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  1. Then, LHK-sshi, why you asked whether LSG is lonely?? He definitely not lonely if he just hang out with MITH brothers the day before.. *Delulu mode on* Maybe because LSG cannot celebrate his 28/anniversary with his cool partner
  2. ctto LHK ig update with LSG.. I love his caption.. It kinda have teasing vibes.. Are you really lonely, charming friend??
  3. LSG as guest appearance in My Little Old Boy/ My Ugly Duckling preview (did LSG had dating rumor???) i think OYS private her account to remove some spam followers maybe.. because her followers decrease to 2.1m when she just reached 2.2m followers on 10/08..
  4. as a long time fan of oys since 2012.. me too is concern about this KB guy. But, i will support her no matter what.. its only her that i love. i hope she didnt hiding for a long time because of this news. i miss her already.. you already watched?? can you pm me where you watched it. btw i am from malaysia too.. hee
  5. lets wait for marriage news.. that will be the end of this ship.. until then i will continue loving oys and lsg..
  6. sorry to say.. me too.. i agree with this.. i freakin love oys but that guy not so much.. i dont know if this pair will last long if he did not enlist yet.. but we'll see..
  7. Hi guys. I'm a big fan of OYS since 2012. I'm happy OYS loved by many now. I think this picture has not been posted yet. LSG liked this pic before (18/12). accidentally or not, i like it.. it makes my shipper heart happy. https://www.instagram.com/p/Bc1sQ7VAf1Y/?hl=en&taken-by=hwayugi_ original post - https://www.instagram.com/p/Bc1qUvYDUhD/?taken-by=kdrama.official sorry, i dont know how to insert insta post. first time join soompi forum. and pardon my bad english.