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  1. ynaentertainment

    Audition for Girl Group in San Francisco, CA

    Hi everyone! We're currently holding auditions for a girl group our company is putting together in San Francisco, California. This girl group will also likely be doing a range of genres from hip-hop to even ballads and can expect to work on both covers and originals, but will receive help from the company along the way. Please contact me if you're interested!
  2. ynaentertainment

    YNA Entertainment

    Hi everyone! YNA Entertainment is a company I just started, we are really small right now but we're looking for individuals who want to become singers, dancers, and rappers, as well as those who want to be instrumentalists. We are also still looking for dance trainers and rap trainers. I'm a vocalist myself, so this company is all about looking out for its artists and not only honoring their dreams, originality and creativity but helping them showcase their talents. So if you're interested please either comment or message me directly. Anyway, I really look forward to working with anyone who is interested! And thank you for taking the time to read this. YNA Entertainment