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  1. Yeah not saying anything wrong with that at all, this drama look really interesting so far.
  2. Whew ET is going to be PISSED and really upset too, he going to have to find out next episode this is life or death. Also she is unnerve because her parents going to try and push it harder if they find out he likes her thats why. Also I really dont trust that guy the other sister is with.
  3. Lol at saying she wants to clear line between work and personal life when its one in the same here you fool.
  4. Some clips: The mom stalks https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iw4Ylf5O-4Q Family at the hospital https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYAGkJzGqh8
  5. I can understand her guilt but I would have like to seen her try to make up for it in various ways,instead she choosed to be an evil coward
  6. So these parents are the reason why we get brick wall kisses and ladies looking like they are dying when they get kissed heh.
  7. I say this he villains got destroy atleast, either died or lost everything. Thats more then I can say for other dramas.
  8. I notice that too I am sure it just the acting since he has been looking like that since he ask her to fake date and everything went out of control
  9. Lol no aint going to happen at all she already faking dating HG so that plan is out of the window and she already knows he likes JE. Also thats not something I feel he would do.
  10. The preview does not look as bad as I though.
  11. In the preview she keep pressuring him to get marry. She ask the typical questions who is you family, what college did you attend, what do you do for a living.