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  1. I don’t think you’re the only shipper deluluing in hopes he’ll sign up with KingKong I also don’t think it’s completely impossible for that to happen since KingKong has good celebrities under their belt, so who knows But even if he doesn’t end up there, I wish YSH the best in whatever agency he lands in, and I hope his new agency can give him good projects When I first heard CSB was leaving Toin, it came as a shock to me They treated her well, and the projects she got are pretty good considering that she’s still kinda like a “newbie” actress to the industry from my pov. But perhaps she left to get bigger projects or even more freedom to do what she wants in public Which makes me wonder if YSH is leaving his for the same reasons -------- Speaking of CSB, she has chosen to star in a play as her next project (Credit to angelsoobins) Good luck to CSB with this news, my shipper heart can't help but be giddy at the thought that YSH will attend her play just like how he attended Uhm Ki Joon's
  2. Hello everyone On January 25, 2018, our beloved I’m Not a Robot drama came to an end. I’m very thankful that this unique, heart fluttering, lovely drama gave us the pairing that is ChaeYoo Thanks to @joyorokobi and @laineyy88 for taking us down memory lane, reminding us of ChaeYoo’s wonderful chemistry through those kisses & just how cute they are together on/off-screen Figured I could contribute my post for IANAR’s 1 year anniversary by showing a few (possibly unseen by some) photos from their super cute IANAR poster shoot (Credit & thanks to fellow ChaeYoo shipper on Instagram sakurahime_8) Aaand here’s the video also from that photoshoot
  3. In regards to the discussion about YSH and CSB's individual dramas after IANAR, I have to say both of them are entertaining, and easy watches. The characters are likeable and the acting is A+ They both have enough chemistry with their new co-stars, which allows for me to root for their relationships in the dramas. But, to me, seeing them with their new co-stars, it’s not the same kind of spark they had like when they worked with each other on IANAR. IANAR really was on a different level for me, both for on screen and off screen OTP moments. Which is why I also hope one day YSH and CSB can reunite in a project It is becoming more common (ex. Lee Dong Wook & Yoo In Na, Lee Seung Gi & Suzy will have reunion projects this year) and as @ChunSungIm pointed out, CSB has worked with previous costars in different projects before. So it’s not completely impossible to hope that she & YSH can reunite someday And another comment for @kirahoshi & @ChunSungIm, I know this is really late but welcome aboard! I’m happy that you both somehow found your way here I really enjoyed reading the posts you’ve made so far. If you have more to share, please do so. I’ll be around for discussion
  4. There's a teaser/trailer out for IANAR in Taiwan! So I wonder if they'll be airing it before Vietnam since I know we heard news of Vietnam first. Credit to: @Berou Meanwhile, I was able to find out IANAR’s complete ratings in the Philippines and I’m satisfied with how well it did there So congrats YSH, CSB, and the rest of the IANAR crew for a successful run in the Philippines and conquering the first country that aired IANAR outside Korea! It was always included in ABS-CBN’s top 20 Most Watched Programs And Filipina celebrity Anne Curtis also finished watching IANAR and here's what she had to say (I love that she calls YSH and CSB cutie babies ) Looks like YSH's fanmeet in the Philippines is really going to be pushed through! That's such a big window, how can I request vacation days with that gap?! But I'm highly considering hitting two birds with one stone: make my return back home to the Philippines and seeing YSH I want to make this possible so badly, so I'll be following news of his fanmeet there closely Credit to: @Berou
  5. They feed our hearts so well with each individual update since everyone here almost always is able to find clues, which makes the wait for “in the middle of this year” announcement (or later than that since I don’t know if we should take YSH’s words so seriously) easier Well he did give us that Japan IANAR interview and video for his Japan fanclub so I’m not sure if his next update would be IANAR related, him being spotted somewhere, a different event, or if it’ll be something related to his upcoming fanmeet. Let’s wait and see Omg I remember that and it’s still pretty consistent since CSB posted that photo wearing orange Yes that smile was so genuine and bright, my heart melted. He was in such a good mood that filming day CSB was a little shy at first but she relaxed once she got to watch YSH’s attempt to act cute That’s what I’m thinking when I saw the backpack, like he had to be going somewhere (or seeing someone. Perhaps seeing someone in Kyoto haha ) right after he took the video, so that’s why he probably only did one or two takes which is fine because it felt personal Oh yeah you can just tell when someone’s in love especially at the early stages, it’s pretty obvious in the behavior changes and facial expressions Seeing CSB smile like that means there’s something good happening in her personal life I’m like imagining her sending them to him and him saying they all look good and them having this cute little argument because they can’t decide what photos she should post Lol Yes same! Let’s be on the lookout for Vietnam and Taiwan’s premiere dates. I’m excited for them to watch IANAR I feel like if we got an interview of them together again, all questions would pertain the story of IANAR and their characters, and what plan to do while they’re in that country. But I hope they could mention the success of IANAR in the other countries as well along with that meetup at UKJ’s play They probably did drink to celebrate IANAR’s international success True that’s why I admire how strong CSB is, she keeps posting and looks to be unaffected, so haters should stop wasting their time she isn’t giving any of you attention, and when she’s ready to be back in the spotlight, us, IANAR team, and rest of her fans will have her back Ah you’re right, he looked shy/nervous to be around her in the first script reading and fast forward to the last shooting day (or actually even the wrap up party), he just had to sit next to her. I’m so glad to see their relationship grow that close and that fast in a couple weeks When you find that “click” with someone, becoming close is easy Yes the crew got to see everything so they obviously know more than we do if something’s going on. Ah that’s true, you really can’t see yellow from far away so maybe that’s why she switched to red so she can see her nails better in photos I mean even if they weren’t wearing bright colors, they still had those “coincidences” like the gray hoodie and that navy checkered shirt So I don’t know what they’re planning, but I do enjoy seeing them wear bright colors when they update us Same and we got to see him wear it so much thanks to the interview, IANAR promotional photos, and now magazine I think it was released a couple days after you left since fans posted about it this weekend. If you stayed a few days longer, you might’ve been able to buy one unless it was already available while you were there and you somehow just missed it
  6. Coincidences or not, I find that these similar activities/clothing style that’s been going on these past few months very fun and feed my shipper heart easily It’s funny because it is something that does feel like you’ll see in a drama, so let’s hope they get that happily ever after too like in a drama Yes couch/aegyo is one of my favorite scenes from the drama and a part of the reason why is because how natural it felt and when they released the bts, it just confirmed why it felt so natural, and it was just super cute to watch Yes I miss hearing them laugh together, they’re seriously the best couple since they have the cutest laughs and prettiest smiles Maybe he didn’t have to do too many takes since he had a backpack on so I assume he was going somewhere right after taking the video. If he really wanted it to be perfect, he would’ve recorded a video where it wouldn’t look like he was looking at notes on his hand Yeah I’m curious if it was her first time in Kyoto that’s why she posted so much from her trip Speaking from being in a relationship, and seeing my other friends in their relationships, I agree with your cousin that there’s this different glow when you’re around your significant other compared to when your friends. The facial expressions feel different so when I saw CSB smile sweetly at whoever was taking the video, I just felt that it’s a kind of smile you give to your significant other. I mean I could be wrong and she could just be smiling sweetly to her manager holding the camera, but maybe she planned to show that video to YSH so maybe I’m not technically wrong that she was smiling for him Oh I can imagine that too, I’m sure CSB took many photos while she was on vacation, and she probably sent them to show YSH (unless he’s the one that’s there taking her photos, but I’m sure she’d send him those photos anyway ) I think everyone does an Instagram page cleanse once in awhile so seeing CSB do it too is normal I almost forgot we got news of Vietnam airing IANAR before Taiwan but yes we’ll have to keep updated through Instagram to find out their premiere dates! Hoping one of them premieres in May Oh yes I honestly love replaying that interview especially that specific part where YSH says that. My shipper heart definitely had a heart attack after watching that interview. So let’s hope we can get something like that again I hope that’s what they talked about at UKJ’s play, hopefully they went out all together to celebrate their show’s international success I guess each celebrity has their own anti-fans/bashers, I don’t see why people want to waste their time bashing, but I’m glad CSB looks to be unaffected as she continues to post on her page, and when she’s ready to make an appearance to promote IANAR (with or without YSH) we’ll all have her back I loved seeing their relationship progress with each bts we got. Look how far they’ve come from the first bts where YSH shared chips with her but walked away to the last one where he had to sit next to her for the last group photo Their progress is beautiful to look at I always bring up how envious I am of those staff members because they obviously see more than we do and get to see ChaeYoo’s blossoming relationship in person Oh for sure their chemistry is real and very natural But she even went to the nail salon to get her yellow nails done then a few days later she changed it to red. Maybe she wasn’t feeling wearing yellow yet and missed seeing red on her nails Oh I know, they look good wearing those bright colors, it’s a way to publicize their happiness though YSH seems to have went back to wearing neutral colors based on his recent updates except the Japan IANAR interview. Perhaps he realized we saw too much yellow since he had a sit down interview and a photoshoot for a magazine done in that yellow sweater I think those are what the questions could be too. Let’s wait and hopefully a fan is kind enough to give translations soon, because I’ll never get tired of hearing whatever YSH has to say
  7. Hi welcome! Glad to have you join us! Feel free to share any thoughts you have on ChaeYoo with us and enjoy your time in the thread! Another great chapter unni! My heart flutters so much when they’re together I really love this chapter since I got to remember those moments from the drama and now I get to imagine what goes on behind the scenes which appears to be sweeter than what we saw on the show I also love that moment with the director too And in regards to your reply in the other post, even though I’d enjoy reading about him meeting her parents, it’s okay, you probably have other great ideas for them I’m sure I’m anticipating the next chapter but I’m getting sad too since I know we’re nearing the end, and I don’t want it to end yet Ah yes the wrap up party is the first coincidence then everything else just followed, and I’m pretty sure they’ve had over 10 even though it’s only been almost 3 months since IANAR ended I love seeing how happy they both look in each update we get from them. It touches my heart to see them both looking well Haha true! To me their most natural looking scenes would be the couch scene/YSH’s aegyo bts and the “You go first, no you go first” car scene Those were just super sweet and felt very real when watching them Omg I was thinking the same thing! Like if we ever heard their laugh while traveling somewhere, we’d be able to distinguish it’s them since they both have a pretty distinct laugh I think YSH wrote those lines along with getting help from his management to make sure everything sounded good since this was more for his fans in Japan I’m not sure how much CSB knows about Japan, maybe it was her first time visiting as we saw all those posts, while YSH has been there a couple times due to fanmeets and is a place he likes to go to on vacation as stated from that Facebook source Even though I didn’t say say YSH took her photos, it’s implied that he’s the one I’m thinking of along with everyone else here thinking the same thing There’s a different kind of happiness/feeling when you’re surrounded by your friends and when you’re surrounded by your significant other. So seeing that CSB did not have her friends with her on the trip, who else could she be smiling that sweetly to? If it was really someone from her agency that took those photos, I can’t imagine what kind of smile she’d give YSH, it’d just have to be extra sweeter than that I know, I haven’t been following CSB’s posts for so long so I wonder what else she deleted if she deleted more than those three. Yeah I’m glad to see him talk and be more open about talking about things he’s comfortable with, but also keeping the things he wants private, kept private I’m hoping one of them premieres in May so we can follow with a different country showing IANAR each month Let’s hope they do something for Taiwan or at least CSB do something since she’s the one we’re all waiting to hear more of her thoughts on. She for sure sees all the international progress that IANAR is making so I’m still hoping her agency just wants her to relax and enjoy time off before jumping back into doing work related things, and it doesn’t relate to bashers which I still hate that she has some That’s true, they were with each other a lot on set and it just gradually developed into taking care of each other, if they didn’t like each other, I’m sure we’d see the distance between them in bts but no they looked super comfortable together and I enjoyed seeing them watch out for each other Oh I know! I wonder if she painted her nails yellow just to make sure we couldn’t figure out the timeline since in March they were red then she went yellow then went back to red in April Plus her hairstyle is hard to figure out too Ah yes I agree orange and yellow really brighten their complexion and it’s nice to see them wear those colors since not a lot of people would wear them in the first place I didn’t know he had one either till I saw a post about it, so now I assume we get more answers to analyze if there’s a fan out there willing to translate it I was thinking what’s in the magazine may be the same of what he said in the interview, but it would defeat the purpose since there were subtitles while his interview aired anyway. So it makes me wonder what else he had to say Maybe it’s questions that didn’t make it to his recorded interview or YSH talked so much about IANAR that they put his answers in a magazine
  8. Omg even fate is on their side if these really are all “coincidences” haha I’ve lost count of how many “coincidences” we’ve spotted with their clothing style or color, and now this entire thing with Japan. Oh same I could imagine YSH recommending CSB all of these places to go to in Japan, and him acting like a tour guide for her That’s true and the fans who bumped into him don’t need to respond to those questions, they can continue to protect his privacy All I want is to see him looking well and happy in each update we get from him I really love that CSB added that ad-lib in that scene, it was very natural looking when watching the episode and then seeing the bts of YSH looking at her, smiling and laughing was so adorable Yes I remember this was discussed before! I love both of their laughs and how they make each other laugh I know! We’re part of such a great ship where everyone is so nice yet also so good at finding details Haha true, since everyone does notice all the details, we’d probably be able to figure out if CSB was there trying to help him, but it looks like he was able to do it all on his own It makes more sense that she was in Japan with someone from her management since none of her friends uploaded photos which is what they always do when they're together. I have a feeling it’s not her manager that took all those pretty photos and videos though I know, the ones I noticed that were deleted was the glamping photo, her photo with PBG and KDY, and her selfie video using the snow app. Not sure if she deleted more than those three. Maybe she’s just deleting random posts, who knows I’d love to see another interview from YSH since he’s so private about showing his personal life, interviews are a chance to get to see him And I’d love to see the two of them in a press conference again because of those reasons, let’s cross our fingers Taiwan will have one for them And maybe if they promote in Taiwan, they can have a secret vacation too Yes and I loved seeing them take care of each other, it's just so sweet to look at. Like I know they’re both so nice to everyone, but it just looks like they put in extra effort to take care of each other I agree! Yellow and orange compliment them both well, plus I love seeing them wear those bright colors reflecting their bright auras We already saw she painted her nails yellow, so only a matter of time before we see her wear her favorite color And to answer your question in your other post, yes all those YSH photos are from a magazine, Hanryu Pia Magazine May 2018 Issue [source: iloveyoo__ Instagram] I’d post it but you pretty much posted the photos from it already He’s so handsome in all the photos omg And I hope someone is kind enough to translate what was said in the magazine eventually Hi welcome! Glad to have you on board! Feel free to share your thoughts on ChaeYoo with us and enjoy your time here in the thread
  9. Wow unni what great detective work! I love that everyone here is so good at catching all these details! And yes we can delulu to the max! I believe we’re all in agreement that the video CSB posted with that unni or possibly manager is indeed edited (and our question is why the need for an edit though?) And I believe we’re all in agreement that ChaeYoo were in Japan together Hi welcome! Feel free to share your thoughts on ChaeYoo with us and enjoy your time in the thread! If it’s a coincidence then how many coincidences do these two get to have?! There’s been so many I feel like whether or not they planned a trip to Japan together, we’re all in agreement that they were there at the same time We may not be for sure of the exact dates they were there, but what’s important is they were there together We could put together a better timeline if we were given more evidence though (Like I kind of wish the fan that spotted YSH in the cafe said what day she spotted him but I feel like that's asking too much ) That was an ad-lib from her, and YSH looked at her in the cutest way I love both their laughs, I feel like they both have a contagious laugh. CSB’s is loud yet cute while YSH’s is pretty distinct and sincere you could say. They both have a genuine laugh I think he did too since I saw his eyes glancing at something at his hand which I assume is notes for the video so he probably didn’t have anyone to help him Yes but now it makes sense that the person with her at the railroad tracks could be her manager or at least someone from her agency. That’s why we only got photos of CSB from her Japan posts and why her friends have not been posting anything because they weren’t with her I hope it’s more because she just does an Instagram page cleanse like I also noticed that other video of her using the snow app is also deleted Ah yes that makes sense, I wish one of them released an audio clip, I’d love to hear YSH laugh and feel his excitement through his voice Same, they may not be promoting in every single country that will air IANAR but I do hope they’d promote in Taiwan just because they already did that interview for them before IANAR started airing in Korea. So I feel like the promotion would be big in that country I really want CSB to enjoy IANAR’s international success too so I hope she can promote it soon with YSH, which I’m sure he’d be the one trying to fit promoting IANAR into his schedule Don’t you love it though that everything we bring up is becoming reality? I think it’s great I loved looking at them support each other like that and they probably are the same way if they’re dating, which is cute because I love looking at couples be supportive of each other Yes I saw from your previous post more photos from his interview. So handsome Plus that smile of his while wearing that yellow sweater They need to keep releasing more I know! CSB looks good wearing orange so she can keep wearing that color in more of her updates Or her and YSH can switch and she can wear yellow next time while he wears orange
  10. Exactly! That’s why I’m leaning toward he recorded it while in Japan but he should’ve showed us his surroundings to show the Japan fans he visits, but he probably realized that wouldn’t be a good idea with CSB’s recent posts I’m thinking he filmed it after he was done with the Ruler promotions so end of March or he filmed it in April as I started seeing posts of his official fanclub the week that IANAR was going to air there. I’m leaning toward he filmed in April since a fanpage said it’s a recent video, and if CSB’s posts are recent too then it’s very possible they were in Japan together Yes! I wonder when we’ll get our next photo of them together, I hope we don’t have to wait too long Actually I feel like anything CSB does makes YSH smile, like when she put up her furry hood shooting at Hwangmaesan, after rehearsing the scene, he just laughed and smiled so sweetly at her And CSB is one of those people who have a laugh you just start laughing with her because she’s so bubbly and cute I’m pretty sure he was a reading off a note card if in case he forgot a line, and it would’ve been easier if someone else recorded it, but maybe he did want it to be personal or no one was around him to help him record it Yes if her friends were with her we probably would’ve gotten uploads from her friends especially since it’s an out of country trip they’d for sure post, but they didn’t So it really makes me wonder who CSB was with and who was taking her photos/videos. I mean that person did a good job though Speaking of her friends, I do wonder why she deleted her glamping post Yes the fact he still looked so happy months after it ended indeed shows IANAR is a special project to him But I would’ve loved to see his facial expressions during the first batch I really hope Taiwan is where she’ll make her appearance to promote IANAR because they did promote together before You’re right I don’t think YSH would back down especially if CSB will promote as it gives them to do things together in public since they’re promoting their show together And like the bathroom scene wasn’t talked about as much as the kiss scenes but it was discussed here because we all noticed how red YSH got Oh yeah I remember him saying it felt hot and walked away to cool down (even though that set is probably freezing since the crew had their jackets on ) and yes I remember when she playfully hit his shoulder for the photoshoot followed by to me looked like she stroked his shoulder and arm too after hitting him and YSH stroked her back after some takes of the kiss, which I take it as their way to encourage and reassure each other, it is super sweet to see It looks like a new photo from YSH’s Japan interview, I didn’t know he had a mini photoshoot too other than an interview KNTV release more please! And don’t you love that CSB is wearing orange in her latest update?! Like when I see orange or yellow, I automatically associate them as the colors of ChaeYoo now
  11. You're welcome unni! Glad to hear IANAR was able to trend on Twitter for the final episode Let's hope the final episode's ratings will be good as well. Ah yes I've heard about that YSH fan gathering/get together on May 6. Are you going to that unni? And thank you for sharing that nice mv That’s why they’re a good couple together since it looks like they both enjoy outdoor activities I know like he didn’t have to record the video with his backpack on so it makes me think he was heading somewhere after recording it Wherever he was he looked pretty relaxed and happy while taking the video. Someone is definitely enjoying time off work I get giddy when I see YSH get giddy around CSB. It’s so cute to see I know I was like YSH why are you recording with this kind of angle?! Like he could’ve held it down more but maybe he doesn’t want anyone to figure out where he is. Or maybe that's the reason too. His eyes wandered a couple of times somewhere as if he was reading something so maybe he was looking at a paper since he was speaking a bit of Japanese and maybe he didn’t memorize it well so he didn’t want people to notice [*Edit: Noticed by @Berou] CSB is learning from someone on how to be sneaky. Yes it is suspicious and if she was there with her friends or staff why hasn’t she posted with them like she usually does? Oh I’m betting that it was her close “friend” that took those photos, he did a good job taking them I know right, I feel like actors have a bit easier compared to singers. It’s not just YSH who’s been able to sneak in and out of the country there have been a couple others that can do it too. So maybe agencies help out to let their celebrity sneak through the airport or they just really know how to disguise themselves I know but it’s so cute to see him like that. And IANAR is something he cherished dearly, like he really didn’t lie when he said IANAR is the happiest set for him so far and could be in the future, you can see it all on his face I know, I wish one of those reporters actually recorded him while he was talking during the first batch just so we can compare. I feel like he’d be happier in the first batch since IANAR just ended so everything was really fresh I wish CSB could share more of her thoughts too. Like we’ve gotten so much from YSH. If they can’t promote for Taiwan together, I hope CSB will be the one to mainly promote, YSH can take a break. I’d love bts of the bathroom scene and want to see how they shot the slo-mo scene and how they both acted during it. I mean we got photos from it they should’ve given us a video too Ah yes I imagine that’s how he was too, remember when he reacted to that question CSB was asked in a pre-IANAR interview: if you were given a chance to have a robot as a boyfriend, what functionality would you want to see, and then you just see YSH bite his lip, look down, and laugh. I feel like that’s how reacted when asked about the kitchen kiss I remember him walking away in the bts video, I’m not sure if he ever said that he got shy when they had to film. But I did see he calmed her down and she did the same for him I'll personal message you my reply to our off topic conversation Just want to apologize to everyone as I didn't realize how OT we can get when we reply to each other. Other than sharing a common love for ChaeYoo, we share a ton of other common interests too. From now on, I'll do my best to stay on topic here in the thread which is for ChaeYoo Hi welcome! Glad to have you on board! You don't need to go back to lurker mode! Feel free to share any other thoughts you have on ChaeYoo with us I'm not sure who that person is in CSB's video. I believe one of our members @joyorokobi is speculating that person might just be someone CSB is asking directions from
  12. Unni that was still a pretty sweet chapter! YSH is a very good boyfriend and indeed if any guy does that for a girl, he's a keeper for sure Will YSH be meeting the parents in upcoming chapters? Or will you not tell me anything as it'll be too much of a spoiler? Wow so glad to have so many eagle eyed people on this squad! Good job on finding the exact location where CSB was And good job again to you and @OMiHO on trying to find out what brand YSH's backpack is! I couldn't really tell, but looking at what you two found, I'd like to believe he does have a Jansport and the backpack in the video looks to be the same as what he had at UKJ's play
  13. Yes he probably learned something from working with older stars they gave him tips or he just knew what to do since he grew up as a child actor Ah that would make sense plus if information leaked, it could throw the airport into chaos as everyone would be searching the airport to find the celebrity I’m so happy our wish was granted, so I can now imagine him talking during his first post IANAR interview, he probably looked as happy as he was in the Japan IANAR interview Yes! I mean I’d still love to see bts from the bathroom scene but at least we got a glimpse of what YSH had to say about it Yes that’s why everytime he’ll look at his uniform he can think of that kiss instead of any bad memories he had while at the military Ah same I can imagine YSH get shy if a kiss scene was brought up especially the kitchen one (yet in the first post IANAR interview he proudly says it was his idea and rates it a 10 out of 10 ) but if asked in person I feel like he’ll get all shy about it Now that we know Taiwan is the next country to air IANAR, is it too soon to hope that YSH and CSB can promote it there together? Because they did do that interview for a Taiwan tv station together before IANAR aired.
  14. Another promotional photo of YSH for IANAR as it's currently airing in Japan Meanwhile Philippines aired it's last episode of IANAR today. I'll try and find the full ratings on Monday. Congrats IANAR on your successful run in the Philippines! My relatives loved IANAR so much and are calling it one of the best kdramas they've seen in awhile
  15. Hmmm if this is a new video, I like his haircut/hair style. Like a lot. I think that's my favorite hairstyle of his Plus that smile oh my gosh Even though I can’t really see the backpack, my delulu mind is going straight for it’s the same backpack he wore at UKJ’s play, and then why does he have a backpack on in the first place. Like where are you going YSH? And where exactly are you if this video was taken today?! Another good observation and another possibility, the hairstyle does look the same for me Yes finally after 2 weeks we’re online at the same time! Too bad I have to go off after this post because I need to get work stuff prepped Though I can be here all night tomorrow since I’m really sticking with my not going out for the next few weeks rule so if you’re online tomorrow night, I’ll be here to talk to you Yes all the hosts are very nice and accommodating, I feel that you get more space at a cheaper price than if you stay in a hotel room Oh then you should be fine, you don’t really need an airbnb if it’s just one night plus it’s Vegas how long will you even be in the room anyway Ah I had other friends who would do that too because it was too annoying to find parking later in the day. That does sound expensive, there were times when I’d commute to school after spending a weekend at home but I have to take a train since I’m not good at city driving but I hated the over an hour commute. I luckily had my best friend’s grandma’s house be a 10 minute walk from campus and she was kind enough to let me stay. I helped pay for utilities and other things while I lived with them so I was able to save money rather than live in a dorm Haha that means you get easily cold if you’re always in a jacket. You can depend on North Face for having the best material in keeping you warm though Same if some of them tried talking to me, I remember telling them to talk after class or in a few hours because I’m not in the mood to talk before class starts Oh that’s interesting to know! No wonder everyone brings so much food back from Japan! I will hopefully get to experience buying all these snacks and riding the trains next year, my friends and I are planning it out I think you’re getting there as long as you’re not like sleeping the entire day and then up the entire night, you’re adjusting back slowly That’s how I saw the photo too and I wanted to login in the forum so badly but I knew if I did, I wouldn’t leave, so I had to control myself Isn’t that annoying that your card can get be charged so quickly yet returns take forever to process Like money goes out of your account quick if you don’t monitor it Ah okay so maybe that’s why they picked Japan to vacation so they wouldn’t be easily spotted Well whatever time or day she went, she really enjoyed playing with the deer Yes YSH taught her a couple tricks as he’s rarely seen arriving/leaving the airport. If he is spotted, it was because a fan caught him, I really haven’t seen photos of paparazzi catching him. I don’t know how he does it, like how does information not leak once YSH gets past security check. Whatever his secret is, he let CSB know about it as she was able to get to Japan without being noticed. He loves IANAR so much and I’m so glad we finally got to see it on his face rather than just reading his interview answers It is indeed the project that’s given him the most happiness, he was glowing while talking about it The bathroom scene was indeed memorable for both of them and us (especially since YSH was so red during the scene) He clearly enjoyed retelling the scene The kitchen kiss might be his favorite but I’d also like to think it could be their last kiss when he was in army uniform too. Since he was asked any unforgettable memory in IANAR and he said having to wear his own army uniform. I’d like to think it’s an unforgettable memory as he got to kiss CSB while wearing his army uniform so that can replace any bad memories he had while he was in the army with that very sweet memory Ah okay well I await reading the next chapter then unni!