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  1. They do this sometimes its not incorrect Ep 82 is up https://www.ondemandkorea.com/kangnam-scandal-e82.html
  2. Thats not the remainder of the show right? I know its 32 episodes just not sure how its handle here.
  3. Yeah it could have been much better in the wrap up but to be honest it is a better wrap up them most dramas of this type. WDR got to be with the love of his life DR follow her dreams grandma is still alive which is awesome! her dad is with her now guilt free, and he open a orphanage.
  4. Spoilers for the last episode that is on right now,sorry this is my first time trying to do live recaps I skipped alot I left out alot of stuff of course since I dont understand the language but I did my best I hope you enjoyed it.
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