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  1. ^^the truly lovely ladies of Lovely Horribly! (too bad Eunjung isn't on here) Which gets me thinking... what if these ladies who are supposedly haunting Philip in his dreams are actually the ones who don't want to hurt him, and will end up actually helping him? And the one woman whom he doesn't suspect, which is Yoona, is the real bad guy after all....? Aargh!
  2. ^^thanks for the posting the preview guys! how suspenseful this show is! ^^I also agree about Yoona, CEO Kang being the ones who are really using Philip and plotting to harm him. For what purpose- either out of revenge or something else, we don't know yet... It's really strange for Yoona to track down Gon (the black-masked man) and based on the conversation (where mostly she just talked with barely any response from the guy lol), it even seems like she was planning to join forces with him to plan against Philip... at least that's what it looked like to me. Or maybe we might get the kind of plot twist where those who seem like the good, innocent guys are actually the real enemies? Like maybe Philip's manager Yongman, or the other Jump Five guys who seem harmless lol idk at this point who to trust except for our precious writer Eulsoon! My heart just breaks for her! Also anybody noticed the tree started bleeding/crying after Philip got shot? I think it isn't his eomma's intention to harm him or Eulsoon, but I guess she somehow had to compromise to balance the luck between the two and keep them alive?? I really don't know, this drama makes my head spin lol~ what do you think?
  3. ^^ I'm grateful to have found some behind-the-scenes footage ☺ I love seeing how they enjoy filming and being around each other~ credits to the owner, this isn't mine!
  4. I finished the latest ep today, and I'm left with more questions than answers. I'm highly anticipating next week's eps, and if a drama can get me to feel that (and to get me to participate in a soompi forum lol), then they must be doing really well— regardless of what the ratings say. I'ma place the rest of my comments under a spoiler thing for those who haven't watched (I apologize for thoughtlessly posting the last time and not realizing there might be others who haven't watched the recent eps and are avoiding spoilers. Mianhaeyo.) I hope we can discuss more theories and speculations here on this forum! Fighting!
  5. Annyeonghaseyo everyone! Here are just some of my thoughts about the drama so far: ~out of all the actors, PSH is the only one I do know, so I'm looking forward to know more about the others especially SJH. I'm glad to see in interviews that they all seem to be getting along well and having fun, and I hope that will also give us viewers a drama we can enjoy. ~I'm curious about the amulet. let's say Eulsoon lost it when she was still a girl, and we know it was already in the hands of then sickly boy Philip (I forgot what his real name was, but it also has "Eul" in it right?)... doesn't Eulsoon know that the boy she played with in that creepy forest the same one who has been wearing her amulet till now? Didn't it click with her as to why Philip the top star has her amulet? wouldn't it give her the hint that he could be that same boy from years ago? or maybe that's just part of the suspense that they're building up on, and they'll make her realize it later on. ~also an additional note about the amulet ^^ we see young Philip holding it so I assumed he was the one who took it from Eulsoon, but what if his mom (or someone else did it) and just gave it to him right? I really feel there's more to that scene we'll see later on and it gets me excited lol ~this is just me, but I feel like that black spirit lingering around Philip at the airport and that hand pushing him out of the elevator is his mom... I also think that same voice telling Eulsoon to enter Philip's house and then opening the door too was also her. come to think of it, that spirit (IF that voice Eulsoon heard is indeed the same black spirit) led Eulsoon inside the house to rescue Philip, who was in a ridiculously hilarious situation getting stuck in that chair. also it makes sense for that spirit a.k.a. Philip's mom (imo) to push Philip out the elevator to bring him closer to Eulsoon, because as that creepy old man/fortune teller said, he needs her to stay alive right? and to me in ep. 1 it did show that his mom was willing to do anything to keep her son alive. ~was Rayeon (the supposedly dead ex-gf) really the obsessive type? I just felt that maybe she isn't really...? during the flashback where they took a group photo and she got all shy and didn't want to join Philip and the boys in the picture, I couldn't sense that possessiveness/obsessiveness in her. I'm feeling like even then Yoona (current gf) is the real obsessed one over Philip. or I could be wrong, maybe both women are obsessed with him. ~maybe that corpse they found wasn't really Writer Ki's body? maybe it's one her ways to hide from Eulsoon or to plot revenge against Philip?? but then whose body was it... maybe it was the girl who was being stalked by the black-masked man? that's all I could think of for now. hoping to enjoy this drama with you all!
  6. I found an article, I wonder if you've read it? Link: m.koreatimes.co.kr/phone/news/view.jsp?req_newsidx=245561 TV series 'My Golden Life' didn't follow Koreanovela formula By Park Jin-haiPopular KBS family drama “My Golden Life” that has aired every weekend for the past 26 weeks has finished with great fanfare. The drama, brought in typical elements of the Koreanovela _ a chaebol family, and a love story between a poor girl and a rich man, but it was praised as an atypical family drama. The story revolves around Seo Ji-ahn, played by actress Shin Hye-sun, a hardworking contract worker who turns out to be the lost daughter of a rich family, but later learns the lost child is not her but her younger sister.Instead of focusing on family values and sacrifices that took center stage in previous dramas, this neo-family drama centers on pursuing personal happiness based on one’s own decision. Unlike other, where after a conflict family members sit around the dining table together and forgive each other, in “My Golden Life” there was no family _ There is Seo's family with economic difficulties and a chaebol family _ depicted as a warm haven.Since it premiered on Sept. 2 last year, the drama, penned by star writer So Hyun-kyung, has enjoyed soaring viewership. Its last episode that aired Sunday hit a record 45.1 percent in viewership ratings.“The drama is such a huge hit because its concept was not the success of the characters but their coming of age. All four lead and supporting characters alike were featured as having grown into becoming mature human beings but only the very late episodes,” said Jung Sung-hyo, drama bureau chief of KBS.He says it didn’t follow the footsteps of typical Cinderella stories, where a poor girl climbs the social ladder by marrying a rich guy. Neither was it a love story of the century.“Apart from all various episodes, the writer has kept her way of depicting their growth,” he said.Seo enters as a member of the rich family, but her life is not depicted as something that would make one envy her. She falls in love with the rich guy but there is no happily-ever-after marriage story.Writer So Hyun-kyung, whose previous hits including weekend dramas “Seoyoung, My Daughter” (2012), made another mark with “My Golden Life.” The 52-part drama was told in a fast-paced manner.The drama reveals all the problems of being in a family. It says the connections that once held family members tight can become sources of great agony that inflict pain on each member of the family.In so doing, it suggests new family values, where each member’s individual life doesn’t get sacrificed in pursuit of keeping the family together, yet goes toward making a new form of happy family.“There are many dramas run by plots or events. But, it is rare to see one where each character is given equal weight, being related to each other, and leading the drama,” said the drama chief, talking about what differentiates it from other dramas. So excited for her! But since the drama has a tragic feel to it, I don't know... is my heart ready for that? lol! Very proud of SHS though! Also, for those who decided to read my fanfic (if any of you did haha), thank you! Edit (bonus): N-Gaon + Yoobi~
  7. I'll place it under a spoiler thing because I'm afraid I might go off topic from the drama... it's about some MGL fanfic I wrote down; feel free to read on of any of you are interested: @wayer I saw on IG some pictures of PSH with the actors who played Sec. Yoo, the handsome chaebol best friend Gijae, and Yonggook. But yes I agree, the younger ones bonded and the slightly older actors (those I mentioned above) had a kind of all-boys hang-out, haha!
  8. Actually, yes! The more I rewatch this ending, the more I'm making peace with it and understanding why it ended that way... the smiles between JA and DK at the end were so heartfelt. But of course a tiny part of me still wished it would have continued on instead of turning black and white then ending altogether~ As for doing a marathon on this show, I'm still not sure—might take me a full year time jump to completely heal as well, lol! Also a thought about Seohyun... I would love for it if she did really well as a HS employee and built her way up without her family (even her uncle who's the Chairman) backing her! I think what her dad told her about pursuing what she really wanted to do changed her a lot and it showed when she returned to Korea (after leaving the boring son she was arranged to marry, lol). Turns out that she is capable of becoming a headstrong, determined young woman, and not just a mere follower of her parents' (mostly her mom's) wishes. Also cast and crew are in Guam already! (Makes me want to go on vacation too!)
  9. Some parts were still difficult to watch but I finished ep. 52 anyway. Overall, I'd say the writer did wrap things up with most of her characters, but I feel like it's rushed somehow. With all the buzz of the live updates yesterday, I initially thought maybe the writer got lazy, or tired of the story that's why it felt weird and dragging these last few eps (46 onwards) until this final ep. But after watching it, I thought maybe part of me feeling this way were due to my own expectations, and my need for the OTP to be together not in that implied, open-ended way. I'm wondering now, did writer-nim really plan for it to end this way right from the beginning? She built up a compelling start for MGL only for it to have a lackluster ending? Something feels off about the end. *sigh* I didn't understand why seemingly random scenes were in ep. 52 as well... -Grandpa Noh married? Why do I need to know about this nasty man's happy ending? He doesn't get punished, I mean sure because life is unfair I get that, but did we really have to get screen time just to show him enjoying his nasty life and still obsessing over his grandson? Ugh, let's say DK does get married and has a child—you do not deserve to be anywhere near that innocent child, Noh Yangho. -Taesu's flashback/funeral/mourning scenes were too lengthy for me; maybe that adds to why I feel this ending is rushed, focusing on that painful event instead of having given more time to the 1 yr time jump. -I have always loved Myungshin and I'm glad she got screen time here, but I somehow felt the whole thing with her helping DK with JA was forced...? But yay! -The Chois at least, are starting to feel like a family. I used to feel so strangled watching them together, they were always so uptight and cold in the past eps. -Secretary Yoo isn't a secretary anymore! -I'm actually okay about how Jiho and Seohyun handled their relationship. Wouldn't mind if they remained friends or if they become a couple in the future. I felt like they acted more maturely than the main OTP during this finale. Other thoughts: -What happened to Yonggook though? -I would have wanted for the DK-meeting-JA-at-the-bar scene to happen at the middle of the ep, so we could at least see what happens when they do try to start getting to know each other again, how their dynamics will change and grow after everything that's happened between them. It would have been nice to see both their families finally agreeing to their relationship after they've agreed to date again, right? Lol, but I guess writer-nim wants my imagination to do the rest. -I would have thought too that DK would quit his stalking after that flashback with Taesu. I was expecting him to just wait (as he told Taesu) and for JA to come to her senses and be the one to seek him out when she was ready. But apparently all JA did was carve a mini DK and carry it around with her, hahaha! Maybe that wooden figure really has some voodoo effects to it, lol! -When I saw the screenshot of that wooden DK figure yesterday, I thought, "Wow, JA really improved her skills!" This was a really interesting thread to be a part of. Thank you everyone, really, for allowing me to participate here! I laughed a lot, pondered about different views and speculations, had ideas of my own that I shared, felt sad and disappointed with you too— for all these I'm really grateful. It's been therapeutic being on here, especially during this ending. Wishing you all the best in your own lives, may it be blessed and golden!!!
  10. I don't know for sure... sometimes when I paste the URL for the gif it shows that it's already embedded so I use it for my post, but when I see that it remains as a link and no image shows up, I end up the one adjusting and just use a different gif instead, lol~ @angelwingssf, same, 1st drama with PSH and he amazed me. What really gets me about his acting is his eyes holding all those tears and emotions and he makes it feel so real, like it's not acting~ it's also my first drama with SHS and everything about her is brilliant!
  11. cheer up, chingus! I am still very grateful for the actors and their amazing acting skills and hard work, kudos to them!
  12. I must be dreaming, lol! lesson learned: keep away from 50+ long dramas. I know it now, I am so exhausted~ but we made it! at least it's over now, right? that ending... I... am... speechless.
  13. This is all so bearable thanks to you all! Seriously, thank you! This. is. crazy. isn't it?
  14. DK made dinner? well at least he's learned to cook, yea? yayyy...? he's alone though? aishh!
  15. DK's hair has that emo-side-bangs vibe lololols! Thanks for live updates everyone!