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  1. Wow! You guys are really good in dissecting little stuff. I love it! Me too, i enjoy that "2 seconds of pure NamJi hotness". Thanks for pointing that out. On a side note. I've been watching the videos of MJ Park. I must congratulate him/her because of a job well done with the FMVs. I particullarly like "You Wander In My Heart". Good job doing the editing to match the music videos. It's very impressive how some NamJi fans can do these things and spare time to do it. Here's the video I want to share.
  2. My, oh my! We get flutters watching these two. How much more for them. Hmmmmm....
  3. We love to create our own joke. Just like as if our Wookie gets jealous if our pretty Hyunie might have a project with a young actor. Just like when we giggle reading with the terms and conditions laid-out by fans/shippers. I think they're hilarious. Just for fun and to keep the flame burning. But they're mature and professional actors, therefore, no need to fret. Oh how i miss them both so much. I wish there will be a part two of SP when Wookie is out of the army. Or another project of the two together. I hope it's not too much to ask. If there's no part two, a love confession of the two would surely suffice as a jijishipper. But i also highly respect them both. Actually, whatever their decision is would be fine. I will continue to support them both. They're both really good in their profession.
  4. https://www.soompi.com/2018/02/11/choi-tae-joon-talks-star-upcoming-historical-drama/
  5. Watching the Winter Olympic's opening! Magnificent! The star drone is sooo 2018! Remembering Wookie while watching the opening. ❤❤❤ I miss our Jiji couple...
  6. This is the first soundtrack that captured my heart. How Do I Say It by O. When. And same here, my son loves to sing Silly Love. He's only 5, running 6.
  7. @masthu Cool! I'll keep voting then. I thought we can only vote once so when it hit me what if you can only do it once then i stopped. Voting business resumes then. Lol! For some reason voting through my phone is very easy with my Soompi account. Haven't tried FB though. Let's go SP shippers! We can do this. For JCW and NJH! Fighting! ❤❤❤
  8. @paulizaHow many times can we vote in one day? Do you know? Does anyone know?
  9. It seems like our Wookie is inlove. I've been trying to look for that interview again on youtube but it's a bit hard to find.
  10. SP what have you done to me? I cannot move on. Lol! I always find it funny and cute when NJW and EBH kept wondering if they slept together or not. And NJW's reaction after checking himself again all naked. LMAO!!!
  11. I wanted to order but not sure where to place the order. Can anyone help? I sure would love to have a copy. It would be a treasure for me.