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  1. I think you're right hahahaha...I think today would be a more intimate celebration with family and her namja...ofc just me speculating the namja part
  2. Seems like it was just yesterday when we were watching HS...and now here we are Celebrating their Special Day 0628...Congratulations Ha Ji Won and Kang Min Hyuk, may you have many many more years of celebrating your birthdays together. Could not just let this day pass without wishing this beautiful Couple more love, happiness, joy and good health on their birthday and in the coming years...all the best for MINWON!!! Just simply Amazing and Perfect in every way HAPPY BIRTHDAY MINWON!!!
  3. @tiwul97 it seems like it's some sort of vacation destination...but I'm very curious about Miracleyoom's caption...why 2 sun, 2 leaves, a rainbow and an island/mountain??...could it be for the ones who share the same birthday Seeing that today is the last day of Spring...I hope MinWon will give us some kind of hint/sign. An update would really be nice. Even in their photos they resemble each other...Please MinWon don't keep us in the dark for too long. Cr to Owner
  4. At least u can wait for when it's available ...I don't know if they sell it in the US...but I guess IG will do for now Oh thanks for the info about his shirt...a gift from SaemWON
  5. Oh my.. SaemWON is looking spanking HOT!!...but too bad only Nichkhun can react to these photos hahahaha Cr to Owner
  6. For JW age is just a number...she can rock any look...agree her 1st photo could pass as a teenager
  7. This is so like them...soooo cute...ofc missing Shini Maybe this is YH's bear...or it could be Shini Nice souvenirs for his FM. MH's signature jump. Good luck meeting with your Fans!! Cr to Owner
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