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  1. Viki is adding episodes now https://www.viki.com/videos/1144384v-clean-with-passion-for-now-episode-1
  2. I am going to watch some of this now need something sweet to cleanse my soul of a certain other drama that just ending
  3. He made her miserable 99% of the time doing this drama thats not love in any form, they tacked om 2 more episodes that where still rush and without one of their major leads. I have no idea why they did it this way but I know I am majority annoyed how they handed it all. 1.He tired to kill her many times, his abusive natural towards Sunny is somehow played off in this drama 2.But that is thrown aside because so loony toon all of a sudden.I found that disgusting to watch after what he has done.Nothing about that was funny or fun to me. 3.He forced kiss her then choke then we get the last 2 episodes and OMG he so niceeeee! 4.I not going goign to feel sorry for LH in any way he was a crappy person the vast majority of the drama, a few unselfish acts wont change that 5.Then of course WS who was faceless the last episodes die in that way, without seeing his revenge though.Teh person that has been hurt so much throughout this drama just poof.Oh but I am suppose to care about LH dramatic death psshh. I know some people wont agree but those are my though. I dont think I ever felt this uncomfortable watching a drama. This drama still feels very unfinished after so many episodes
  4. EP 65 https://www.ondemandkorea.com/kangnam-scandal-e65.html
  5. Yep he was just an after thought they handled every single thing around him extremely poorly.I never seen a lead done so poorly in a dram then becomes a complete after thought in the end its a complete joke. People might was well just watch EP1 then stop thats his is complete story done and finish since they didnt bother to actually doing anything with his plotlines It makes me angry one of the most miserable person whos suffer again an again though the drama like Sunny got nothing in the end, he could not even see his renege through like he wasted. Such a waste of time to me.
  6. So can we talk about how WS never got real closure or anything in his storyline? That character to me was wronged the most but nope nothing.I have no idea why they chose to have him so undeveloped like that.All his interactions with Sunny was wasted and went no where. The synopsis was wrong as well ,she did not find true love or anything
  7. Episode 64 is up https://www.ondemandkorea.com/kangnam-scandal-e64.html @whome
  8. I just feel nothing over LH majority of the drama he has been a terrible person so yeah
  9. Episode 66 preview massive spoilers, if this is gone later its because they took it down.
  10. Oh lord WS going to have plastic surgery to his face and look completely different isn't he????
  11. Episode 63 is up https://www.ondemandkorea.com/kangnam-scandal-e63.html
  12. Huh?A plot synopsis gives general overview of what to expect ,which in may case has been 100% right this one is a straight up lie for some reason. Maybe Lie is a strong word it was just plain wrong.
  13. Yeah the Grand Empress stuff was a stupid and silly twist that made no sense at all. One of many problems with this show. Sorry I cant help but be negative at this point.
  14. SD: We are out of instant coffee I am only joking of course but I imagine that would be his real action since he is a clown.
  15. With subs SY really annoyed me today with the things she said to SJ. I know she scared and such but still he is not his sister he has zero to do with any of this.
  16. Preview has mostly the same garbage scenes as the other episodes. This looks nothing like it suppose to this late in the game. I have no idea why they extended this when they still doing the same stuff.
  17. Ep 62 is up! https://www.ondemandkorea.com/kangnam-scandal-e62.html
  18. Episode 61 is up https://www.ondemandkorea.com/kangnam-scandal-e61.html
  19. Basically some of you want the evil and garbage to win in the end if they succeed in permanelty serperating DR and WDR by force. Because thats was their main goal for the longest. no one will be really happy in the end of they go that route.