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  1. Yeah comment says 2013. He's going to be a guest in Pajama friends as a Cinderella Boy. That episode should be airing soon. He doesn't get a lot of air time though...and it's just one episode. He's currently looking to find a new home closer to the city centre in Seoul so that could be keeping him busy right to end of the year.
  2. Don't quote me though - I can't vouch for their absolute accuracy. The Chinese subs were literal so it was hard to get some of it and I had to make it up as I went along without hitting the pause button. And their thought flow was hard to follow in some bits and I didn't bother to rewind (haha). I find DKS easier to follow coz he speaks slowly. NJH speaks really fast so even speed reading the subs I find it hard to get everything- lol!!
  3. @triplem Okay I managed to finally finish the Special Ep. My internet is slow and it kept buffering. And is a quick summary coz I couldn't afford to halt the stream once it got going or I would have had to wait a few minutes again for it to start again. Dimples (SeonHo) had another segment he spoke in - I think it was about his most memorable scene/line. He said his lines weren't particularly pointed in the beginning but there was one line that struck a chord with him and one he thought was particularly poignant... "The heart is for giving, not for taking/receiving". It was during that scene where he speaks of his desire for HS Dimples: I want that girl to say of me that I admired her from afar... HS: But you cannot have this girl's heart though? Dimples: The heart is not for taking or receiving, it is only for giving. He said when he said that line, he felt a sense of fulfillment (he had closure - that it was enough to have loved, even if it was unrequited). Then he adds, "I actually felt jealous/envious (of HS/WD's love) whilst filming. Would you not feel sad to have to admit that to yourself?" He qualifies this by saying, "In reality, they weren't actually married (I think this was when LY went back to the Palace)? That is why I still held out hope and pursued her. The situation would've been different (not right) had she been a married woman. So I felt my character's motives fitted well with the whole vibe of the drama." During the PressCon I think SeonHo said he was really scared whilst riding the horse, he said it was hard enough riding one let alone having to navigate it dressed in hanbok. And there were closing statements as well. He added that looking back now he wished his character had a love line too...so he felt regretful that it never eventuated (or was fully developed). Other things I noted 1. NJH's most memorable scene was the one where she had doubled back to the house (and she hid) to get her luggage and LY returned to the house and they had that final conversation and bid each other farewell. She said she was really emotional in that scene. After their confrontation where she stayed stoic and held back the tears as she spoke to him, the floodgates opened after they parted and she sobbed her heart out. 2. PD's most memorable scene was the proposal at the carnival, where WD handed HS the posy of flowers and asked her to marry him (?) and she replied with a peck on his cheek as her reply against the backdrop of fireworks. He said it all came together perfectly in that scene. 2 ridiculously good-looking people in the one frame and the fireworks in the background. He added that it wasn't just that it looked pretty on the outside, it was the whole lead up to that scene (their story) and the emotions behind it that sealed it for him as his favorite...that lovely warm and fuzzy feeling when you feel like all the pieces fall together at just the right moment.
  4. @triplem just for you regarding that segment in the Special Ep by SeonHo. I watched the Chinese subbed version. Anyway regarding the dance. He said he was totally out of his league and despite putting 1/2-1hr practice he was still really unsure and lacking. So he went online after and apologised profusely for his inept dancing. To no avail, he said, coz SNS was filled with gifs of him with tags like 'Paper Doll', 'Astronaut', 'Flying Crane' - saying he looked like he was striking a crane pose - lots of people were saying that of him (poor thing - haha). But he said just as well the drama performed beyond his wildest expectations so it made up for it... he was laughing at this stage...
  5. In response to @TheMsChelsea91 This is from reading English subs from EXO fans (helps when there are zillions following his every move and translating everything he says - no help when you wanna hear NJH's parts though) 1. He said NJH was a good dancer and his comment about the other 2 male dancers SoHee and SeonHo - "they don't need to 'fight' about who is the better dancer. They were both the same (just as bad) - haha... 2. OST - no from my research DKS asked Chen to do it (which was very generous of him - he could've asked them to lower the vocal range so he could sing it himself - he has a lower vocal range) - he felt that the song better suited Chen's higher vocal range so he passed it onto him to perform. And he was right. The higher notes carried the mood of the song better. NJH said she listened to it every night. DKS said he heard Chen sing it live and he thanked Chen for doing it. NJH mentioned that when they played the Gummy OST at the end of the last scene she screamed coz she loved it too - haha... 7. /10. The reason (pure conjecture) he kept switching how he referred to her was that in dancing and real life she was younger but when it came to acting and experience - she was sunbaenim - she is a child actress and has had experiences with multiple kiss scenes before so she ranks higher in seniority? Haha...Or he could've just been nervous - he's a quiet man by nature and he often stumbles on words when put on the spot. 11. That was the scene/line he liked most - the one in the kitchen where he said 'I am your husband and I won't leave you'. 14. That's her real personality coming out. She's usually bubbly and has grown up in the limelight and used to all the interviews and press cons. So she will always look more assured between the 2 of them. DKS lives in his head most times so he tends to look more uncomfortable talking - I don't think this will change. Here's the summary
  6. Live streaming at 8pm tonight with CTH and this lady - she's a YouTuber. They are filming 2D1N.
  7. This seals it...ending was planned by PD and writer...it was not rushed.
  8. Roughly translated from above clip DKS - do you feel sad that 100DMP has ended? NJH - if you are curious about what's happening behind the scenes in the WonDeuk and HongShim story... DKS - Then look forward to the 100DMP Supplementary Episode NJH - Please anticipate it a lot! cr-inksoomissedit
  9. Haha...the pic that everyone was wanting to see ... someone has too much time on their hands
  10. These pics have only just surfaced - she obviously saved them in her phone and only now posted them on Insta. It's actually of the wrap up party for Dear Judge (wearing same outfits as then and also same venue and the picture in the back with DJ pics). Nara and PBE were also in her other pics. This jeweler had her jewelry pieces used during DJ.
  11. Well not bad...number 3 for 2018 after Mr Sunshine and Misty. http://koalasplayground.com/2018/11/04/k-ent-industry-insiders-poll-mr-sunshine-as-best-drama-and-hwayugi-as-worst-drama-of-2018/#more-93051
  12. Yeah I think since the whole Park-Park shipping frenzy (I think they are still going) after Secretary Kim I think most couples go to great pains not to be seen together post drama. Anyway I think KS is flat out with EXO comeback now and he's moved on to promoting Swing Kids. Promos start soon in earnest so whilst the other cast may still be in that headspace I think he's sort of already moved on.
  13. YSY in Busan filming as a guest on Pajama Friends - perusing books (his favourite) what else?
  14. Well this is abuzz on social media...I am not sure what this Special Episode is on tvN. Potentially the same special one they put out before the Premiere or cut scenes or ?? So I guess you can check out if happang was really edited out or not (Nov 9 1810 kst) It's 1hr 20min long.
  15. Well you'll have to buy the DVD to find out for sure but I doubt they would've edited it out...we had 'suggested' bed scenes (which you could say would qualify as hapbang) in the mill when GuDol was imagining how things could've been in the mill - 50 shades... Personally I am plenty happy with how their love story ended.