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  1. GAMSAHABNIDA @0ly40 for opening this topic. I'm a big fan of Go Ara ssi, cant wait to see her in drama again. Hopely this drama will running smoothly and successful
  2. Finally,,, 5th episode After watching uri lovely judge, my heart become so melo melo , yet so happy and thankfull. I feel you O reum-ah I dont know how many times i said, that this drama was superb Daebak!!!!!
  3. I got it now. They are not Twins . Still, her past isnt fully reveald. The same with you @allythefangirl where those power come from. She had very bad experience at younger age. And now she develop into "someone amazing", for herself and everyone around her. She teach us how to share that power to everyone. How we should protect each other, because together we are stonger. I love all the feminist idea in this drama. I am a women, and i do feel the story line. I smile and cry alot by watching this drama. Every scene was so touchable And of course the love line story Go ara, you made the right decision to pick this drama BRAVO And now i become fallin in love with L All the character was so unique yet have strong impression. An extraordinary character yet so realistic. Great job writer'nim, all team Jjang!!!
  4. i do agree that maybe she had suffer alot in her past. Bad thing happen to Her family. Her mother become mentally sick. her mother must be had terrifing experience. And the way she look the video so lovingly, make me confuse. Why she cant recognize oreum face, but music and piano remaind her something. DO they really Twins sister ??? Or maybe, they living apart????? Havent see each????? Kyaaaaa !!!?!!?? now i just thingking that what makes her so different in present and become so ambisous to help people and make things right because she wants to prove or under cover something about her past. Working overhard about anything. This kind of caracter remainds me with her previous drama, but oreum a bit cute now. Owwhh i miss them already. Butt its just my point of view. Lets see the next clips chingu! Cant wait for next week The rating was awsome guys!!!!!!
  5. in the first episode o-reum said the teacher kept doing it to me. differences of personality when she was in a high scholl and present day. The past o-reum seems to be a mystery in this drama. and we saw her visiting her mom. and we see him visiting his mother at a orphange looking at a video, where the oreum figure we see as a young oreum. whether there are two oreum, whether they are twins. well all those question makes me curious. Did she become a judge to investigating something about her or her sister???? Whaaaa this drama is deabak!!! i love you go ara Do you think the same cingu @chatterbox22
  6. I cant see the trailers :(. Its doesnt available in my country . Well, I'll use my imagination :D.
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