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  1. Sorry @kangjaehwa for posting a picture of hjw and L. But it’s a great moment!
  2. @feelbora Very interesting with another posting of the bouquet! I go delulu too! It’s like that time with hjw’s bouquet!! Ahh seeing hjw at the airport holding the hand of a baby... Hope she’ll get to be a mother soon!
  3. I understand why you are angry @icyphoenix, I’m more disappointed in him. I took him for a very relaxed and wholesome guy. Not understanding and respecting personal boundaries is bad enough and that raises a red flag about him (even though alcohol is involved) but a weapon...? Lsw needs to take a step back and do some substantial self-improvement. This incident wil stain his reputation and will most likely cost him jobs and opportunities.
  4. Just read the news about lsw too @17ncbm I’m surprised and shocked by this!! Kmh is back to promotions! (We can’t claim “How are you?” and go delulu over that, can we? )
  5. Her warm namja back home can rest assured that L did not get close to her except on stage!
  6. @lemonysnicket Do you have a thing for pyjama outfit? You know that looked good on him!! Hahaha
  7. Wow I’m not too late for page 1023!! I’m thrilled!! Go cute couple!
  8. It’s very late in my part of the world and I need to sleep but I’m afraid I’ll miss page 1023!! Well if I wake up and see this thread jumped a lot of pages I’ll happily catch up with whatever caused that!! Have fun chingus and let the magic begin! MinWon fighting! Crossing my fingers for some exciting, romantic and very revealing updates from our couple.
  9. Thank you for sharing @tiwul97 The philosophy of the eagle - only marry once and never be tempted by another eagle’s body! That fits perfectly when we are talking about hjw. She let a lot of men/costars with elegant bodies go waiting for the right man with hot abs to appear!
  10. Lol @feelbora Nice theory! I don’t know what the eagle in Moscow means but hjw really likes eagles! Must be something good and fortunate! Watch at 9:37
  11. @feelbora I don’t know why the MinWon couple didn’t get a photo shoot or a joint interview after the drama ended. It’s too bad and we have talked about it in our thread a number of times. We really wanted that hot photo shoot! Like you said drama couples usually have them and sometimes I wonder if MinWon just wasn’t offered any (because of the age gap/idol and actress thing) or they declined them which would be odd and in the end I think we settled for it being deliberate avoidance of being in the same frame and it made our couple even more shippable. I would love the case of the missing photo shoot to be solved though! Like you I’m very curious about it.