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  1. This fanart is so cool And also because Joonmin dating pictures are so beautiful .
  2. Credit : cutefairy2017 IG http://www.sporbiz.co.kr/news/articleView.html?idxno=314123 I hope that they can survive, there is only 4 months left. Last week, we heard the news about Kim Bum and Oh Yeon Soo break up after 10 months of dating, and currently he is serving in the military service as a public service worker.
  3. Cute fanart : Credit to owner Credit to: @twitter : hi_aal
  4. Official Poster for Jung So Min and Lee Joon Fan Meeting . Can they both have Joonmin fan meeting after Joon discharged from military services (but i know its impossible , right ) @eyjooniesh Sorry for the wrong info I thought that was a gift from him.
  5. Congratulation So Min for your 1st fan meeting. It will be held one week before her birthday. I wish i can go there.
  6. I'm sorry, i'm quite busy last week and i can't log in Soompi forum with my mobile phone. I dunno why . I know i'm late but i still want to post something about Joonie's birthday Lee Joon Manager post in his IG (Credit :@iamouttime twitter) Joonie 's birthday present from his CEO Joonie's birthday cake from fans And Joon post this in his fancafe 1st July 2019.. Please come faster .
  7. Just curious if Chang Sun is a rare name in South Korea? Because if it does, maybe is so obvious to use changsunchangsunschangsun. So far the celebrity i know close to that name is Chan Sung 2PM . Too bad is not a phone call from that listener, because for sure we know his voice right away.
  8. Changsun is Lee Joon birth name , right?? So, why she said that ?? And who is that person??. Her listener or LJ??
  9. So next week is Seollal ( 4-6 February) and Lee Joon's birthday (7 February) And the other week is Valentine's Day (14 February) and 500 days anniversary for Joonmin? (15 February) I hope they spend time celebrate that special days together . @eyjooniesh
  10. #joonmincouple hashtag on IG is 10K now. Thanks to all Joonmin shippers who keep posting pictures, videos and beautiful quotes . I really appreciate their hard work by doing the editing etc. Although some of them are not active anymore or their IG already deactivated, maybe they will active again after Joon discharge from military services. Hopefully, JM shippers on IG , Twitter or Facebook can give support to JM until they get married... Joonmin couple is so close to Rain & Kim Tae Hae couple now. And the gap is only 2.4%. Please vote Joonmin until 9th February 2019 https://namesns.com/entertainer/star_room.html?star_num=180 @eyjooniesh It's last year picture but @gimgahyeon4480 repost it again yesterday . If im not mistaken during the flea market event.
  11. Most beautiful Dispatch pictures. I think everyone agree on this. Lee Joon and Jung Kyung Ho shows that romantic guys are really exist like in a Korean drama. And 2 weeks ago, Jung Kyung Ho following Choi Soo Young hashtag on IG But, Lee Joon already did that last year He followed Jung So Min hashtag on IG Many Joonmin shippers were suprised by his action. When i first knew about it, my reaction was like this . Ahhh, I miss those days.....