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  1. This drama is absolutely hilarious and good. The title should have been "why vice-president LYJ" lol . Now that I have watched ep 2, things are starting to make sense. My theory is that YJ is not in love with secretary Kim yet. I mean he likes her but not in a romantic way. It is more like she understands him and his needs better. Also she is the type to not betray his trust and I think this means a lot to him as a person. Exactly why he was so shocked and can not understand why she is leaving him. But the problem here is that he is so self-centred that he forgot that she is a person who has a life to live and will not always be there for him. When they were texting each other and Secretary Kim was complaining to him about the way he Is, his reply to me was sincere. He said that if she told him, he was willing to it for her; but she never told him anything. That flashback from 9 years ago was an evidence that he is willing to change his rule for her. I mean he gave her a second chance which he normally wouldn't do. This confirms that he need to hear from their mouths what the problem is, otherwise he will never know. Secretary Kim is absolutely amazing, is confident, and good at dealing with YJ. I resonate with her because I'm also in the stage where I have a good job but want to start doing little things for myself except I don't have a boss like hers lol. I'm looking forward to her journey on how she finds herself. Plus how she falls in love with him Lol, this will be fun. I'll stop watching from this ep because I want to marathon the rest of the drama. Waiting for new eps every week is a torture lol. I'll try my best to avoid although I'm not sure how long though.
  2. It's official, the mistress gets on my nerve. Who told her to sleep with a married man? Who the hell that she think she is to go to the wife, demand divorce because there is a child involved? She should be ashamed of herself because not only she slept with a married man, but she has the nerve to complain and expect sympathy from others. She should have known how her mother lived her life being a mistress. Yet she did the same thing and the child is paying the price. What pissed me off the most regarding the mistress is the fact that she is saying no one takes her daughter away but she can't properly raise and take care of the child. I was scared for the child thinking someone with take her away when she was going in the building on her own. How old is she that she has to go through this crap?. The wife has her reasons of why she doesn't want to get divorce but when she says that she wants to raise the kid, I believe she means well. She knows very well what kind of scumbag her husband is. She should be glad the wife likes the child, is not blaming her for this mess and is thinking of her well-being. But nope, her pride and the scumbag getting divorce is more important .
  3. Hahaha, my favorite lines: "she is in love with me" while she is trying to stop her tears due her allergies of flowers. I was laughing the same way as his friend was lol. And then he prepares a romanic event for her and she drops a bomb "u r not my style" the look of his face was priceless lol. I wonder how she is going to fall for him. This will be fun hahaha.
  4. Absolutely, it's a mess. My family is the same although I'm not korean. You don't know what to call them. At the end of the day, I have given up on them lol.
  5. In my humble opinion, I don't think they are related at all. I mean the new cook,( I forget her name ) she didn't recognize SW at all considering the fact the chaebol lady and the cook knew each other.Whoever she Is, guess we will find out in the upcoming eps.
  6. Spoiler....................... What the hell man? The ep was good until the last minute. Who does she think she is to tell them to break up? this writer is pissing be off with their constant rollercoaster garbage writing. And why am I still watching this? I'm frustrated.
  7. Hahaha Tell about it. We didnt learn our lesson from Money Flower lol. Anything that has JH in it is worth our time .
  8. Watched with subs. This is absolutely my new mon-tues drama crack. Everyone is doing a great job. I can't wait for the next ep hahaha. Either this drama is a hit or miss, I'm sticking with it because at the end of the day they did their best.
  9. Man, things are back to normal in the next ep it seems. Thank God because my poor phone would have been a victim lol. From the preview, YE gets promoted, HJ is out of hospital and SE stands up to ex-wife. Also YR seems like she gave up on HJ from the looks of it. Now if the writer would kindly lock crazy JO and idiot in the basement forever, I would be happy.
  10. Hahahaha this is hilarious. JH and his gangs are really funny. The way they got into the accident and the hospital scene was spot on lol. And is that money on the wall? I take back about JH getting the girl this time, his sunglasses will be enough lol. What could possibly go wrong?
  11. This will be my new drama crack. I hope JH gets the girl this time. Praying.....