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  1. Thanks for the funny summary lol. You always make me laugh with your posts .
  2. Thanks chingus for the explanation. I only understood the word divorce only with my limited korean lol. I havent watched it with subs but it looks like we will have a good show soon. I hope JY talks some sense to SH otherwise he will regret saying those words to his father. Also I like the fact that both elder and madam Shin finally realized that they were wrong and are repenting now. I'm glad the writer took this route.
  3. I was shaking my head. And SH is going to be on the dumb list soon if he doesn't go back to the way he was before.
  4. you just summarized the whole ep lol. Also, seems like the idiot was pregnant for real but didn't bother to check herself and faked a pregnancy. She reaped what she sowed .
  5. Now a certain someone will be jealous with HG being a model and the number of women fans increasing lol. Thank goodness YR is doing a good deed for JH. She is even staying with HN home and she is gathering evidences. I hope they find out about the wrong meds being fed to the mom soon. It's too dangerous. And also I hope YR dries the mother and daughter duo out of their money and never get cut.
  6. Yep. I won't be surprised lol. Now all I want is for them to be legally married so that they won't cause a problem for WJ and DB.
  7. Bloody hell. What is going on here? Poor child, I hope she is not died.
  8. This stupid JE is forgetting something. With the way she is so stressed out, that herbal medicine for pregnancy won't work at all. I hope fSJ continues to cause her stress to the point where she goes Kuku lol, so we don't have to worry about pregnancy happening at all lol. Or even better, she can't have kids. Am I getting too evil here? . And HG, why is that you and SaRang met too late? You make the perfect team lol.
  9. I think Big Bro will be kick KS to the curb for all 3 reasons that you stated lol. I think all will happen at the same time. Oh lets also include if she tries to cause a miscarriage for JY. Now that will kick her out of the house permanently. For the golden key, it was something that Mrs. Shin and JY dreamed of regarding the Baby dream. She gave it to JY when she found out about the pregnancy. I don't think it's a heirloom. I could be wrong though .
  10. Me too. I read some spoilers about the Japanese drama years ago but as usual havent watched the whole thing lol and I regret it now. That's why I will wait until this is done as well to watch in one go. I love the trailer. I got goosebumps watching it.