylish outfits Lim Li Ying UPDATED : Tuesday, 23 Jan 2018, 2:37PM The sci-fi romcom I Am Not a Robot has touched K-drama fans and turned Yoo Seung-ho and Chae Soo-bin into overnight stars and couple du jour. Apart from the hilarious scenes and unforgettable lines, the MBC television series’ ability to immerse viewers in its fictional world through an amazing set and excellent costume direction have made it a hit. Ironically, Yoo’s portrayal as a rich chaebol has allowed him - more so than the female lead Chae, who plays a struggling inventor and aspiring entrepreneur AND a robot - to turn up in scenes with an enviable wardrobe repertoire. His allergy to human contact is not nearly so enviable. Here are some of the most memorable looks that have inspired us to look deeper into his impeccable style. 1. Going on a date with Aji 3 that will end on a bittersweet note (sorry, no spoilers!), Yoo’s character Kim Min-kyu chooses a comfy wear that simply says “hug me, please don’t leave me” all over it. Plus point: he gets to take off his cardigan and share it with Aji 3, played by actress Chae. 2. While confronting a girl whom he loves dearly for all the lies she has told, Yoo has to play the character with his headstrong wilfulness sprinkled with sadness. This scene made use of his outfit beautifully. Yoo Seung-ho in comfy attire. Photo: MBC 3. Heartbroken and confused, but the man is not letting it bring his style-o-meter down. Here he is showing a tough front with a fuzzy yellow jumper. Yoo Seung-ho trying to look tough. Photo: MBC Source: http://www.scmp.com/magazines/style/fashion-beauty/article/2130045/eight-fashionable-moments-yoo-seung-ho-won-our-hearts I love their wardrobes in IANAR especially KMK's, I think it's appropriate that he tries so hard to dress up and look like a proper adult but still ends up looking like a child stuck in a man's body. So cute!!!