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  1. @angelangie trust me that's the bestest treat ever.... BTW did you see any episode? I am yet to watch it.... I am just waiting for the biopsy report of my father.... Just cannot concentrate on any drama ryt now...so i visit soompi to check what's happening?
  2. give me treat... i will support you
  3. I dont want you to work
  4. hmmmmm give me the link....
  5. has it started???? anywhere we can find english Subtitles??? @angelangie
  6. what is your problem now

    my problem is - in fact the biggest problem right now is - My Father's Biopsy Report... I just hope that it is not malignant... He can' get Cancer... He should not get Cancer out of all the people... I promise to God that I will get married soon... But please God , don't give him Cancer...!!! I do not want him to go through the battle that all the people go through...!!
  7. @ipohtown obviously that would be vengo... come on well they are focused on Pillow Book.. so obviously they will not show TMOPB ... the book starts with Bai Qian and Ye Hua getting married.. not sure how they will show it here...!!! and also there is a significant role for Little Rice Ball as well... I don't know whether that kid will shoot or not...
  8. Add and Subtract Game

    @kokodus hawwww... you are so addicted to Hans Zheng...he is such a level headed decent guy... you can see that from his happy camp episode... Share me the pinterest link.. I will also join
  9. @Kimberly Amor thanks a ton... this is the best thing ever... I am all smiling...
  10. Add and Subtract Game

    850 @kokodus yaaa even i think so...YY is such a happy bunch... they might get along just fine and I was just analyzing it... LOL.. see How vella I am... I need to find a job and here i am busy analyzing YY... he is such a goofy guy... always smiling and all sunshine... i remember i saw one of his interview , he was telling interviewer that for some drama he was asked by director to think about the sad moments of his life... he said that he does not have that much sad memories therefore he did not know how to do the sad acting since he was unable to connect with any sad memories... lol...
  11. Add and Subtract Game

    848 @Sejabini ***RUN**RUN***RUN*** watch Love O2O.... I am more than sure you will love it..
  12. Add and Subtract Game

    843 @Sejabini you dont like YY???
  13. Add and Subtract Game

    840 @angelangie I got to know YY because of Love O2O... and that character was so much focussed that I never imagined him other way... then one of these days when I saw him in reality shows and other interviews... I understood How goofy he was... always smiling and making fun... LYF seemed a very good frnd of him... and honestly I do like them together off screen becaue I did not like them in the movie itself... maybe mark chao effect... but they do make a fine pair.. and he is really smooth with him... I have seen his interview with Zheng Shuang as well.. with LYF he seemed to be more relaxed...!!! Even after his chemistry with ZS, I also do like him more with LYF... I love her... !!! once I saw LYF with one of my fav indian actor aamir khan when he was in China... she welcomed her... and she looked like she is genuinely a fan of him...!!! she openly said that i want to work with him etc...!!!
  14. Add and Subtract Game

    @kokodus I think Yang Yng , Zheng Hans , Zheg Shuang were close knitted people once...look at the events... 2015... The four happened... then 2016 love o2o happen... Hans Zheng and Zheng Shuang were dating... before 2016 , YY AND ZS appeared in Divas Hit the Road together as well... prior to that ZH appeared in Divas Hit The Road... then Both ZH and YY appeared in Happy Camp too... after that you can't see them togethe much.. check this video ... this was YY birthday celebration... LYF appeared probably to promote Peach Blossom together... But except that Luo Jin , Tiffany Tang , Zhao Lying , Bai Baihe ... they all wished him... check it from 1:07:13... I did not see any of the other two
  15. Add and Subtract Game

    840 @angelangie he is comic handsome??? Lol... he is only 26... he will become ripped handsome...!!!!