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  1. did he really say its for mothers' day??
  2. waahh. when hjw said her ideal type is someone who can make delicious food, then kmh posts a homecooked meal. ok, we got it dude. just confirm already!!
  3. ur not alone in this. maybe they will put mh activities on hold until after they confirm their r/s and after they assess fans' reactions? but I think only kor fans are the hard core oppa is mine??
  4. I cant help but look back on those days when we're trying to figure out if it was mh's hand in the wine photo posted by yulis. you have to agree that it was one of our most delulu moments! and now! we're seeing a lot of photos of his hand holding a wine glass and it confirms our theory!! I personally feel so vindicated lols. and the sun biscuit post w/c yulis liked! the people close to them like yulis knows it's another cryptic post. so yeah, like dramacouples I daresay they really are a real deal. well half of me believes so. the other half is hoping for them to announce soon!
  5. oh, I wonder what's in store for us in that iv. do u think its related to the celeb reporter's pronouncement that a shocking dating announcement is gonna happen soon?? im delu-luing I know. do u know if mh is returning to korea by then?
  6. chingus!! what hjw interview are u talking about?? care to enlighten me??
  7. I too thought of jiwon w/ the sun cookie
  8. I feel strongly that the HUGE DATING SCANDAL is our minwon??!? I cant think of anything more shocking as a couple than the 2 of them. everything just falls into place. I think they will announce before mh enlists in june. why are they holding out on the manila ticket sales? cos of this forthcoming news too.
  9. I caught a glimpse of the ticket prices of mh's fm in manila. surprisingly, it was a bit costly, close to 200usd. it's higher than the cnblue concert lol.
  10. ive read the bits and pieces of her prestige iv and by far it's my fave. I realized hjw as a woman and as a person she has so many layers. when I thought she is this innocent girl next door bubbly girl type when in fact she is not only that. if she's really dating kmh, it will really be interesting to know how it works out for them. I know we've agreed before that kmh appears to be more mature than her, but, if to be based on this iv alone - I would say she has a lot of wisdom, she's very articulate and she is an intellectual. I wonder if they are compatible in this department.
  11. ive watched im not a robot!! the cast is awesome!
  12. @lemonysnicket did you notice any diff in how she walked the red carpet in the vip premiere?? I thought it was her "best red carpet walk". ++ tagging you since I remembered you mentioned before that she appears shy and self conscious (almost hugging herself) at events like this
  13. another hint: both of them have been wearing something black eversince tae soo's death.
  14. yep yep! I thnk she just received the flowers when she posted it! judging by the time she recd it (kmh fm) Im betting my 100% its from kmh
  15. if I may add another mint green theory. Id like to believe that the whole green theme is spontaneous/unplanned. might be, aftr her loss she told him that she's looking forward to spring. might be a form of metaphor too. then, before mh left for bk, he sent her flowers w/ a message " to the girl waiting for spring". id like to think that deep down she is a romantic and she was moved by the gesture. I notice that she only posts in ig things and events that has personal meaning to her - like friends, dreams and aspirations, gratitude to fans, how she feels at the moment, and love (though rarely). I think the 'spring theme' is something very meaningful for them - jw, mh, her family and closest friends. it symbolizes fresh start. and kmh would like to cheer her on by sending her flowers w/ those words and yes, even wearing a mint green shirt at his event.