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  1. Members of Youku can watch 8 epis in advance for it's premiere viewing and then 4 epis every mondays and thursdays.
  2. So i've read a few translated excerpts of the novel a couple of yrs ago that's got me 'peaked' so out of curiosity i started watching eventho knowing full well it's gonna have a sad ending and altho i can handle a few tear-jerking moments, i'm hoping it will hold me to the end. The first 3 epis started off well so far and the acting is pretty decent too.
  3. NIF started off slow just like TsoML so give it a few more epis and it will sucks u in, trust me, u will not regret it .
  4. I'm glad they gave QH a good life and an understanding wife instead of him being a sore loser, his wife truly surprises me, i thought she would be like the typical noble snobbish woman who would dig into her husband's past and resent ML but she seems to be a smart cookie and b4 she jumps to conclusions and pass judgement, she actually had a face-to-face meet/talk with ML to get a feel of the type of person ML is and realized that ML is not a bad person atall. I'm happy they can all put their childish resentments past behind them and focus on their futures and become friends.
  5. jewelsc

    Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread

    From what i've learnt to differentiate a woman's and man's buttoned-up tops, is that the button on the woman's usually on the left so from what i'm seeing here, it seems like it's a woman's coat but y did she get an oversize one? i would like to think the opposite, it's FSF who got it for her so they can both wear it , maybe he too likes the smell of her on the clothing ...haha, but seriously i think she got it to hide her pregnancy.
  6. Can someone spoil me by telling if Molan had this much storyline in the novel, with her help at instigating all of aunty kang's actions which resulted to GTY's downfall and ML's distress..how was she being punished? If this storyline did not exist in the novel and i'd read someone wrote here that CL wasn't supposed to die so soon according to the novel and that she'd been sent to a farmstead for punishment (i think or was that somebody else ) maybe they have changed that part of the story and had Molan punished that way instead?... Seems like they sent all the ladies or servants to a farmstead as punishments in the novel. I just want to see Molan and that CL's servant get a jail sentence and not just a mere farmstead punishment.
  7. I'm sorry, i don't usually support or condone when a woman is being assaulted by a man be it in that era or now but i couldn't help burst out laughing when aunt kang's husband slapped her across her face and i was like "yes..give her another one!!" such a pity he only gave her 1
  8. ML didn't seemed all that intimidated by those imperial ladies, the way she talked with the ED or the consort or even the states general's wife so i'm sure she can handle QH's mom..and who knows maybe she will come to like ML eventually after ML does her 'magic' power on her . Anyways, that's a moot point now and i agree, GTY is perfect for her.
  9. Don't u guys think if ML can handle Gu's big bad wolves she can also handle QH's mother?, she's good at judging characters and know in what way to maneuver whoever it may be..so yea, i believe if she were with QH, she can take care of herself too bcos it's basically what she's been doing anyways in the Gu's mansion or with all those spiteful ladies who were prejudiced of her before.
  10. Tbh, i'm sorta getting weary of GTY wanting ML to start loving and trusting him as a man and her husband..and with ML feeling insecure and maybe doesn't know what love really and truly is then y push her?, it's not like they got married due to love in the first place and he knew bcos he'd overheard her talking to her maid about her insecurities with her future and being cautious, y not let it rests and just go with the flow?..they got a whole lot of future as husband and wife together to teach her more about love and to trust in him, she will come around eventually...and i often wondered, if this was QH as her husband and she had some feelings for him before, would she had given him the love like how GTY is desperately seeking from her?
  11. Woah..Now i understand y the big 'fight' between GTY & ML that u guys were discussing and anticipating..ML initiated a secret meeting with QH and that's a no-no especially when ppl know about their history, i mean what if somebody else and not GTY found out first (GTY did saw them first, right?)..oh wow ML, that was a really stupid move even if she was doing for her husband's benefit.
  12. jewelsc

    Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread

    I think she looked beautiful in all her dramas' weddings..I wish she'd done a real one with her hubby @frenchfan no problemo.. yes, when i was watching the way GTY was pretending to be drunk so that his assistant could helped him leave the 'party' sooner, my first thought was FoYe did the same in The Mystic Nine .
  13. jewelsc

    Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread

    @leeza77 haha..that's for sure.. It was like an OMG moments for me.. P1: Oh O... P2: oh My... P3: oh Gosh, so cute but then i go "ok Mr Feng, stop now, don't need to know what else u can do with your wife for real "
  14. jewelsc

    Zanilia Zhao Liying 赵丽颖 Official Thread

    So after saw Minglan's "wedding night" scene, these r my top 3 faves of ZLY's dramas wedding night. #1 The Mystic Nine with WC #2 CDYY with QJ #3 TSOM with her rl hubby FSF (sorry hubby Feng)