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  1. Hello my fellow namji shippers! Havent posted here in quite a long time but i do lurk sometimes when i have free time hehe HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO OUR CAPTAIN AYE AYE AYE!!! we miss you everyday wookie! Stay healthy and safe! We cant wait for u to get back and spend time with our girl!! Lol
  2. Havent been here too much because of real life but of course i wouldnt bother to spazz on our anniversary day!! cant believe its been a year already. been a year since this two people have been entertaining us with their oozing chemistry. happy to have met u (sounds familiar? lol) guys just like how happy wookie is with hyunnie and vice versa lmao. to more years of spazzing with jiji fam!! lets support our otp through drought and bombs hehe love you all!!
  3. Our captain keeps on posting ig updates!! Hooray!! Wishing hyunnie will update us soon too.
  4. I think we will never know if hyunnie really visited wookie or those are just rumors. I'm torn between knowing the real status of these two and seeing a pic of them out together or just let them date in secret or quietly. argh. its so hard. hahahaha in the end, we r just fans and they dont have the obligation to let us know everything they do but nonetheless we will still support them along the way!! i think we are stucked (maybe thats why our founder was named @stucked lol we miss you here) with them forever!
  5. So happy to see all of us spazzing over that chupchup kiss lol these two will be the cause of my death
  6. I was curious.. remember the last bts sbs catch uploaded where in jcw and njh were in the court room, and nara had a suspicious smile. we were asking what were our couple doing. was that bts included in the dvd cut? (i dont have the dvd cut so idk) do we have some conclusion on what were they really up to that time? or is it still a mystery..
  7. im getting chills and goosebumps imagining hyunnie hugging that body during the bts. did she hug him or her arms were just covering her chest? haahahahaha argh they should've removed the blanket!!
  8. And to think there was this old interview where i think hyunnie picked kang ha neul as her ideal type? i bet wookie made a jealous face (just like in sp drama where they were gathered around the table lol) hahahah but of course id like to believe that has changed and became wookie (I STRONGLY BELIEVE)
  9. i cant sometimes fathom that jichangwook, namjihyun and kanghaneul kissed each other already whats the musical all about?? will jcw and khn kiss again? kidding. i wonder if hyunnie came up as a topic conversation with these two lol
  10. that makes sense though.. when her vlive ended, he had to go to her thats why he wasnt able to finish the play. omg im delulu sorry hahaha
  11. omg yes maybeeee they met up during that time!! like a celebratory date night hahahaha
  12. I hope wookie was aware that they won the best kiss!! hyunnie ah, go to cheorwon and bring that trophy hahahaha hyunnie is so cute when shes embarassed. i also love her when she said "soompiers" hahaha cutiepie!
  13. maybe we could track the place where hyunnie was and see if its the same with the picture where wookie went HAHAHAHA or is that too much to do? lol
  14. whats the post trying to say? sorry i cant understand the language huhu
  15. Thank you so much for this!!! Looking forward to your next post hehe
  16. omg pls share us more descriptions about the dvd huhu i wish i had the money to buy it.
  17. I havent watched sp clips in a long time since im too occupied with kpop videos but i just finished watching some sp videos on ig right now and i miss them sooooooo sooooooo much. i cant. i just want to see them in one screen again. sorry im being emotional at this time and its already 2am in the morning here. fast forward to may 2019.
  18. Does tvN organize year end awards? Or is it only sbs, kbs and mbc do that? I want to see hyunnie on red carpet together with a partner since we did not see that last december. mianhe, i think so much in advance hahahaha im just so excited!! (but hey jcw is still my main oppa for our hyunnie hehehe) should i change my name to foreverjijicouplefan LOL kidding
  19. i just noticed now, hyunnie's having goosebumps in here! HAHAHA u could see her little hair on her arms
  20. OMG i just got home and saw this news!!! BEYOND EXCITED. When will this drama air?? I think it will be pre recorded??
  21. You know you're dead when you're trying too zoom the picture of hyunnie and look for any damn clues what she's doing with her phone. Any signs of our orabonnie. But its too hard. Hahahahahaha what a namji trash i am
  22. Our thread is on fiiiireeeeeeeee!! Awesome! This is just because of hyunnie's vlive & wookie' vacay. What more if they announced their relationship, bet this thread will have new hundred pages a day hahah and probably million lurkers (hater included) hahahahaha happy shipping!