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  1. motifsky

    How Are You At This Very Moment?

    I feel so sorry for you! I just know very well how that feels when you're ill and it's not much time before the exams, for me such situations were one of the hardest in all my life. I'm still happy that I graduated because now in case of work it's much easier to deal with illness than it was during my studying years.And yeah, research papers can really be a pain, especially if you need to write many of them. Procrastination is the biggest problem in this case, however I can say from my own experience that it's always better to start writing them as soon as possible because having later too many sleepless nights is awful.But don't try to make everything too fast and at the same time, that's impossible, will cause too much stress for you and kill your motivation at all. It's better to make a plan of your general work with research papers and follow it step by step. Think about them just like any other stories (in such way they won't seem so difficult to write), try to write about things which are really interesting for you in case of every work and think about/find methods for having as much fun as possible while writing them. All these methods were very helpful in my case.Ask your parents/friends for some help with proofreading it, it'll make it faster and more effective for the quality of your whole research paper. You can find a professional editor .......or writing tutor in addition too, it's a common practice for many students.
  2. motifsky

    what is your problem now

    Oh, I understand your feelings so well! I hated writing big essays sometimes too, especially if their topics were really boring for me. I can recommend you to try such tips for making the general process easier: - think about as just a story, not a scary big research paper - think about how much fun you can have while writing it (this question will help you to start thinking of strategies to make the writing process more fun) - try to find something interesting about certain subject for you, not your professor (when you write only according to others' expectations, it usually destroys all your motivation) - make a plan of the whole work (pay much attention to your main thesis, introduction and conclusion) - make a profound research and use good citations, make your work 'source heavy' (it's a very useful trick but remember that not all professors accept such approach) - start the writing from essay's body, then introduction and conclusion - make essay's proofreading firstly on your own, then with some help from other people for detecting mistakes and weak parts which are invisible for you (your friends and parents will be the most helpful in this case, there are also special services https://writercheap.com/ and free students' unions which can be useful too)
  3. motifsky

    How Do You Get Rid Of .... Cellulite?

    In case of different people not all methods of weight loss can be really effective, however there are some basic tips which are helpful for the most amount of them. They are for example: - eating a healthy diet (it should include more vegetables and fruits, proteins, less salt, soda and sugar etc.) - drinking a plenty of water (it's very helpful for the weight loss and cleansing of the body in addition) - exercising regurarly (it's not necessary to go only to gyms, try to find/create your own programm and follow it without skippings) - using hormonal therapy for fastening the general process of the weight loss or in case of serious hormonal imbalance (fat and cellulite are often an aftermath of it) - massaging your body dimples - using of special body scrubs for your skin (like caffeine-filled for example) - using of topical creams and serums (but they're good only for cosmetic purposes because their general effect is very low) - having enough relax and sleeping during nights (their lack causes growth of your fat) - avoiding too much stress during your weight loss journey because it makes it harder and slower
  4. motifsky

    How Do You Get Rid Of .... Cellulite?

    Yeah, it's the simplest but one of the most effective methods at the same time!
  5. motifsky

    How to write a good essay?

    I agree with previous response, well-written essays as the examples are really helpful in this case. Also from my own experience (I was good in writing essays and later started to work as a copywriter) I can recommend you to follow such tips: - plan your thesis/main idea in mind (your need to read the prompt thoroughly and create it, also it'll be a basis for developing your main points too) - pay attention on your formatting (it's a pain for many students and you lose many points because of mistakes with it so before starting the whole work always check which are certain requirements for it) - create a plan for your essay and follow its specific body structure (certain types of it have different structures, also all your ideas should be connected while moving through each paragraph) - keep a high level of your vocabulary, grammar and style (these things are very important for every essay) - be careful with possible plagiarism (there are many special programms now for checking it, also always keep track for all informational resources) - always check your essay at least several times and edit it for improving its general quality (your friends' help can be really necessary in this case, as also some professional consultations https://coolessay.net/college-homework-help )
  6. motifsky

    Did anyone earn money with Forex?

    It's not a scam, forex is the biggest foreign currencies market, it's based on getting profit from investing money in trading with currency pairs and its level is connected with exchange rates for the certain pairs. The main idea is simple, buy one foreign currency for the lower price and then sell for the higher one. However considering how fast these prices can change, it's really hard to catch always the best moments for your deals. So it reminds gambling in this way and not so many people became rich with forex in fact The other problem is with brokerage system, it often leads to less outcome of the investment and lack of transparency, also fees in case of some brokers are really high. Besides you should be very careful while choosing the one at all because scam is a widespread thing here, experienced traders recommend to work only with brokers mentioned in checked online lists https://fx-list.com/ecn-forex-brokers and special regulatory agencies. Also as serious cons for forex are considered general high volatility, lack of good help for beginners, too fast and unpredictable changes for the currencies prices and complex price determination process https://www.investopedia.com/articles/forex/050115/pros-cons-forex-trading-career.asp
  7. motifsky

    How to choose memory foam mattress topper?

    Memory foam is a very popular material in case of various sleeping stuff because it can respond to your body heat, pressure, weight and shape, and that creates its ability to modify comfortably according to all that things, and also bouncing back to its original shape after changing of your sleeping position. It's main advantage of all sleeping stuff which is made from it and it's truth for matress toppers too Considering that with using such matress topper you get a better relax anytime you sleep, comfort and yeah because of this unique ability it's helpful in case of back pain too https://sleepmentor.net/best-mattress-topper-for-back-pain/ . Many doctors recommend memory foam production both for neck and back pain. Bit I should warn you that such matresses have some serious cons too like widespread chemical smells and bad heat retention during warm/hot seasons. While choosing the one you should pay attention on: - its size (the matress topper should perfectly fit your bed) - the density (it's weight of one cubic foot of memory foam, the one of 3 pounds is suitable for the most amount of people https://www.nosleeplessnights.com/how-to-choose-a-mattress-topper/ ) - the thickness (it varies from 1 to 4 inches, 2 inches is the most widespread choice) - the cover for it (it's needed for protection from dirt, stains and dust)
  8. What company do you have? I mean its size, type, certain sphere where you work? All these things are important for choosing one of these systems because both have their pros and cons and the best one will be that type which is better for solving your certain companie's problems and completing various tasks And without knowing such details it's hard for me to recommend you smth, I can share with you only general tips. ERP systems have such advantages: - better organization for the data and its better security protection - reducing general costs for your business - better proper communication between units and timely/accurate access to reliable information - better general speed and quality for the decision making And on the other hand CRM systems have next pros: - is helpful for reducing your general costs too - helps to gather everything you need into one place https://idapgroup.com/blog/crm-and-erp-whats-the-difference/ - provides constant, fast and mobile access - it's easy for modifying and upgrading later which is necessary rather often for many types of business
  9. motifsky

    Would you like to start your own business?

    Cool topic 1. I've started during this year a cosmetics company together with my friend, it was always one of my main dreams/goals so now I'm very happy about this even considering all difficulties we faced and continue to solve. 2. Considering how young is our company, it's too early to talk about its success... But we had a rather good start and the current time our business is developing, not very fast but in a progressive way. I think it can be qualified as a small success at least. 3. Starting your own business isn't an easy thing at all, personally I needed to work really very much before the start, in the very beginning and later. Now it's easier but still the general process demands from me much time and energy. From my own experience I can say that the most important things are having clear goals, an interesting competitive idea for your startup and good, detailed business plan. You need a qualified work team too, network for your customers and partners and well-organized management system https://idapgroup.com/blog/what-erp-stands-for/ which is the base for effective and profitable functioning of all elements fo your company. Advertising is very important too, paying too less attention on it is a big mistake for many startups. As also careful planning your budget limits for the first years and having a start capital. There can be even more mistakes https://magazine.startus.cc/6-common-mistakes-made-startup-founders-avoid/ , we had some of the too but fortunately they weren't fatal in our case.
  10. motifsky

    Official 20+ Jobs Thread

    That sounds really cool! I can understand your feelings very well because during this year I finally started together with one of my friends our separate cosmetics company and now I'm enjoying with my work very much, it's really better for me than working for someone in other company. On the other hand I can say that starting a business isn't really for everybody, you should really want to have an independent entity and work hard and long for making it really successful. In my opinion, defining your goals and making a good business plan are the first important things in this case, then creating a good and well-organized work team, also developing a network for your partners and clients. Using various tech innovations and putting much energy/money in inventory https://marketplace.magento.com/amasty-module-multi-warehouse-inventory.html and project management are other keys to success too. Also advertising, investing too less money in it is a great mistake in case of many startups https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/232240 . And from our experience I can say that you should be careful with your budget for at least several first years too, too great costs in the beginning aren't so necessary in fact and besides they rather often cause collapsing of many new companies. That's why for example we made a rather cheap and simple website for our company, we're planning to upgrade it later after starting to get more profit.
  11. motifsky

    What phone do you guys have?

    I used Huawei Y 5 starting from last spring for several months, it's really a nice one, rather cheap and very cool at the same time, I adore Android OC and this brand produces nice phones with it. Mine was rather simple but had all necessary functions for a modern smartphone, also a very nice cam as for such price ($130), 8 MP for back one and 5 MP for front one I really liked it but sadly because of one accident I needed to replace it with smth else, for this time I got Vernee X 4G Phablet https://linkto-blog.com/2017/12/16/vernee-x-4g-phablet/ , it's an Android based one too but a more expensive model, mostly because of cam in my opinion, well it's really cool, 13 MP for back one is super in my case. However in my case it was a gift because I would never get for myself an expensive smartphone because of a cool cam I'm using it now and I hope that this time will be much longer than with my previous Huawei. I tried IPhone too several years ago but I didn't like its software at all, in my opinion it's one of the most inconvenient smartphones for an average user... For example, I often had problems with various upgradings and using of certain apps. Besides its quality in general became visiblt worse after two years and it's too fast for such a cool brand.
  12. motifsky

    Rant All You Want Here..Whining Allowed.

    I'm glad the holiday season is over and all the eating that's goes with it. My pants don't fit anymore, and I'm scared that I might have 'maxed' out on the standard waist sizes available at typical dept. stores.
  13. motifsky

    Top 5 Places You Want to Go?

    My top 5 places: Japan Greece Ireland Australia Taiwan
  14. motifsky

    Did someone here make his own site?

    Yes, I had experience with making several sites about my hobbies and I can say that WordPress is the best idea in this case, especially for non-commercial projects as it seems from your description too. It's a free and very convinient platform for making sites, it's very simple for using even in case of total newbies and there are many nice helpful tutorials about web building with it https://aspireinternetdesign.com/web-design/10-benefits-of-using-wordpress-to-power-your-business-website/ . You can also use Wix as another free alternative, I saw many positive reviews about it too. Weebly can be a good choice but it's non-free, however price for using it is very low ($12 per month) so maybe it could be nice in your case too Design is a part of every of such platforms so you can make it with your own hands too. However if you don't have any skills in this, than it's better to use web templates, there are very many types of design in their case, including wordpress fitness themes https://www.templatemonster.com/category/fitness-wordpress-themes/ for example and they provide ready site skeletons which are easy for modifying even for people who aren't professional web designers In such case you'll save much time and money too because they aren't expensive and also many free ones can be easily found. Also in case of blogging you can avoid making a separate website, there are many resources like Tumbler which have functions for making blogs so you can choose them as an alternative too.