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  1. Only deciding about hair transplant surgery is not enough to have good and desired results rather there are many things that you should take into consideration. Just check out the following questions that one should ask before having the hair transplant surgery: Is there any age limit for hair transplant surgery? There is not any particular age limit for hair transplant surgery. If you are dealing with baldness or hair loss problem then hair transplant in India is the good option to choose. There are only two things that must be taken care by your surgeon. First is what steps to be taken to slow down the hair loss issues after surgery and second is the designing of the hairline pattern. Do Hair Transplant surgeries work for women too? Yes, women will also have same desired results just like men. It is recommended for women to get treatment from experienced surgeons in order to have perfect hairline design. Will there be any plugs in head after hair transplant surgery? As compared to old techniques of hair transplantation, advanced techniques provides the perfect hairline design without any plugs on head. The hairline created with advanced techniques will be natural that your hair stylist will not able to detect the transplanted hair. How long the hair transplants surgery lasts? The transplanted hair will not fall or subject to male or female pattern baldness. Your natural balding will be covered with these hair for lifetime as the donor hair are hair-loss resistant.
  2. rahul12345

    Super dry hair :-(

    Oil your hair daily and get wash hair after a day. It helps to nourish your hair and main the quality of growth.
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    Hair Straightener Recommendations?

    philips is best company for hair straightner
  4. rahul12345

    Thin and weak hair, falling out a lot

    Get FUE hair transplant for lifetime results of hair fall.
  5. rahul12345

    Hair Problem

    Consume healthy food or consult a professional hair surgeon.
  6. Hair transplant is the simple dermatology method and an excellent way to get rid of baldness problem. Hair transplant in Chandigarh have various techniques and each technique have the different procedure, results and cost. Some techniques are FUE, Bio- FUE, FUT, BHT, Robotic ARTAS, out of these techniques FUE is one of the innovative and advanced methods for hair restoration.In this method, the doctor examines the bald portion of the head and check the density of hairs with hair pull method. If you have better donor are then surely results will be 100% assured. At the initial stage, doctor extract hairs from the donor region and implants in the require portion under local anaesthesia to reduce the discomfort level of the patient.
  7. It is entirely devastating to test negative after all the ups and downs you have been through. However, it is advisable that you continue taking the prescribed medications and get back to your fertility doctor as soon as possible. You and your doctor will discuss the suitable way forward, which includes testing, blood samples, and another form of fertility treatment or you can consult with doctors of number one IVF centre in India as most of you know that India is the perfect place to get the infertility problem treatment with higher success ratio.
  8. I want to purchase a new smartphone. Suggest me which brand is better and their phone models