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  1. She must have accepted the part then @icyphoenix I had hoped for something else. Something bigger with action, fantasy or ninjas Hi @cnblueminhyuk. I have missed this thread and you guys too.
  2. To my knowledge she never mentioned her desire to play this before. Was this pure fun? Just saying her lines presenting at the MBC awards? It would be a safe choice for an attached woman though! I’ll cheer her on whatever she wants to do but could gorillas, unicorns, aliens or vampires please be part of it? The pure and unrequited love could be a drama/movie with at least one of those, right? I had to ease my mind with this interview 9:00 - 10:00. She is so cute with that haircut and the reaction to the vampire suggestion! She is always up for a challenge so I can’t help wishing and wanting to see her in something spectacular and out of this world.
  3. Hi everyone in here still cheering for our couple Ha ji won and Yoo Seung ho are so cute! and the hugging of So ji sub - so delightful! Still my heart goes out to this daring guy and the unforgettable hug last year Hope Ha ji won and Kang min hyuk will be happy and be hugged a lot in 2019. Can’t wait to find out what drama or movie Ha ji won will take on next and what her heart will tell her to do. Happy 2019 to all of you!
  4. Thank you @17ncbm for collecting and comparing hjw’s statements in earlier and recent interviews. Very interesting post. . I agree that in two years’ time we will know one way or the other. I’ll be happy for her no matter what but if it’s kmh she is planning a future with I’ll be thrilled about it. And thank you for the gorgeous close up pictures from the dvd box set. I’m so excited and curious if we’ll get to learn more about minwon from the bts!! Please give us more like this....... Or this... And don’t leave out the hot hotel kiss.... Some close up pictures/ a video from a new angle - well-lit or a full description from one of our dear shippers. If I only get to hear about it I hope @lilowon will get to see it and share her thoughts about it in here too. That would be so entertaining and . Lol
  5. Fighting chingus! And big hugs for those feeling sad right now. I am wondering if I’m not so invested in our couple anymore since I don’t feel sad to see kmh go? Actually I’m still very invested in that way that I feel more curious than sad. Although things will be moving slowly from now on it’s still a new chapter and a step closer to finding out if they are real or not. That is what I’m most curious about. After Hospital Ship ended I expected soo much to happen in no time and that MinWon would announce quickly but months went by in here filled with fun, finding exciting clues, delulu and with a lot of guessing which time/date would be the day we would hear the happy news about a wedding. When kmh’s enlistment date was announced I was a bit disappointed feeling like all my hopes for a MinWon came to nothing. I took a step back and let go of my need for a big sensation with the MinWon couple and went back to appreciating the work and efforts they put in the drama. Just feeling grateful for the experience as a viewer and all the lovely times I spent reading and writing in here. Now I’m open to see how things play out. Like...how soon is hjw expecting her son to be born? :-) Is she just dreaming about this or has she actually planned a pregnancy in the near future? The happy father will be revealed then and announcements will be made. Kmh must be deeply in love singing such romantic songs over the last couple of months and can he be a perfect ninja about this relationship giving nothing away for so many months being the romantic soul he is? Will there be updates from hjw with special gifts or bouquets? Days where they both go missing when kmh gets days off or vacations? Somehow I feel excited and yet relaxed about what’s to come. Kang Min Hyuk, Ha Ji Won and ....captain’s oppa fighting!
  6. Child planning? Sounds wonderful! but hjw please stay away from mars and the moon with that little earthling. Do some stargazing and cloud watching instead. Gosh her thoughts are unique! Haha She’ll just have to wait for the world to catch up with her ideas and she can go to mars with her grandchildren and if more grandmothers are tempted to go with her the documentary could be called “Go Grandmars!” lol MinWon fighting and a mini MinWon fighting! Too bad kmh has to enlist so soon but it can’t be helped and now I’m looking forward to seeing him in uniform rocking a very short hairstyle! Ahh manly minhyuk. Nice to think about and to think back on. The press conference...I was so impressed by the way he took control and how hjw followed his directions
  7. Wow @17ncbm! I salute your observant eyes! The visible structure of the joint in his thumb is quite unique. I’m convinced!
  8. I know @17ncbm. The last picture...I’m mesmerized by it. How can you only show half of all this hotness in your avatar picture?
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