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  1. Thank you for pointing this out. No offence, but the woman was thrown from a cliff the night before and is dealing with her husband's betrayal. The murder of GED happened and we expect her to watch her temper. I'm surprised she is not sitting in a corner crying about her fate lol.
  2. DB asked WJ " lets get married" which should have happened a long time ago. The news is out but whatever gramps said to the reporters made DB gave up on both fake/real family.
  3. True but I prefer he stays the same lol. I can relate to him in many levels. Being the eldest, not causing trouble to parents and everyone, smiling a lot, going to college and finally getting a job minus the solo trip which I'm still planning to go lol. So I want to see what the consequences of his actions of getting out of his comfort zone brings and how he deals with them in the end. And by the way, we should have a lot of drunken scenes of JH lol .
  4. Not to mention It, Lawyer Heo saw stupid at the company. Stupid was released on bail and with NJ and SJ filling report to the police with the break-in, he is screwed lol. This is one of the moments I want Elsa to be smart and not accept the shares cuz it's too early to get cut. Yep. I think he took her to his house after the break-in accident. I think it's temporary.
  5. What the hell is this? Just watched the ending of the ep... In the preview, Golddigger brother is going through SJ apartment for the shares. I hope she already signed it and legally got the shares cuz it's going to be trouble if she didn't.
  6. True, won't be suprised if her in laws are behind her family's bankruptcy. Also there is a child involved so she may be preparing for child custody as well. It was funny the sister in law took the credit card from the DIL after harassing her and there was no money in there at all which resulted in that fight that landed her in the police station. Could someone kindly explain that scene that shows the full flashback in ep 4 regarding CSH and JIT. CSH says They are both dead but he says "our child" and she snaps and says the child is dead too. But what I don't understand is the following event that takes place after CSH leaves and the nanny holding the baby says something about the mother. Is it a translation error or something else is going on? My sixth sense tells me Chaebol mom or dad have something to do with this mess. I mean they can't be that stupid not to know their daughter is involved with some man and she also gave birth to his child.
  7. NJ wanted to donate the house because the inheritance tax of the house was too much and also he gave up the competition from the begining so Elsa asked him to put SIU name under the house and she will pay the inheritance tax of the house. So basically now the brothers are co-owner of the house. Me too. This should be a wake up call for him. Also lets not forget he still doesn't know she is legally married to DS.
  8. If my memory is correct, then SH told NJ to change the name of the house to SIU and she payed the tax inheritance for the house as well. I guess it is more like they are renting the house from NJ but he is the actual owner which is the reason why they can't kick out NJ now.
  9. Thanks for the recommendation chingu. I'll watch it over the weekend.
  10. I started watching it today and I'm liking it so far. You just summed up my feeling regarding all of the characters. NWK has some nerve to cry crocodile tears and act like a victim. She ruined a woman's household and expects to live a good life. She slept with him without his consent under the influence of alcohol and has the nerve to go to his pregnant wife that by the way was almost due and tells her that she is pregnant with her husband's child. So who the HELL cares if you have met him before SJY met and married JW? NO ONE and I'm glad for once her in laws are not giving her the respect that she DESERVES as a daughter in law. Now she stuck with a dead husband, broken marriage and no child of her own for the rest of her life. Like the saying goes: You reap what you sow. I'm glad the mother in law finally found out regarding the fake pregnancy. Poor old lady finally decided to cut her some slack and give her some respect and next thing you know she finds a baby bump thing for the fake pregnancy on top of her bed. Why it wasn't the sister in law who found that out?. I'm patiently waiting for the day she comes back and puts 2 and 2 together; Boy, someone is screwed lol. Not to mention, the old man's temper; she just digged her own grave. And as you said, first time loving a villain in a Chaebol family lol. The second husband is a nice guy for now however sometime in the future, poor guy will absolutely explode. He gave his consent because of the son and I truly felt sorry for him when he was crying in the waiting room alone. And yeah, JW made a BIG mistake not divorcing her now. He will regret it in the future from the looks of it from the first scene of the drama. He made a mistake in the past and he repented it but now this is on him. I hope no harm comes to the kids especially the younger one. But at least the old lady knows the truth now so she will protect her grandkid from the lunatic.
  11. What I understood from the raws with limited understanding: - Golddigger and her brother were found by SJ dad for the embezzlement. The brother confessed and I believe this is how SIU wants to get the shares. - lollipop guy and JA roommate meeting to celebrate I guess for the contest winner cuz JA shows up at the end and she doesn't look happy at all. - SIU mom making plans to change the interior of gramps house???? Did NJ agreed to give the house to her? If so, she can kiss goodbye to her plans. - NJ got a wake up call after his argument with SIU and asked SJ at the end if she thinks he will do a good job. Preview shows SJ taking NJ home and SH questioning her about it. SIU and JA enjoying a drink maybe for the contest winner. Someone coming to NJ house and asking for help.