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  1. He should be fine its not like its a mystery what whats wrong with him, he needs to get his operation. He has to do for his bro and Sunny.
  2. His mom turn out to just be the same as the other garbage moms.
  3. EHhh LH is getting his on taste now of what all this feels like to be manipulated by those around him.
  4. She does seem to really enjoy being with him first time I seen some real laughs from her
  5. Does not matter if he truly loves her if she does not truly love him, also he is too controlling from what I seen so far.
  6. So are the 4 of them becoming some type of weird friends lol? I would not mind that it would be refreshing.
  7. Ok I really understand her she told him she does not want to break up forever or anything just until he graduates she wants to make it easier on him and protect him as well. Glad she atleast explain this much too him unlike other dramas lol,he actually seems to understand as well this is quite rare. Funny thing in the preview its like nothing has change between them.
  8. Yeah no way doing a drastic thing like that so late in the drama ,I guessing they needed another young couple that isnt evil and stupid lol.The connection they have is too strong not to mention her connection to his grandmom. DY needs to get a life at this point.
  9. Really they could have had an adorable ending where he is using the game to propose to her or something.
  10. This is so odd Fox bride Star had a strange and annoying ending too.