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  1. LSGLMH_88

    anti love game

    I was literally ogling @LMH naked body.. Thanks for the Treat , friend.... @USAFarmgirl
  2. 650 Somebody please summon me here when there is any update about Lee Min Ho... this year apr/may , his discharge is happenning and we bloody have no update on his next project
  3. @kokodus i love their flirt before this hug happens.... i wish they do some modern romance story like love 020 type together.//. 514
  4. @avondale16 is encounter happy or sad ending??? if happy then only i will tune in..anyway everytime I see PBG & SHK kiss, I feel losing my ahir and I could not stop myself to compare with SJK...!!!! I know they are all professional and stuff...but still...!!! I have a feeling that I will develop same feeling when I will see Song Joong ki and Kim Ji Won kissing.. Lol.. asaldal... 520.. I plan to watch next one on the same time slot though @kokodus i love your DP... its A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
  5. 526 @dotonly papa is doing fine...what are you watching these days???
  6. @kokodus naaahhh i am beyond that Shipping phase... !!! I like them together on screen though..we don't get to see such heart wrenching romance on Indian TV... sigh !!! gone are the days !!! +2
  7. @kokodus I saw that.. Deng Lun is such a carefree guy...!! his smile , laugh so adorable... Yang Zi- Deng Lun seem super close...!!! I aint gonna ship.. I dont ship actors....they are here to deliver performance.... I love how Yang zi acts through her eyes.... when she was conveying that king yi is impotent in Mortal Realm to Suihe/// the way she communicated to het friend to take Sui He away...mindblowing !!! Ironically both Deng Lun and Yang zi acted together in ode of joy... have you watched any glimpse of it??? @cenching can give us a sneak peak i believe... +2
  8. okay so today I have been late to Forum... but it seems everyone is having gala time over some KJW... who is he BTW??? I am yet to see any performance.. PMY ... I think everyone knows..guys , please enlighten me..lol @mouse007 @kokodus my fav scene has to be the one when Crow introduces himself as King Yi to Saintess Jin Mi... her reaction was hillarious... !!!! I can see that scene n number of times and never get bored.. i loved their dual cultivation scene as well... BTW , why does it get called dual cultivation?? All in all I felt that runyu got a lot of unnecessary screen-space after Jin Mi stabbed Phoenix..i mean i know that it is important to develop the character but I missed Phoenix and felt some scenes can be avoided..!!! @cenching i missed talking to you... +2
  9. 516 @kokodus I started watching drama on Viki...lol the comments by users are hillarious.. !!! had a gala time... Still having actually.. Tell me what all are the other dramas we can watch it on viki??Translation is good.. 516
  10. You are lucky... really... although I can't say the same about me ... @kokodus true there is no Xu Feng , Xiao Nai , Ha Yichen in this world
  11. 540 @kokodus need to switch on viki then...lol... Phoenix is amazing /... i loved that scene where jinmi entered demon realm as a rabbit..he understood but just to spite at her , c dramas are setting the bar of a guy so high that it is getting tough to get committed in real life
  12. @kokodus where do I find Viki Subtitles??? I watched it on Netflix and the subtitles are good... Phoenix did turn blind eye towards his parents...but It seems Xu Feng is kind a person who likes to hold onto people he loves... His Monther and Jinmi - he loved both of them and tried to strike a balance...but what Ronyou did was unforgivable...lol... come on , you cannot get love forcibly..thats stupid +2
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