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  1. I know @17ncbm. The last picture...I’m mesmerized by it. How can you only show half of all this hotness in your avatar picture?
  2. So happy that Jin Goo will be the male lead. He is amazing and the chemistry he had with kjw in dots - unforgettable! Best part of the drama. Excited to see him act with our queen of chemistry. Hope they will have a great time shooting prometheus.
  3. @icyphoenix. Unbreakable bromance! Even enlisting on the same day to keep their parting as short as possible! Let’s just say that I hope hjw likes shini and that shini likes hjw! They are going to see each other a lot! Lol Thank you for sharing @tiwul97 . Nice to hear and to think about!
  4. https://www.soompi.com/2018/07/04/ha-ji-won-come-back-spy-thriller-drama/
  5. Yes...Partner for life, @feelbora I hear you @snowwhitehl. Relieved Joo Ji Hoon turned it down and very excited about who will be the male lead now! L? Like you @17ncbm I was getting my hopes up for the hjw’s break mentioned in grazia but I wish her lots of success with this part. I think she will immerse herself 100 % in this role and it will be amazing to watch her in this! Give her a male lead that is great and super hot! Sorry kmh but some competition is good! Wishing shini all the best and that he will return safely! I’m surprised that the youngest will be the next to go. More than ever I want to know when kmh is going! @icyphoenix thank you for the additional thread. Looking forward to episodes with hjw the astronaut! They will enlist on the same date. Wow! I just read that!
  6. Sooo pretty @tiwul97 but that dress is making me go gaga. It looks like she has a tiny baby bump. “Life to be continued” is of course about hjw’s circumstances (there I go again) . Sorry being so patient is wearing down my eyes and brain cells! Lol
  7. Showdown! You are so cold and cool Dr. Song!! Shower! You are so...warm...Dr. Kwak!
  8. Nice and very cool poster!! Excited to watch it soon!
  9. Happy birthday to Ha Ji Won & Kang Min Hyuk! Both are beautiful, multitalented and caring. I joined this thread because of their warm and natural chemistry and I got to learn so much about them individually and why they both are so loved and respected by their fans. May everything they dream of come true and may their be blissfully happy!
  10. Hermes, houses, sofas and antique pots ahh what a nice warm up for tomorrow, chingus! Let’s add some green, the warm gazes at the mbc awards, a surprising hug, the Love is You song lyrics, a bouquet of flowers, one sun cookie and plenty of hearts artistically drawn on everything! MinWon we are sooooo ready for big news or big clues!