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  1. NOOOOO...I have to wait another week before the finale?? Poor WooJoo has to sit in prison for another week? 왜?? 왜??
  2. The love story has suddenly become front and foremost for me and the Palace politics has faded into the background. I blame it on Schubert - curse you and your Serenade. I cannot remember the last time this has occurred. Clown or King it's all JinGoo isn't it? Minor technicality. FYI In celebration of the new response emoticons, I want to clarify that I am only accepting heart kiss responses for this particular comment. Any others are unacceptable unless you want to be seen as totally contrarian.
  3. Just had a thought. From previews for next week, I wonder if Coach Kim will perform a murder/suicide? This drama has not shied away from controversy and has been very in your face. Sad as it is, it is a reality in life. Parents do kill their own children in the mistaken (?) belief that their child will not be able to survive well without them. I can understand where some of them are coming from. Like in Coach Kim's case, faced with the prospect of a life behind bars will she perform 'mercy killing' on the disabled Kay believing that it would be her ultimate sacrifice of love? Because she believes nobody else left in the world would do a better job of caring for Kay?
  4. Thank you thank you! I heard that piece and was wondering what it was. Looks like I guessed Coach Kim's backstory right. . But looks like I guessed HyeNa's murderer wrong - I thought it was Prof Cha but it looks like it was the security guard (bribed by Coach Kim)? You win some, you lose some. Bravo to Kang JoonSang. It took him 50 years but he finally grew up and became an adult (he shaved - new image, new man). He made his choice to step down from the hospital presidential race. Balled my eyes out when he asked his Mother if she could just love him as her Son regardless. I do love how he finally stood up and made his stance known to his Mother. Note how he reestablished what really mattered. He may have disappointed her and failed to fulfil her wishes for him BUT he remained her Son. He did not disown her and walk away from her. What mattered was the relationship and that hasn't changed (for him anyway, I think his Mom may need time to process it). That was what always mattered from the beginning. We are all the product of our circumstances (KMH with her poor upbringing, and her desire for YeSuh to climb that social ladder) and the sum of our choices (will she decide to turn Coach Kim in?) Preview looks really ominous with Coach Kim and Kay interactions . PS At least one family seems to have a happy ever after (a toast to the Cha family - minus Prof Cha - he can mull at home with his pyramid ). O wait. The Woo family hasn't fared too badly either all things considered. Go SooHan, you teach your folks about pyramids too just like you taught them math. The middle is where it's best. Why teeter at the pointy top where you get knocked off easily? Safer in the middle.
  5. As expected Episode 17 has not disappointed. Be forewarned - keep the tissue box handy. It's brutal viewing - the tear ducts get a big work out. The acting was brilliant all round. 2 families. Both trapped. Both with children to protect/save. Both desperate and in despair. One family stands united (loved the scene at the jail visitation - hands together, all in). The other divided, torn asunder, each battling their own demons in isolation. What will tonight bring us? More of the same I have no doubt. Every week I think, "surely this week will be the week where writer Nim drops the ball and we get a lull"...but no...every week, she raises the bar and keeps me invested. Bravo. Can't wait for more!
  6. It would make it comedic for the King to learn to play the Clown (just like we've seen elements of it when HS played the King). So it would certainly lighten the mood of the whole show dramatically if that's the case. Thus far both within and without the Palace walls the stories have been rather dark. We'll see
  7. What would be totally ironic would be if Dallae and the other man (does he have a name?) mistake YH for HS and YH actually decides to play along . Then we have the Clown playing the King and the King trying to play the Clown. So as the Clown is learning how to crush his enemies (descent into darkness), the King is paralleled relearning what it means to be good again (ascent to light). The Queen will have a real quandary then if the 2 meet in the middle somewhere
  8. Nah..I don't think Royal Chief Secretary has given up on LH. I think he thought initially it was just going to be a week at most. He assumed sending LH away from the Palace (from the immediate threats around him) would be sufficient to bring him back to his senses but he's realised that he was mistaken. It never removed the perceived threats in his (LH) mind. That's why he stabbed HS. He realised that the ruse will take longer than he had envisaged so he needs the Clown play the King for longer. And the longer he plays the King the higher the chances he will get caught. Lady Kim will be dressing and bathing him (?) so that scar on the King's left shoulder needs to be on the Clown too. Concerted efforts would be necessary to bring him up to speed with reading documents and the King's idiosyncrasies told him. You could see how frustrated he was at the situation. He took out his anger on the poor hapless HS on that mountaintop. He had gone through this whole rigmarole for the King's benefit (LH) and instead of him (LH) doing his part by getting clean and recovering (he's in a monastery for a reason - self reflection and healing?), he seems to be doing nothing to help himself and making it worse by looking for the drug himself and descending into more madness. Even the monk cannot hide his disgust.
  9. Haha...that's the couple people are shipping in real life anyway... both are not married (like the blog post says) and he's not much older than her. . Not confirmed though. Just a bit of fun.
  10. Meanwhile in real life...there's a ship happening https://pannative.blogspot.com/2019/01/sky-castle-kim-donghee-roots-kim.html Older twin wants fireworks in real life for PanGook couple
  11. As for the distribution of scripts online and leaks, I seriously doubt it would dent the ratings. If nothing at all, people may want to tune in just to see if the script leak is actually authentic or not . I think the buzz and hype of this drama has built up so much momentum there's going to be little that will be able to stop the final push to the end (leak or not). I liken it to reading a book which has been adapted to a movie. You already know the ending but you wanna watch it anyway because you want to see it 'live' and play out before your eyes.
  12. Agreed re : poisoning. I really believe he meant it when he made that promise to his brother. He knows his brother is dead, if the Queen Dowager knew, he should surely know too? The apparition he sees of his brother looks like a child poisoned (the boy says, "my stomach hurts"), not beheaded or stabbed. You are also correct that he is 'hiding' from his inner demons that plague him by numbing his senses with opium. Locking him up and denying him of the drug is essentially similar to 'cold turkey' treatment to wean people off drugs. So I do think that as the episodes unfold and his lucidity returns, we may yet see a different side to LH (away from the crazy Palace) and potentially brought back to human form again with his encounter with Dalae? It seems imminent - why else have them holed up in the same monastery? Yes to the point where he needs to repent of his deeds beforehand. I guess the question most people raise is - is there a point in one's life where you've done so much bad that no amount of repenting will cut it and you are placed in the irredeemable basket and death would be the only means for redemption? I am actually in the camp where I believe nobody is irredeemable. So as long has he repents, he's on that path of redemption for me already. It doesn't necessarily excuse all the pain and suffering he has caused in the past, but it will certainly change his future trajectory and that's sufficient for me. I guess it's KDrama after all, but I want to know what poison works so fast that kills almost instanteously after consumption? Only cyanide comes to mind and I am not sure it results in bloody vomiting.
  13. So no redemptive arc? Just more madness and insanity? Potentially add raging jealousy to the mix when he discovers HS has in fact taken his place as the Queen's preferred significant other? Which would prompt his return to the Palace to restake his claim to the throne and his wife? Which in turn leads to his demise so that the Clown and Queen have their happy ever after? Maybe the writer will let him regain his senses once the drugs get out of his system and his hallucinary paranoia subsides with it. I would like to see a redemptive arc for LH but that's a personal preference. So like you I wish for it but unlike you I am hopeful that the writer will pen it in. I am still not entirely convinced he had his little brother poisoned. Why bother sending him away to exile? Why not just have him poisoned in the holding cell? He may be guilt ridden because he felt like he was the harbinger of death by sending him to exile but I somehow feel like he meant it when he promised to bring him back after a while. So I see glimpses of his humanity. Did you see how shattered the Queen was after that scene where they share that tender moment as she cleans the blood off him and takes his stained outer robes off? She basically renews her vows to him and reaffirms her love for him (I will laugh with you, cry with you, I will stay by your side) thinking that it would be enough to calm him down and make him stay...she had been the one refusing him before remember? She thought she had his love. HS refuses her . She did not see it coming. Shoe is on the other foot now. She no longer has hold of him like she thought she did. Whereas before she was on surer footing as to where she stood in his eyes, now she isn't so sure. Whole new ballgame. HS behaved in exactly the same way LH did when he realized how dangerous it was in the Palace. So they were no different in their response. It was only that HS's desire for vengeance superseded his fear that he returned. LH will need to experience the same to battle those demons. What possible feeling would be powerful enough to supersede his fear of death? It would be the love for his Queen. The righteous jealousy that is rightfully his to have because he made promises to her and she returned in kind. She was his wife and no other man should be taking his place in her heart. Personally I don't think LH ever stopped loving his Queen. She was the one refusing him remember? He doesn't have to relearn how to love her. He already does. As for why he would let some other Clown take his place in the interim, he is assuming that it will be status quo, that the Queen will continue to refuse him (HS) like he did him (LH). He didn't care about the other concubines, it was just his Queen that mattered. The longer the Clown HS plays the King and lives a lie, the harder it is going to be when the Queen finds out the truth. But I guess this is KDrama after all and the writer has thus far succeeded in keeping my attention.
  14. And this final tidbit before we say goodbye to WonShim... as they walk out they pass MinJi (KkeutNyeo) And you can hear DKS ask NJH if she's hungry and she says why don't we eat Meat Pancakes. Farewell Wondeuk and Hongshim. 100DMP was a blast! i am having trouble embedding the link so you will have to click through to watch it https://www.instagram.com/exo_dyokyusoo/p/BsqNNBphonM/?utm_source=ig_share_sheet&igshid=10tfqop14uxcc
  15. He must be trying to get his diving certificate or something (from what I know you need to clock up a certain number of dives to get to different levels?). Back to Cebu again. cr: Winner Dive