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  1. Just watched the first two episodes and I have got to say, I'm impressed!!! This drama has the perfect combination of lightheartedness mixed with solemn scenes that move you to tears . I especially liked the scene where woo seori woke up from her coma and was so confused and in pain that she started crying saying she didn't want to 30. Shin hye sun did an amazing job in that scene. Although this kind of situations don't often occur in real life, when they do occur it's really heartbreaking. Most people don't wake up from long term coma. And the lucky ones that have the privilege of waking up from their coma after many years are forced into a reality that they no longer recognize and into a life that they didn't choose. At that scene, Eventhough I don't have the experience of this kind of trauma, I understood and felt everything that shin hye sun's character was feeling. The child actors also did a wonderful job. They embodied their characters very well. I loved young woo seori's dedication to becoming an accomplished violinist. Even though her path to getting there is now changed, I am eager to seeing how she's going to make her dream come true.Young woo jin determination to getting to know young seori was heartwarming. I also enjoyed the scene where young hyung tae proposes to young wooseori . He also didn't forget her and became a doctor and is now looking for her ( as I saw from the preview). And ofcourse, yang se jong , ahn hyo seop and ye ji won also did a good job in their scenes too!!! Overall, I really enjoyed the first two episodes and I can't wait to see how their story unfolds. P.s I was really worried that shin hye sun's character would be too childish but I was wrong. So far, her character embodies the emotional capacity and behaviour of a 17 year old girl. And shin hye sun did a really good job portraying her.
  2. Thirty but seventeen other teasers. Counting the days until I see shin hye sun in another drama again. So excited!!!!!
  3. Hi everyone. I am so excited to see shin hye sun new drama. I like the plot of two individuals going through hard times and eventually helping each other in overcoming their problems. However, I really don't get why the male lead is dressed like a cave man in the preview. I'm intrigued on how the story plays out. Overall, I am so happy for shin hye sun and I hope this drama becomes a success. I also really like the chemistry I'm already seeing between shin hye sun and yang se jong. Shin hye sun must feel a lot of pressure to achieve a high rating on this drama because of her record breaking success in my golden life. With her outstanding acting talent and her brilliant co-stars and the amazing director, I have no doubt this drama will be loved by many and also achieve rating success.
  4. golden19

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Voting has started . My dear friends and fellow shin hye sun supporters , let us please support shin hye sun by voting for her so that she gets the reward that she greatly deserves.
  5. golden19

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Edit- -the second post has 8 picks that consists of all the nominees in every category. I really hope she wins. She deserves it after her outstanding performance in my golden life. She delivered every scence beautifully and with so much emotion that it mesmerized the viewers. Even the other actors admitted that she was the main reason my golden life was so successful and loved by so many viewers. However, I'm a little worried because the other nominees are well respected veteran actress and our lovely shin hye sun has just started being an A list actress. I hope they will give much consideration to young and rising actress( like shin hye sun) that are asthonshingly talanted and give amazing performances. May the best of luck be with shin hye sun.
  6. golden19

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Our lovely shin hye sun and lee jong suk at the script reading for hymn of death. I don't know if its just me , but they do look like they would make a great team. I am excited to see their collaboration.
  7. golden19

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    You're welcome. On the second video, I think she was a bit overwhelmed by the abundant number of people taking pictures and asking to shake her hand. I'm just glad to see so many fans cheering and supporting her. Fighting shin hye sun!!!! Your fans are rooting for you.
  8. golden19

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Shin hye sun at her fan signing event in busan. She looks so beautiful. All you haters out there, open your eyes and see this beautiful actress in front of you. I am so happy to see that so many fans showed up at her event. There are many people in korea as well as international fans that support her.
  9. golden19

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Hi chingu. I understand how you feel. I also read some negative comments too and I felt so angry. I don't get why some people can't see how amazing shin hye sun is. I am not saying this because I'm her fan, I honestly find shin hye sun to be really pretty. While I was watching MGL , I found her getting prettier and prettier each time I saw her. And about her not being famous enough, I guess those people don't realise how successful MGL was. I guess since they haven't seen her in many lead roles, they don't yet realise her outstanding talent. I hope after they see more of her and her amazing acting skills, they will change their minds. Fortunately, there are so many people that support and acknowledge her talent.
  10. golden19

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Hi chingu, fancy meeting you here. I completely agree about your views on JA. She is very different from other characters in MGL. She is very responsible, incredibly loyal to the people that she loves, highly resourceful, independent,caring, a quick thinker and always trys to lend a helping to the people she cares about. The people that are bashing her are just angry that she didn't accept DK immediately after she met him again. However, like you said, she doesn't jump into things with out weighing the pros and cons first. So, I completely understand her response. Also, I wish there were more people like her too in real life. Don't worry chingu, I have read in many forums that many people also understand her. And if SHS didn't portray the character so well, I doubt we would feel so strongly about the character. I know this forum is about the actress shin hye sun so , I apologize for talking about MGL. I just admire the character as much as I admire the actress portraying her. I am so happy that SHS is getting so many drama and movie offers. I knew it was just a matter of time before it happened. She is now an A list actress. She deserves everything she's getting and so much more. Her exceptional performance in MGL is proof of how amazingly talented and hard working she is. I hope it won't be too long before we can see her in her new work. I have no doubt it will be a success.
  11. I agree that they both have faults and they are not perfect. That's really part of the reason why I like the two of them so much. Their characters portray real life people that encompasses all the good traits and the shortcomings . However, during their conversation at the cafe, JA did tell him that she was happy doing her wood work and she didn't want to change that. Dk was so suprised and didn't even understood her love for her work and he belittled it. He couldn't understand how she rejected his family despite her telling him her reasons mutiple times . That's why she asked him that , "she has to accept him because he was rich". JA didn't open up to Dk more because she believed that there was no lasting relationship for them. That's why she kept him at arms length from the beginning. However, when ever he was down and needed help, she was there for him.when they were living in the share house and even after, She was always worried about him and tried to help out every chance she got( like Dk told hes friend about what she did for him).In my point of view, that's what love looks like. @BeeKinga JA was not the first to fall in love. He started having feelings for her first after he say how dedicated she was to her family and her work . Then , when she was trying to fix the car, he became smitten with her.He then cared for her at work and couldn't stop him self from looking out for her. That's when JA started having feelings for him. Then when they kissed, they knew how they felt about eachother. The ending was good. I like the fact that JA is pursuing her dreams and is working hard to make them come true. JA is my favourite character. She is responsible, independent,hardworking, kind, strong, loyal ( esp to her family ) and caring. She always takes care of her family and put their needs above her own. Even to the one she loves Dk, she took care of him in so many ways and only broke up with him because of the situation with her father. At the end, I like that Dk finally understood how he didn't pay attention to what JA wanted when he was trying to persue her. He finally became his own man and not his family's puppet. He is now trying to be with JA with out making her compromise her dreams. JA too never forgot him and was glad to see he was doing well. She was looking for him at the airport and even made a doll of him to always keep him beside her.when she saw him at the cafe, she was so suprised and glad to see him. At the end, they were finally free of their families burden. They were smiling and looking deeply at eachother acknowledging their love and agreeing to start again as equals while perusing their dreams together. To be honest, I did want to see a kiss or a wedding at the end but since our OTP are still together, I'm happy. It's been a pleasure being a part of this forum. I truly enjoyed reading the diverse number of opinions that made me get a new perspective on the drama as a whole.
  12. golden19

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Thank you for the warm welcome. I haven't watched secret forest But ,it's only because I only have time to watch one k- drama at a time. I just finished MGL and now I look forward to seeing all of shin hye sun's work one at a time. And as per your recommendation, secret forest will be my first choice. You can reasure your self that I will be keeping up with all of your posts and participating when I can. Let's all witnesses the journey and ultimate success of our beloved shin hye sun together.
  13. golden19

    Shin Hye Sun 신혜선

    Hi everyone, a new fan here. I first saw shin hye sun in five enough. Her chemistry with sung hoon was amazing. In her first lead role in MGL, she excelled everyone's expectations and made her character her own with her outstanding performance.After watching MGL , shin hye sun has now become my all time favourite korean actress. Her ability to express every line, scene and emotion so beautifully is astonishing. She portrays her character so well that I couldn't help myself from loving her.She is the reason why I kept on watching MGL. If she wasn't in it, I doubt I would love and be obsessed with the drama as I was. Thanks to MGL being the highest rating drama of the year mainly because of her ( with Tnms- 47.5% and AGB nelison- 45.1%) , shin hye sun is finally recognized( not just in korea but around the globe) as the superb, talented , beautiful and amazing actress that she has always been. I hope she gets more drama offers( as a lead role and nothing else) that can make her shine even more.
  14. The word selfish, as described by oxford dictionary , means " Having regards for oneself above others well being". Did JA ever showed that kind of temperament? Why don't we see her journey through out the drama: JA has always helped her parents and her siblings. Like jisoo said, she worked at many part time jobs to support herself , help her parents by giving them money each month and support her siblings by giving allowances. And then her life turned upside down. The job she wanted and worked tirelessly to get didn't turn out to be hers, because of the car accident she owed Dk money that she couldn't afford, she was told that her parents were not her biological parents and was pressured by her mother to go and live at the chois. So, she went to them ( don't judge her for this because she apologised, regretted what she did and learned from her mistakes like everyone else). Even after she went to the chois, she never forgot her family. When Dk mother gave her money to buy clothes for herself, all she could do was buy everything that her family needed instead of herself. And when Dk confronted her about not caring for his Family, she apologised and started doing everything to please them. Then, she found out that she was not their child.she told Dk and tried to make amends for her family action by working day and night on the 40th Haseung anniversary event.She didn't even use any money that they gave her. All she did, she did it for her family. So, how is putting her families needs above her own being selfish? Wouldn't most people do that for their families? Isn't that one part of being a family? I really pity her. Her sense of responsibility and devotion to her family is one of the reasons why I love her. After the experience with the choi family, she reflected upon herself amd decided to live a life where she doesn't care about staus and money. I think that's shows a tremounds growth on her part. After she started living in the share house, she finally became happy and content with her life. She finally knew how she wanted to live herlife. Then, Dk showed up. she didn't want to accept him because accepting him means that she will eventually have to go back to the life she didn't want ( life with the chois). Even though she didn't accept him, she took really good care of him. She helped him adjust in the share house, took care of him when he was sick, helped him with his presentation, worried constantly about whether he ate or slept, gave him her phone so that his grandfather wouldn't track him, took all the insults from his grandfather when he saw them at the share house just because it would be too hard on Dk, stayed up all night researching for second hand machines for his company, agreed to date him since he was under so much pressure from his grandfather, designed the cat toilets and packaging for his new business, helped him with his marketing strategy, gathered minority votes so that his family would lose their company, defended him from jisoo and hyuk when they questioned his loyalty because he went back and always rooted for him to succeed. The one thing she didn't want to do is to compromise her dream and the way she wanted to live her life by accepting Dk ( I think that's why she set a limit of their dating for a week). And even after that ,when Dk mother asked her to get married to her son, she wanted to do it( like she told jisoo). However, Dk mother wasn't sincere about it and it didn't happen. So, how is this being selfish?And what's wrong with wanting to accomplish ones dreams first ? Personally, I believe a person needs to accomplish their dreams and love to be fulfilled as a person. If she doesn't persue her dream, she can never be completely satisfied with her life. And she was even going to compromise her desires if his family were sincere about accepting her.so, doesn't that tell you how much she really loves him? She did all that she could for him.Is this the character of a selfish person? Additionally,When Dk returned back home, did he tell her? When things in Haseung got complicated, did he tell her? When he made a plan, did he notify her? NO, he didn't. In fact, It was JA who reached out to him after she read the articls and asked to help. In my opinion, Dk didn't tell about his situation because they already decided to end their relationship and he didn't want to burden her with his family problems. So why can't the same be said for why JA didn't tell him about finland or her father. She didn't tell him because they were her own troubles to solve and she didn't want to burden him with her circumstances while he is facing many obstacles in Haseung and his family problems ( plus: they ended their relationship) And some of you statted that she is using him as a punching bag. I seriously disagree with that. When Dk first found out JA wasn't his sister, he was angry and said mean things to JA. Did he use her as punching bag ?No, he was frustrated that his entire family was lied to and it was a normal reaction under the circumstances . Can't the same be said for JA's reaction? Her father is dying and she found that he was slapped and humiliated by Dk grandfather because her relationship with Dk. Also, she finally knew that Dk has been keeping it from her. Like I said before in my previous posts, even though her reaction wasn't all correct, it wasn't without merit. She had the right to know about her father. And when Dk asked to stay and no go to finland without first congratulating and asking what she wanted, it seemed from her perceptive he was being a little self- centred to her .However, I know that he is not selfish and he simply didn't have much experience of putting himself in people shoes. By the way, when she asked him what he has done for her after he left Haseung , she meant that he just wanted her to accept him without asking her what exactly she wanted to do with her life. ( as she stated on her next statment ). And she never said or believed that her father's cancer was caused by Dk or his family.So, with this type of situation, her reaction is comprehensible. As for me, I just wish he would have taken some precautions to protecting her immediately right after he found out about what his grandfather did. Also, I wish that JA didn't blame him for making her fall in love with him. Like I stated before in my previous posts , they both have faults. They both have compelling reasons for their actions. So, it's not fair to put the blame on one of them .Both have their own vices and virtues . They both made mistakes but I believe they can work it out. P/s :thank you @ lost girl for the pics you posted. You gave me hope that even after all the obstacles that they faced, our OTP can be together at the end. I hope I can see them smile like this at the end. Don't they make a great couple!!!!!
  15. I like that Dk is acknowledging his faults regarding the situation, in that, the fact that JA father got slapped because of his relationship with JA. However, he is not to blame for everything the chois did to JA's family. I really felt sorry for him when he knelt down and apologised to papa seo. His grandfather and mother should also apologise to all that they did to the seo family. May be Dk mother might apologise but I doubt his grandfather will ever do that. And I'm so glad that the chois want to help papa seo, finally something I predicted came true. Also, I was so touched that JA is spending time with her father and taking good care of him. when they held hands and JA said she looks most like him, he was so happy and it broke my heart thinking it might be their last moment together. I wish after Dk apologises to papa seo and the chois help them, they can forgive each other and JA and Dk can be together. I also hope that Dk grandfather goes to Hawaii for good or at least get some kind of punishment for all that he has done to JA and her family.