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  1. Omg...saw today episode. To many conflicts: yes the older brother live for his siblings so much that he even left and misstreated his own wife and daughter, and know he is dying and lonelly. He realisee he did wrong with their brothers but its already too late and honestly is not for him to resolve their lives, he must let them move on, grow up, if they faced a problem to resolve it, he has always dragg them and try to make everything better but in reality it was not. They all say lyes and do not tell the true, problem with the mom who they see as they great mom when she is not and big broo by trying to cover this up has just make everythingore difficult. Time is rinning out on him and the doctor sister knows it. She nows that the other siblings can not do anything or even are not willing to do better. They are lost cases at the moment. But so far is the best show of the week.
  2. Me tooo..don't like him with the now widow. I do not trust her complete. I like Yoo Ra caracter. But know we would see if she changes or stay as she is with the current situation at the company and familly. The mother is the most crazy person of all.
  3. I just finish this week episodes and I love it. Great story, real people, real problems,crazy situations sad moments and fun at the same time, just love it. This is what I need it. I was not able to connect to any of the current week dramas at the moment, I am more than happy I found something I like.
  4. Oh. Well finally this Father does something good. When the true is all know and the evil stephmother is discover this father really would face a difficult reality and time. He is the one that brought that woman into his house so he is partiatly in fault with the missing of his daughter. He is going to be really hurt and ashame of everything. But at least de DNA was correct donne and the stephmother was not able to hide the true.
  5. Oh welll have not watch couple of weeks this drama, I thoug give it another oportinuty but It just doesnt make any sense at all. Just can seem to like it yet, I am going to skee more episodes or weeks come back later on.
  6. OMG...I never saw this drama before. Just found it yesterday and I love it. Made my week, have not been able to like a drama the past month. And this one is just amazing great show. So its a 5th season...should I look for the other seasons. The detective and forensic interaction so great and real. Love everything.
  7. roli

    [Drama 2018] Room Nine, 나인룸

    I can no see them at youtube yet but at the online site that I watch drama the episode it just upload it.
  8. I am waiting for the subs. Saw the small video clips today at youtube but was no able to understand the end. Need subs. This was a real complicated drama, great actors but a dificult story.
  9. I have 2 ideas: 1. I don't think grandpa is death. I believe he planned with the lawyer this so he can rest and see how people would react to the situation and also to put NJ into the company and make him stronger. 2. I also believe SW is not the real son. I think the mom is lying and grandpa and lawyer know it. This could be the second grand true to be reveled later on. Maybe SW reall father can apear later on, trying to win his heart and buying stock from the company an make this a great bussness war. This as my 2 theories so far. The drama still have nos convince me yet. I STILL miss the other drama...
  10. I saw it too..is he going to die...is she pregnant..??.. In the description it says there is 3 more episodes, tomorrow and next week. But if he dies...how sad the end would be...for her it is still a sad situation and more if she is pregnant.
  11. I have not been following this drama since started. But I saw a small clip yesterday at youtube and it was chapter 16 when she confronts the husband and his cheating. OMG it was just heartbroken, I did not see entirely the first episodes I don't think I have the courage to but I really want to see how the drama would end. A lot of diferent ideas came into mind, but what I really want is the cheaters to have a sad end and the exs to have a better life. I don't see it as a partners swipe like the ex end together it would be more than crazy and I don't think their relationship is still there for it. They seem to be good as friends and listen to one another but as a couple I don't know...they are still hurt and kind of living in a different path..their wounds are still fresh and would need more time to heal. Specially the ex wife she I would like to have a much comfortable and lovly life.
  12. I really did not like this drama. It lost me in the middle of the story. I have never before felt so angry with the main caracters. Now I am just waiting for the end to see the final develoment on the other caracters the main couple I am not interested. It really was for me a dissaponted story. I have never read the novel and don't think I will after seen this drama.
  13. I just gave up to this story. I can not handle the female caracter. She is just afraid of making a decision. Its just too much.
  14. Ok. But the 10tn is the next Saturday.. .would they have all episodes on one day..??