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  1. Errr if it’s light and fluffy you’re after then this drama is not for you. It’s for people wanting deep and meaningful. I believe the follow up drama in this slot next week may be more your cup of tea? Waikiki 2. Slapstick funny. EDiT - To be confirmed, can't read Korean but looks like we finished on a high - well deserved - I see 9.7% (but it could be highest minute and not actual average for the night?) https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=241&aid=0002892435
  2. This is why KBS is stalling. The public outcry has been massive. Look at the upvotes cr https://ddoboja.blogspot.com/2019/03/cha-tae-hyun-and-kim-jun-ho-apologize.html?m=1 Original Source (OSEN via Naver): Cha Tae Hyun ・ Kim Jun Ho, a cruel leave of shows for fans...Continuing to ask for a change in decision 1. [+24823, -1538] I'm against them leaving the show 2. [+10917, -415] Look up '심마담 (Shim Madam)' on Naver. Shim Madam is Choi Soon Shil's line. A powerful madam who provides escort services, prostitution, offers a place for gambling, drugs (Lee Myung Bak's son, Kim Moo Sung's son-in-law, celebrities), gang bangs, and private loans for people with power and celebrities. (They're a person that even Naver protects by saying you're prohibited from searching them, the thing that's obvious right now is that they got caught and the search prohibition is gone). They also made a lot of appearances at Burning Sun. If they reinvestigate Shim Madam, the dirty scandals of people with power and celebrities will be exposed so Shim Madam aids are protecting them. (t/n: at the moment, this claim is all alleged) 3. [+9941, -712] I'm against them leaving 4. [+6041, -504] I'm against them leaving 5. [+5518, -441] I'm against them leaving Original Source (SPOTVNEWS via Naver): "I'm sorry to my children and my members"…The pitiful emotions in Cha Tae Hyun's apology for 'betting on golf' 1. [+14681, -367] My dad went to go play golf with his friends today and they betted on the game, then will my dad also get punished? ㅠㅠ 2. [+13248, -372] I'm not disappointed. Leaving the show is an overreaction. The moral standards are really high 3. [+9686, -97] Just exactly who is mixed up in the Jang Ja Yeon scandal... ↪ [+319, -1] Please investigate into it until the end~ 4. [+8617, -156] Why do they keep coming out of the point ㅠㅠ Are they messing with hard people ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ Is this something to halt a show over, ugh ㅠㅠㅠㅠ 5. [+6296, -200] Are there golfers who don't make bets while golfing? I guess they need catch everyone including me
  3. Sigh. Still no updates from KBS as to their decision about the show. One bit of happy news. I guess the members bar one will be invited? YongJin is getting married next month. Wishing he and his fiancé a happy ever after
  4. First half hour was funny and light and I was waiting for it...then bam...the next half hour was just tearful and sad. I gave up trying to match everything scene for scene and just tried to match up big moments and it was much better then. Because that was how it all played out in HyeJa's slowing disintegrating mind. Her memories of before were triggered by moments of the present and her mind merged them together in the best way it could. But they saved the saddest moment for the last when she failed to recognize her daughter-in-law. Alzheimer is like that. There are moments of lucidity where she apologized to her daughter-in-law for not supporting her enough and telling her to just start life anew without her husband and son. And then there will be moments where she no longer recognized her. So HyeJa and JoonHa met at a Protest rally (I guess that was a tribute to the Pro Democracy movement mentioned earlier). I get the feeling JoonHa and a few others were caught and then interrogated...hence the Preview where she asks one man and he said he was released and he thought they all were? The detective that interrogated JoonHa may have been overly heavy handed? Maybe JoonHa died in custody? The detective pocketed the watch? Which is why he was so startled when he saw JoonHa's lookalike Doctor at the Hospital? And he's old now...he's still wearing the watch... Will HyeJa forgive him for taking away her JoonHa so long ago? Time stopped for her then, her world fell apart.
  5. Still number 1 . Ratings 190318: SBS #Haechi: 5.5% | 7% KBS #MyLawyerMrJo2: 5% | 6% MBC #Item: 2.9% | 3.5% JTBC #TheLightInYourEyes: 8.5% tvN #HeisPsychometric: 1.9%
  6. Gah...missed this little tidbit from the writer. Someone commented in Melohwa about the comments on Naver [+358,-5] In the beginning, the senior talked about covering the Angolan Civil War. But it happened in 1975.. The scriptwriter has been telling us from the beginning...
  7. Wait...is that pic in the bottom left corner HyeJa's Oppa and HyunJu (retro clothes)? SHJ rocking the bowl cut and large glasses (so Beetles) crhttps://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003391666
  8. I think they canceled the episode for tonight and replaced it with something else. Originally they were going to screen previously filmed footage with JJY's parts edited out but they found it was too hard to do that coz he was in too many frames. And the episode they filmed on Friday recently in front of KBS will probably not been seen either. So yes, no more 2D1N. Indefinite hiatus. With how KBS has treated CTH and KJH by throwing them under the bus (whilst they were still reeling from the betrayal by their maknae), chances of them ever wanting to come back would be minuscule. In the space of a week, our beloved show has been ripped apart without a chance for us to even say goodbye. Thanks for the good times. The laughs. What irony that the members all wanted cameos in DG's drama Your Honor. They are living it now.
  9. JunHo's apology and withdrawal from all his programs. https://www.soompi.com/article/1310861wpp/kim-joon-ho-responds-to-illegal-betting-reports-and-announces-departure-from-all-programs And the man has compassion enough to add. Trying to protect DG, Defcon and JongMin "Furthermore, I hope there are no more misunderstandings and falsifications about my younger colleagues who are working hard for their broadcasts"
  10. Why?? This is not gambling?? It’s a bet between friends? Whoever wins gets the prize money? It’s not gambling in a casino? Surely this is taking it too far? Where does it end? It’s not the same as filming illegal sex videos? If he has to reflect so does everyone in Korea who has ever betted or put money in a kitty to say “winner takes all”? I am so sad and mad at the same time. Good people taken out by the slur of another in their family when they have been nothing but kind to him?
  11. I get the feeling that HyeJa had an Oppa...the beach and the water melon seeds incident? Which is why I am wondering what happened to him. And there was footage of HyeJa and her friends in retro clothes so I am banking on the fact that she had those friends when she was young and what we see are in part what happened and also in her mind eg when they visit her after she's suddenly 'aged'. Don't know. Was her real father the taxi driver and he actually died for real? I guess we will all find out soon enough.
  12. Maybe JTBC compiled that for us because now that we know HyeJa's real identity and her Alzheimer's we can view those scenes with fresh eyes. Why everyone seemed so shocked that she called her son Appa and her daughter-in-law Omma and her grandson Oppa. So wait...if she had an Oppa in real life, where is he now? It makes sense now why her Son had that flicker of hope in his eyes when she defended him at his workplace and she told the man abusing him that she was his mother. If I were him I would be like, 'O she recognizes me again!' Only for that hope to be shattered later on as they walk home and she calls him Appa again and he then takes her hand with sadness in his eyes. Then there was that conversation with the other women at the market who said HyeJa's 'mother' was her daughter-in-law...which is actually true. And why the conversation at the noodle shop was so odd initially because her daughter in law didn't seem to know that was where she and her dad used to eat. And why she looked so uncomfortable when HyeJa brought up the divorce and the fact that she was on her side...when in reality she should've naturally sided with her son. Not long now before final resolution next week. Can't wait.
  13. https://www.soompi.com/article/1310590wpp/2-days-1-night-to-go-on-indefinite-hiatus-following-jung-joon-youngs-controversy
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