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  1. Don't know. She could be filming Diva still. She works way too hard... Not sure she will do any variety show. She's been asked in an interview once about going on a variety show and she said she is too shy/intimidated...she feels like she can't think on her feet quick enough to say things (interesting things) on air so chances are she won't be in a variety any time soon. She strikes me as the shy introverted type. I think that's why YSY went out of his way to be nice to her because she is genuinely naive and nice and an easy target for bullying (even she acknowledged that in the same interview, that she just gets caught out all the time and is the brunt of jokes constantly). He knew that so he curbed his sarcasm and teasing to a minimum.
  2. I am going to wait a few days till everyone has had a chance to watch the ending before I pen my thoughts
  3. Don't thank me. Thank @blackberrypie - she translated it all. I'm just her messenger from the underground Wrap up party pics are appearing
  4. Preview is out still so sad...will writer nim really drag out the angst till the end?? Time will tell. Does KH come back to defend SE against Creeepy Prosecutor's libel accusations against SE? He looks like a man on a mission in that last scene. EDiT- looks like my prediction is correct. KH to the rescue!
  5. Most recent BTS translation - cr @blackberrypie No mics on, so its so hard to catch what they are saying. LYY held the cake, and said, 'afraid it will fall..' So to be safe, she uses the pen holder instead. And she said to YSY, make a wish (this was also her line in that scene). The caption then wrote (while YSY was whispering to LYY), 'wishes will only be shared with Soeun-i'. But it we know better because it's more than likely in that scene YSY was sharing an inside joke with LYY..which is why LYY can't help laughing...It is refreshing he is obviously so comfortable with her! Next, in the scene with the playful smacking. LYY asked YSY; oppa, are you mad/angry? YSY pretending to be.. yes, at you.. LYY; with me? YSY: (pointing at LYY) you were the one (who did something to him?) LYY: oh, why are you always like that to me.. (then playfully hit him) YSY: what are you talking about (playfully hit her back) LYY: why are you copying me?   After the scene is filmed, a staff mentioned in the background, "it feels sad like they're really leaving/resigning from office for good" (maybe they meant the drama is ending soon and everyone is feeling sad that it's ending soon )
  6. YSY update - from YSY-pedia @rachelyun Official confirmation. And if you're wondering why she looks familiar it's because she was the guitar carrying crush that Enrique had in FBND (she was in love with his brother). https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=109&aid=0003867560
  7. Yes. I will wait till it gets translated and post here too. I noticed that a lot of what's said isn't subtitled (no words on the screen) so you really need to listen hard to get what they are actually saying coz they are sometimes saying things under their breath.
  8. @Gravityoflove I can't do full subtitled of BTS translations but I can give you summaries. Credit to @blackberrypie Necktie BTS - OTP acting out scene together and at the end of that poignant scene, LYY's stomach rumbles...that's why YSY was laughing and she followed him looking really embarrassed. He says her stomach growling is cute. Next scene you see her munching on something (obviously to stave off further tummy grumbles) and trying to work out how to adjust his necktie properly. And he comments, "look how focused she is when learning how to adjust my neck tie!" Kiss BTS - casual banter on swings. YSY suggests a word game where the other person continues by contributing a word using the last syllable of the word given. Exactly like the opening game played in 1N2D global fan trip. YSY starts with 'Chin ae ha neun pan sa nim kke' (title of Dear Judge), and LYY is supposed to continue with saying a word that starts with 'kke...' but she just laughs.. and YSY gleefully shouted, 'Yay! I won!' Haha. He's playful! Next he suggests, SE (he calls LYY as Soeun) should make a 8 phrase poem from the words of DJ title. She replied SE is not the kind of person with such 'sense'! She said 'oppa, you should do it'. YSY said, 'no, im KH right now', and 'KH just knows how to play'. SE said, 'You can just be SH then'. YSY refused, in a playful manner insisting he is acting as KH in the upcoming scene. Their playful banter ended when they get into the filming the scene. They have such a great working relationship, they get each other and are totally at ease.
  9. You know the end is nigh when side characters start to do post drama interviews. This one by Yoon NaMu (Lee HoSeong). Translations may contain inaccuracies... Especially past drama names and characters - I haven't bothered to check. Cr - https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=117&aid=0003109464 This was a very unusual role to play. It wasn't your typical third generation son of conglomerates, even though it was similar to the villain he had played before. As the actor's villain role evolved, viewers definitely recognized the actor named Yoon NaMu. In the SBS drama "Dear Judge" Lee HoSeong, the 3rd generation son of a chaebol family, has never learnt to control his feelings. He exhibited unmitigated rage and viciousness in the drama. I had so much fun playing the character LHS in "Dear Judge." He was a very mean person and a bad character and I played him as such but I felt a little sad for him and tried to put my own slant into playing a character such as him. "When else will I get to play the role of the third generation chaebol?" said YNM, who smiled, "I can't be satisfied even now. I still feel lacking in my acting and that I can still find something new to add to his character even now." YNM added, "Actually, it was very hard to play this character. I'm not that bad, nor do I get angry like he does. So I put a lot of effort into getting prepared for the role externally. I haven’t had many roles that required external preparations before. So it was all new to me. This time I put a lot of effort into making sure my glasses were clean and caring about clothes and accessories. Basically I wore a lot of suits, but I didn't want to be too flashy. I tried to dress differently depending on the situation. Putting on all these made me feel more in character and so acting was easier.” Previously, I acted in "Remember: Son's War" Nam Gyu-man (South Goong-min) and "Venant" Cho Tae-oh (Yoo Tae-oh). How do these characters compare with the role of Lee HoSeong of "Dear Judge."? "Whilst there were similarities in the characters Cho Tae-oh and Nam Gyu-man, I still feel every character is unique," YNM said. "There is always something that only I can add to a role, regardless of whether I'm good or bad.” "I think it's up to me to make my character persuasive. Lee HoSeong said, "I can't control my anger well”. That's not true. It is only because no one has ever forced him to control his anger. That was the key point. I thought I could make characters that are a little different from dramas and movies that I had been exposed to before. I start from there and expand it to suit the role." After the SBS drama "A win of the Question," YNM plays another villain in quick succession. Although the role is clearly different, it can be a burden to be typecast as a villain by viewers through playing bad characters one after another? But YNM replied, “I don’t see it that way. I have had a conversation with myself in which I was worried that I might continue to be typecast in that way all the time, but I convinced myself that it's a training process and if it's one of my abilities that makes viewers experience all the various differences in my characters then I am satisfied. It makes me grow as an actor and encourages me to do better and try harder," he explained. I learned a lot from "Dear Judge." Especially whenever I was acting with Yoon Si-yoon. He takes his work very seriously and agonizes deeply about every scene. That caused me a lot of worry initially because I was concerned I couldn't keep up with his intensity. Thankfully we worked well on our scenes together," YNM said. “I did a lot of things that were repetitive (guess he means being angry and violent all the time), but he (YSY) created an atmosphere that was relaxed which allowed us all to enjoy filming regardless." "Yoon Si-yoon also took care of each of the staff and actors in spite of his busy double roles. I learned a lot from him. He is always smiling and leading the atmosphere without any signs of difficulty. From him, I realized that it is important to create a fun atmosphere while filming a drama to make it easier for everyone. It was so cool.”
  10. Busted big time...1:38-1:42 unscripted secret sharing(my fav couple moment - sharing confidences). Then 1:48 playful smacks That's it...confirmation that he's besotted with her.
  11. O her sister makes an appearance! https://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=076&aid=0003318181
  12. I love fans with a sense of humour. Gifts to be presented to OTP at wrap up party include plaques (with pics of them holding hands on the street facing each other and also the roller coaster scene where she clings onto his hand) and get this - hangover bottled drinks which I think include "gravity" as an ingredient @rachelyun I like that KH appears to be doggedly trying to change for the better (with or without the impetus from SE) and not wallowing or throwing the towel in and reverting to his thug ways. Gives me hope for tonight.
  13. Okay so you chingus got your happy ever after...our turn now in DJ forum...PLEASE writer Nim... Your OTP looks cute together (I adore the actress who plays young SeoRi - she first caught my eye in 7DQ). On my binge watch list after I recover from lack of sleep. Coffee on tap tonight and tomorrow night and a less than functioning seriously sleep deprived human come FriYay. Onward!
  14. Partial translation of that article has KH doing a voice over saying, "This is the real me." I am wondering what document he is holding in pic 3...it doesn't look like a letter...it looks like a form of sorts with boxes?