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  1. I think people will think she cheated with ET somehow watch,just look at the way that evil women was looking when ET was walking with ES.The real battle is about to start. On a more positive he looks like a daddy picking up his daughter from school
  2. I guess waiting so long for something been told how worthless you are now finally getting it only to have a psycho around would make someone irrational.
  3. He is going to find the sonogram I bet tomorrow while looking for her or something.
  4. Well that makes more sense atleast. Its not some random threat she tired to kill him twice now.
  5. Sigh guess running away from the crazy person ,what a waste of last episodes.
  6. They really are going to drag the baby reveal like really?
  7. Yep! I also love how all the good people going to end up in one big happy family.
  8. Looks like he is living in car or something in the preview f, the way he put the seatbelt on his dad picture
  9. Its a oppa fest in here I really do love all of you lol
  10. Watching the old episodes again they treated her so bad about no begin able to have a baby its unforgivable. I really cant wait until its reveal on Monday hopefully. I really hate that these people are friendly with that piece of garbage ex MIL. But it does not matter anymore the important person does not care for her or her son still and she found a much much better person.