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  1. They didn't meet today's ep but since San Ha found out the watch is fake and the corpse doesn't belong to SH, they are bound to meet. What pissed me off with today's ep was the fact that the mom had the nerve to dispose SH stuff without San Ha permission. Who the hell does she think she is to dispose her son in law's stuff? The funeral wasn't that long and she expects her daughter to forget about her husband. How low can she get? And NJ, I loved the way San Ha told him off. Did he expect a grieving wife to depend on him? What planet is he from? I'm pretty sure him and Esther are regretting faking a dead body now lol. San Ha told both NJ and Esther that she will make sure to find the one responsible for her husband's disappearance and the look of their faces was priceless lol. Did they thought it's gonna end well? Although the police won't be suspected easily, the fact that Esther got that new watch from the same shop is a red flag. NJ will definitely want to kill Esther for leaving evidence behind.
  2. Thanks so much for the explanation. Esther, NJ and mommy dearest will get their karma in the worst possible way. Now I'm worried because if San Ha declares SH dead legally and have that body cremated, then they won't have evidence to prove who is who. Not to mention, the real DK and SH are blood cousin as long as the mom didn't bring unrelated child at home.
  3. Ohh this is getting interesting. DY1 mom finds her son performing a CPR on the manager. The manager spits out blood from the mouth and it lends on PDK2 face. The real PDK had a fear of blood due to the past thanks to dear mommy. The mom had a shocked face at the end and it's only a matter of time before she realizes that PDK2 is not her real son. Boy, NJ and Esther have a lot of work to do lol. I didn't watch the first few EPs so I wanted to ask this question, is San Ha and SH's marriage registered legally?
  4. It was either she had a miscarriage at that moment or it was the blood of the woman who the king was eating. If the Queen was truly pregnant then it is the former; if not then it's the latter.
  5. Did NJ became crazy? How on earth is he telling a married woman that he likes her? And that stupid mom setting this lunch up. Now that San Ha knows he has feelings for her which she dismissed earlier after he asked her "what about me", she will stay far away from him. It amazes me that both NJ and Esther are forgetting that PDK2 is San Ha real husband. So what if San Ha is treating him differently than before? He is apologizing sincerely to San Ha family for what the original PDK did and is making sure he pays them back.How is that any of their problems? Don't they know that the more they try to separate them, the more it will suspicious?. Boy I'm absolutely looking forward to the day he gets his memories back. SH aka PDK got kicked out of the house and is staying with NJ. He found a job and is working and is far away from any drama that is happening in that house lol. Esther found out that NJ lied to PDK2 regarding the reason why the original PDK sold the information from San Ha company. He was told that it was to protect Esther and the child from the mom. Esther is realizing that she will be going down alone for everything and decides to find some dirt on NJ. Someone is getting arrested in the company and I don't know who but that shareholder meeting will be postponed for a while. That means NJ won't be a CEO for the time being.
  6. Thanks alot. This is getting interesting. At least she is getting suspicious.
  7. Did anyone watch today's ep? The website that I usually watch the raws from has been acting up these days so I have no idea what's going on.
  8. What was that ending? Is the real PDK alive or was that SH working there? I'm confused. There is no preview as usual.
  9. True. This is why I'm scared to watch the rest of the drama. I may binge watch the remaining episodes one time so I don't have to torture myself every week lol. Now the question is, can I?. I can't imagine what she will feel like if she knows the truth. That's why I wanted her to find out the truth first and make her decision but now, it's too late. She will feel betrayed, humiliated, anger and then guilt. Even if she finds out LH wanted her dead, that won't change a thing. Arghh why writer? WHY? As for HS, I think he will keep his distance from her when he finds out the real king is dead and that's the price he had to pay to sit in the throne. He won't be able to look her in the eyes. How I wish this episode was the finale.......
  10. I skipped the last 2 episodes so I actually have no idea what happened in there lol. Sometimes I watch the interesting ones and sometimes I read the comments here and I get an idea on what's going on. But the way he looked angry, it looked like that was the case. He has a right to be pissed off that his wife got hugged by another guy but he doesn't know what he is feeling. It's complicated. San Ha needs to get strong and stand up for herself. I'm giving her a slack because she doesn't know a thing, with a missing husband, dead child, blind father, annoying mom, and the family business always going down. She is too naive and I'm hoping she stop trusting these snakes before it's too late. I'm here and there but I'm getting too lazy to post these days.
  11. Interesting, the EP ended with SH aka PDK almost running over that Jang guy. Apparently NJ caught the Jang guy and locked him up but he escaped which led to that ending. It's too early for him to find out the truth. But then again, who knows. With these morons trying to clean up their messes, he already found out about what they are doing to San Ha new business. It seems like they are forgetting that this new PDK isn't the old one who they used to manipulate. Let the fun begin lol. SH aka PDK will regret making San Ha cry when he gets his memories back. No preview as usual.
  12. Nooooooo. Poor LH and even on his birthday. His own words came true. He said some people are born this day and some people die. Secretary Chief Lee has crossed the line big time. I can't believe it was him who poisoned Yul. No wonder the scene where LH and Secretary Chief Lee sitting together in the cave looked familiar. I gave him the benefit of doubt when I saw LH eating the food saying in my mind that, there is no way the food is poisoned and he will never do that to his own king. However, he went ahead and gave LH a poisoned drink. The way Secretary Chief Lee shed tears and the level of respect he showed when the king lost his breath was Daebak. You won't think he is the one who took his life. Amazing acting for both of them. Now this was the spoiler they were talking about and I'm glad they accepted the script. It's absolutely mind blowing.
  13. I finally watched the first EP. Too much information but it's a good start. So let's get this straight, this family is nuts lol. I can't remember their names so I will just use their titles. Chairman, legal wife, 2 sons and a daughter. The first son is married and at the same time cheating but his dear wife doesn't care one bit about it lol. I'm already liking her attitude especially when she came to pick up her so called husband from the hotel room with an ice bucket lol.The second son is married to the FL but the marriage is absolutely not good. Why do I have a feeling he abuses her with the way she reacts to him? And ohh it seems like he is the illegitimate son of the chairman with the way dear mommy was laughing like a lunatic when he was not found yet. The daughter is a lawyer, a sunbae to the ML and has feelings for him. Now I wonder who the ML will get married to? The actress or the lawyer?. With the way the EP ended, there is some history between the ML and FL. There is no way they can kiss like that without them knowing each other. The second son didn't look surprised at all. Now the main question is how the second son ends up dead and who kills him? Everyone is a suspect.