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  1. Not sure I think I saw that they made one for men too, either way it's the same belt maybe they each have one but that's a cool thing
  2. EDIT : the brand is saint laurent like OYS's shirt I think it's a saint laurent women's leather skinny western belt
  3. When I saw OYS say that she is gonna get married in 2 years, I thought maybe she was already in a serious relationship but only her fans can slightly know. so I freaked out since her and LSG are too new for it to be him.
  4. This is the worst made gif, cause Idk how to make gifs but quality content and my favorite moment
  5. OMG at exactly 6:00, he can't help but look at her when they're posing and they should be looking forward Someone please gif the 6:00 mark LMAO, it's great, it looks like he also looked at her boob area LMAO im sorry