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  1. True. Hwang dad is in a tricky situation. It's either his daughter or sister in law. Both ways, SH and old lady won't be accepting both father and son and also Hwang dad knows both woman's temper. I liked what he told his wife, he is neutral about this and when he told his sister in law to listen to her mom regarding dating JG, lets remember he was sitting in the lion's den lol. And yeah, the bomb he is talking about will be going off soon and I couldn't be happier because that means more HN and HG moments for us. Let's get the popcorn ready lol .
  2. Things are getting interesting indeed. I was happy when SH told his family off and took JYs side. He told them the contract finished when they told her to get an abortion and the child was hers from that moment. And even if they wanted the child back, they should have been on their knees and begged her to give the child back to them. And he also told them that he is the CEO and he makes his own decisions. The look of their faces, priceless lol. The old man thought he could terminate a 14 million dollars contract, how stupid can he get?. Wait until SH finds out his family has been meeting JY behind his back; that's the day he will sever ties with them. Not to mention the accident with JY ex-husband and her unborn child is not covered yet. Boy he will be furious with his mom, brother and sister in law. Now the sperm theft is out, the stupid doctor will get a taste of her own medicine. In the preview, KS tells her to abort the child and stupid asks KS if she did this to JY before. Hello, Where have u been??????. I have a feeling that she will have a miscarriage in the future due to KS and SH ex-wife. KS will never want the child to be born considering the fact everyone thinks the child is SH's. I hope JY gives SH a chance and she does the chasing this time around. It's not his fault his family are ungrateful assholes.
  3. It's official. The red haired girl is the child of KS. From the conversation between hubby and KS today, they have known each other for 14 years. The girl fits the age pattern and from the way she was wearing her clothes and make-up, she is in a business where a teenager isn't suppose to be. I'm glad SH gave her his business card after she tried to steal his wallet and to get money from him, asked him if he wants her to be his girlfriend. At least he can give her some real work. From the preview, mother in law says someone she knows has a secret child and asks KS if hubby was her first love. Boy the look of KS face was priceless. The skeletons in the closet are coming out one by one and I'm gonna sit back and enjoy it. Liar Gyn Doc is pregnant and I hope it isn't SH child. She will pay a big price for this illegal procedure she has done and lose good friends as SH and genius doctor for her deception. JY has fallen for SH hard lol. She is jealous and she absolutely regrets drawing a line between personal and business. And JY where were u looking at. SH is enjoying her actions and reactions lol and I can't wait until they get together.
  4. This sounds interesting. I agree, old man will be kicking hubby from the company sooner than later. From the preview for next episode, hubby asks KS whose side she is on? This is the beginning of their relationship going down the hill. Hubby knows his brother has no interest in One group but KS has other plans and that includes the brothers' relationship being broken. But let's not forget this old man prefers blood relation so I don't think he will hand it down to KS easily.
  5. So the fiancee hit the sister with the bag. It seems like the sister's reaction to her injury was late especially when she went in the pool to collect the money. I was shaking my head when I saw the high heels she was wearing indoors. Now these morons will be trying to cover up something simple and make it worse. As for SH, I think the brain cancer is real and I wouldn't be surprised if step mom and step-bro are involved with this matter and also SH mom death. They said she was locked up in a psych ward. At least the chairman likes his son though not the trouble he causes lol. Everyone is doing a great job and I hope the writer will continue to surprise us.
  6. Unbelievable. Ur son is laying down on the hospital bed with a bad injury and all you care to ask the doctor was if he can play again. I'm surprised he just snapped at her now.
  7. True. I can understand her younger self but not the current one. Wait until the aunt finds out, I hope she doesn't forgive them for their deception and lies for the current situation.
  8. Thanks for the summary chingu. Just saved me from watching the ep lol. I'm glad it's done.
  9. OMG, what's wrong with HG mom? the way she was questioning HN during the family meeting was embarrassing. I will lose my head living with her lol. With this, now HN will understand why HG is desperate to even fake having a girlfriend to his family. I hope HG gets fed up with his mom and leaves the house one day.
  10. I can't believe he made a poem about hydrogen. I still can't believe he is a doctor lol.
  11. Ex-husband is screwed big time. Kidnapping and the illegal way he got the sperm. He will be spending some jail time. This moron, if he left ES on her own, this won't have happened. I bet when the DNA results come back and it's positive, YH will be giving the inheritance to so called uncle that the siblings are afraid of. Now it amazes me how the stupid sister got involved with her brother's mess. What? She and the company have nothing to do with this???. She will kiss goodbye to the inheritance money lol. Now, It seems like most of us were right, ET is the dad and he was doing research with his sperm due to his rare blood. He has no idea that an idiot took his sperm and fathered a child with it. He will be shocked, that's for sure. I hope he sues idiot ex-husband for theft. And as usual, no preview .
  12. Finally I caught up with this drama. First of all, I absolutely regret watching this at night. Psycho dad gave me the chills lol. I was praying that he never gets out but he is back and it's not pretty. I have a feeling one of the police cars that came to get psycho dad was a fake one. That is the only way his escape makes sense. The new lady freaks me out and it looks like she and copycat are going to richard simmons the brothers off when they try to touch mom and SJ. Boy they will be regretting it. I'm happy big bro is trying to do the right thing but I hope he doesn't get killed at the end. The moment I started liking him was when he protected little SJ from the drunken men and walked her to her mom's workplace. That's when I knew he cared. He is a good person and I'm glad mom, DJ and SJ never gave up on him. DJ and JY: two little broken souls trying to heal and move on but psycho killers and reporters are not letting them rest . No offence but I was happy when psycho reporter died but then again we got another one. Now I hope she doesn't follow her senior's footsteps and get smashed by a hammer. JY brother need a a hug. Poor kid his bio parents gets killed and then he kills the murderer as self-defense but still suffering from it. Psycho dad got into his head and I hope he realises that he is not like the rest. Sorry for the long post. I have enjoyed ur posts chingus.
  13. Finally mother and son met each other. Beautiful, I had tears in my eyes.
  14. I was wondering the same thing. I believe the kid would be in his last year of high school if we go with the theory of her being married to the current husband for 18 years. The child would probably be under 20 years old in korean age system. I hope the child shows up and causes problems for her. The ex-boyfriend in every drama shows up lol. The wife has too many skeletons in her closet.