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  1. Viki is screening Dear Judge, although they call it Your Honor. 3 days to go!! Press Con happening on the same day as Premiere. All systems go!! Official link https://www.viki.com/tv/36113c-your-honor
  2. Translation of the article with the stills @rachelyun just posted above https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=117&aid=0003080852 " Dear Judge, " Yoon Si-yoon's third set of stills was revealed. " Dear Judge " is a drama about an unconventional judge who delves out unprecedented rulings based on real law. In particular the dual roles of Yoon Si-yoon (Han-Suho, Han-Kangho) will be pivotal in the story of “Dear Judge”. Yoon has given his utmost and has been throwing himself with great enthusiasm into the double roles. In the previous series of stills and teasers released, Yoon drew much attention through various character expressions and body-rolling (falling down??). Meanwhile, a new set of stills have emerged featuring Yoon Si-yoon's breathtaking performance on July 21. The released photos depicts Yoon Si-yoon's " Three Trials " set caught during the filming of Dear Judge. The first photo is dimly lit and Yoon is seen hanging upside down in the air with his legs tied up tightly caught by an unknown suspicious man. The second he is laying on the floor, bleeding from his head. The third features him being subject to water torture. Those scenes can only be explained by the word " life” (?Chinese translates to “hardship” or “suffering” which sounds like a better translation). Above all, the powerful presence of Yoon Si-yoon is very inspiring. His eyes tell all in the pictures, revealing the intensity of the moment. The energy and passion of Yoon is palpable. Moreover, the story of " Dear Judge, " which is turning out more dramatic and intense than first envisaged is enough to add even more excitement to the roles. In this regard, the production team said, " We want to heartily thank Yoon for his continued efforts and enthusiasm. He is not just running and throwing his body around for the role. He is even undergoing water torture and being hung upside down! Nevertheless, we are grateful to Yoon Si-yoon, who always smiles and gives his all in the scenes. We are looking forward to how his passion will shine in the drama.” Viewers are urged to highly anticipate the screening of " Dear Judge ".
  3. Selfies by one of the characters in DJ with YSY Translated from this article (with the stills of YSY as SuHo) - pics have already been posted a few times already on this page so I won't add it. cr- https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003288760 Dear Judge Yoon Si-yoon showing us the perfect suit fit. SBS's new drama " Dear Judge " will premiere on July 25 (The Stormworks, IHQ). " Dear Judge " is a drama highlighting judicial decisions made by a “bad” judge which do not reflect actual law. Yoon Si-yoon, the main character of the drama, who plays twins with 2 opposing characters is garnering high expectations and attention. In the previously released character still pictures and teasers, Yoon Si-yoon drew keen attention from prospective viewers by showcasing a brash and dark KangHo who has five previous criminal convictions. On July 20, the production team of " Dear Judge " released news stills of Yoon Si-yoon (playing Han Su-ho), a stark contrast to the previously disclosed images of his twin KangHo. Yoon Si-yoon, in the photos released, is immaculately dressed with a neat hairstyle in starched suits that matches his character as a genius judge in the drama. SuHo has a calm and collected expression on his face, leaving a deep impression on the hearts of prospective viewers. In addition, Yoon Si-yoon's character SuHo exudes sexy charm with his intelligent gaze and as he carries himself with the composure befitting his status as the youngest judge in the history of the judicial system in Korea. What is particularly attractive is the acting capabilities of Yoon Si-yoon, who has transformed into a completely different image in the one drama. It begs the question of how Yoon Si-yoon the 'chameleon’ will express both his characters in the one drama. The production team said, " Yoon Si-yoon has a special love for his work. He has been studying his characters day and night. He plays both characters with equal intensity and passion. He constantly amazes us with his versatility. We are grateful that Yoon Si-Yoon is playing both roles and we have high expectations that the audience will be equally blown away to watch him in ' Dear Judge '”.
  4. https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003288651 (pics above from Rachel's post (Park Byung-Eun) There are some actors with the versatility to freely perform in any work or role easily. These same actors can not only morph completely into different roles, but do so powerfully. Park Byung-Eun is one such actor. Naturally, the public are waiting with great eagerness for him to see what his next work would be and what he would do with it. Park Byung-eun plays the heir of the law firm 'Oh Dae-yang' in SBS's new drama " Dear Judge " (directed by Cheon Seong-il / The Story Works, IHQ). Oh Sang-chul seems to have it all - money, honor and the world at his feet, but he is greedy for more - an ambitious man who likes getting his own way. At this point, I asked Park directly. Why did you decide to appear in " Dear Judge " and how will you portray Oh Sang-chul? "Oh Sang-chul is such an attractive role to play, I fell in love at first sight" Two seasons of ' Queen of Mystery ', ' This is my first life ', and followed by ' Mistress ', Park continued his work without a break from 2017 to the first half of 2018. It mustn't have been easy to keep working. "Nevertheless," Park said, " I decided to appear in ' Dear Judge ' right away. My character Oh Sang-chul was just too attractive to me." Park Byung-eun said, " Initially I had wanted to rest a little because I have been working non stop since last year. Then, after reading the script of ' Dear Judge ', I thought I would regret this work if I didn't do it. The completeness of the script, the character was perfect. I think I fell in love at first sight because my character Oh Sang-cheol is so attractive. " "Oh Sang-cheol character, acurious mix of love and loathing. " Oh Sang-cheol, played by Park Byung-eun, is like Janus (I think he means he is two-faced - Janus is the God with 2 faces). Although he seems to have everything, he hasn't actually got what he really wants. As an actor, it is not easy to express these various aspects. Nevertheless, Park Byung-eun has played varied roles before that have drawn rave reviews from the public. Park described the character Oh Sang-chul as a " package of love, disgust, compassion and desire. We changed his hair color to black in order to show a cool and harsh exterior. The suit also had a tight styling cues. Oh focuses solely on how he can respond to different situations and emotions without worrying about these external things. The rave reviews have been coming from the production team too, I am grateful to the director for his consideration and love. " Park Byung-eun is a versatile actor. He is preparing for yet another spectacular transformation through ' Dear Judge. ' And his enthusiastic performances and efforts have already strengthened the ' Dear Judge ' atmosphere. I am curious to see Oh Sang-cheol in " Dear Judge " and how Park Byung-eun will come across on our screens. Nara's interview Cr- https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003288727 Kwon Na-ra, who started out in girl group Hello Venus has made inroads into becoming an actress. I thought she was just a pretty face, but through her conscientious work ethic and efforts, she has proven me wrong and has gained credibility as an actress in her own right even though she has only starred in two dramas. Now she chooses her third drama and prepares to face the audience once again as she plays Joo Eun, an announcer in SBS's new drama " Dear Judge “ which will air on July 25. As the character has distinct characteristics, one can see Nara’s transformation and efforts as an actress once more. At this point I asked Kwon Na-ra why she decided to appear in the drama, and what she thinks of her character Joo Eun. “Joo-Eun a new challenge for Nara” JooEun, played by Kwon Na-ra, is the lover of a man named Han SuHo(Yoon Si-yoon). She is a beautiful woman who is a TV announcer and is special enough to capture everyone's heart. For Na-ra, the charm of Joo Eun was what attracted her to appear in Dear Judge. Na-ra added, “The script and story was interesting. Above all, Joo Eun was such an attractive character to play. She has everything any woman would ever want, she is a beautiful, loving woman who wins the heart of a daring and loving man. Plus it was also nice to play a professional announcer. In many ways, I wanted to challenge myself.” " I wanted to express myself as much as I could as a real announcer. " One of the distinctive features of the character " JooEun " is that she is a professional announcer. It is a very attractive but difficult role to play as an actor. To that end, Na-ra is making extra effort which included receiving special guidance from real announcers. When asked if there was any part that she had to pay particular attention to when playing the role of an announcer, Na-ra said, " First of all, I had to get used expressing myself as a news announcer as much as possible. So, I got a lot of help from current announcers. I am doing my best. I am excited and excited about how Joo Eun will look in the drama and how viewers will look at her. "
  5. Yes @rachelyun SDI was Chun JiHo in Chuno. I checked. I will take a look later at those articles to see if I can translate any. Busy now. YSY looks so different as SuHo. No wonder everyone was surprised at how he could switch from one to the other so radically. Loving him in that suit and coiffed hair
  6. Cr- https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=404&aid=0000219721 (Translation may contain inaccuracies and errors - Papa Sung praised in glowing terms) Writer Chun Sung-il and actor Sung Dong-il collaborate again. That alone is a good enough reason to watch ' Dear Judge '. We remember Sung Dong-il, an actor from lots of previous works. He has been our father, the warm-hearted police, a judge, etc. All of these characters were realistically portrayed by Sung Dong-il and left lasting impressions in viewers ' minds. However, his most poignant work would have been in the drama " Chuno " as " Chun Ji-ho. " Sung Dong-il brought the character of Chun Ji-ho to life with his extraordinary acting ability. Despite it being eight years since the broadcast of "Chuno", " Chun Ji-ho " is still considered one of the best works of Sung Dong-il. Chun Sung-il, the writer of the drama " Chuno, " was responsible for creating the character " Chun Ji-ho ". As a writer, he knows the merits and strengths of actor Sung Dong-il. Now that. the two meet again in the production of Dear Judge, it is almost a certainty that audiences will be in for a treat. In " Dear Judge, " Sung Dong-il is playing the character Sa Ma-Gwi who meets with Han KangHo (Yoon Si-yoon) in prison. Sung Dong-il, who played a relatively good role in his last drama, plays a freewheeling character in Dear Judge. It is highly anticipated that he will certainly bring his character to life with relish. Chun Sung-il says of Sung Dong-il, " For me, Sung Dong-il is one of the best 'cooks' in the field. All I give him is just the ingredients, and he whips them up giving us the most appropriate and delicious dish depending on the work and character. That is the genius working in him. I have no idea what the dish will be until the results are out. Just waiting for his final dish to appear makes my heart beat faster. I have no doubt that the dish he delivers would be more delicious and wonderful than any dish I could ever envisage." It is an interview that revealed the writer's deep trust in actor Sung Dong-il's acting. At the same time, we can also see how well Chun Sung-il understands the true value of actor Sung Dong-il. Sung Dong-il also responded in kind by never hesitating to take part in " Dear Judge " due to his close relationship with Chun Sung-il and Boo Sung-cheol. Their mutual respect for each other to give of their best to their respective roles in the production is one of the many reasons why viewers should be greatly pleased with the result.
  7. Cr- http://www.newsen.com/news_view.php?uid=201807171158091110 Okay I will give it a go (don't take it as totally accurate though) JooE, a member of the group, said the actor Yoon Si-yoon is her ideal type. Momo Land (Jane, Taeha, Nancy, JooE, Daisy, Einstein and Hyebin) were guests on SBS Power FM ' Power Time of Choi Hwa-jeong ' on July 17. DJ Choi Hwa-jeong said, " JooE is pretty cute. Do you have a Boyfriend?" JooE replied, " Not now. If anyone is interested, please let me know." Choi Hwa-jeong asked, " Who is your ideal type then? " JooE said, " I usually like people who are cheerful and are dependable like rocks (?). I once liked my senior Ma Dong-seok but now I like Yoon Si-yoon." Disclaimer - this is the bit I am not completely sure about...but I have translated it as this... JooE said, " These days, I am particularly struck by men who are pretty when they cry. Like Yoon Si-Yoon."
  8. @rachelyun watching that teaser again gives me chills. I am so not used to seeing YSY like that. A couple of times I've had to do a double take to check that it's really him. Kudos to him for being brave to break new ground with his acting and character roles he picks. Not much longer now...
  9. https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=312&aid=0000339249 I am all for the little guys trying to make it big so I am including them in my translations - every actor/actress is important whether their role is big or small. I am gonna attempt to make sense of the article above (pic in post from Farbod earlier). 4yo Chaebol is the direct translation but it doesn't make sense coz obviously the man pictured is not 4yo...so I am assuming it means he is a 4th generation Chaebol (Google this to find out what it means in detail but by and large it means powerful influential wealthy families in Korea). Yoon Na-Mu will play the role of " Lee Ho-seong, " a 4th generation Chaebol. On the 19July, YNM's agency SM C&C's management released still pictures of YNM acting in Dear Judge. In the photos, Yoon Na-Mu is being tried in court dressed neatly in a suit befitting his character hailing from a chaebol family. In the pictures, he is seen to be struggling with his glasses, clasping his hands together and attempting to find words to defend himself. His realistic facial expressions and gestures portray his frustration and disbelief that he is being tried in court. Yoon Na Mu has appeared on our screens before with roles in SBS's " Oh, The Mysterious ", KBS's " Fight for My Way " and SBS's " Dr Romantic. " https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003826120 His glasses and robes give me Harry Potter vibes . This is actor Kim Kang Hyeon Kim Kang-Hyeon in the photo released by his agency Salt Entertainment is wearing a robe and holding a rice cake with the message : ' I am everyone's dear Deputy Chief of Staff . ' (? Not sure about this translation) It is said that his rice cake gift has become a reliable gift to actors and staff who are struggling in the hot summer. (? Not sure if this meant he shared his rice cakes with fellow cast members and staff or he was just chuffed to have one with his pic on it).
  10. Aww @lyd89 ...I love that last pic of Defconn and his dream date... Such a contrast to when I was watching it complete with blow by blow commentary from the boys below... Haha... . Poor Defconn. At least he didn't suffer the same fate as JongMin in the Avatar date...who said the most ridiculous things thanks to his Bros' coaching and the reaction of the poor girl was just priceless
  11. no problems. I amended my post above to reflect that it is in fact the 3rd teaser. Poster below me probably didn't realise that, hence the double post of the same video. Also YSY fan club from China and Korean fan club funded a food truck for YSY and DJ cast/staff...looks yummy. Cr - YSY Bar (Baidu fan account) with special "삼계탕" (Chicken ginseng soup) - I guess that's what YSY is eating? Photos in this post http://tieba.baidu.com/p/5800231912 EDIT- Incumbent underground YSY extraordinaire @rachelyun highlighted to me that those pics are copyrighted so I have deleted photos and instead posted link to Baidu post which is public (just to be on the safe side). We are all law abiding netizens here on DJ thread.
  12. Yes word from the underground is that this is a correct assumption...all will be revealed soon enough to clear that all up EDIT - maybe they will do a dance off against ShinHwa haha cr- ckdrama Instagram